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 Adelaide's Characters

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PostSubject: Adelaide's Characters    Mon Sep 03, 2012 9:20 pm

Name: Aurora Louise Love
Age: 16, October 30th, 1995
Gender: Female
God Parent: Athena
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Aurora's father's name is Evan Love. Evan currently resides in his apartment in Brooklyn with his two sons and her dog, Frodo. Aurora's brothers names are Nick and Sam and they're the ages of seventeen and nineteen. Sam's the oldest and goes to college but resides at home most of the time.
Years in Camp: 2

Brief History: Aurora was born in a small a small town in California as the oldest child of three kids. She was the only one born of Greek Deity descent, though. Aurora had a fairly normal childhood, nothing that interesting happening until she was about nine years old. That was when Aurora began to get bullied in school both physically and mentally. Kids were extremely mean to her and they pulled her hair and punched her and kicked her, too. Eventually, she snapped and smacked a girl around a bit, causing Aurora to get suspended from elementary school for two weeks. After Aurora came back, the other kids no longer liked her or even respected her.

As Aurora began to grow up and enter middle school, she stopped acting like a prissy, smart little girl and started acting like a tough girl, even though she was still extremely insecure. As her middle school years passed, she'd have an occasional freak out at school every so often and find herself in heaps of trouble. Eventually she was kicked out of school and forced to go to a private school in San Francisco. The private school wasn't all that bad in the beginning until the girls at her school started making up nasty rumors behind the demigod's back. It seemed as though everywhere she turned, she was being laughed and teased and each night when Aurora went home she'd cry herself to sleep.

Eventually, just like the other schools, Aurora managed to get herself kicked out of this one, too. But, not before being attacked by a group of girls who called themselves Empousais. They trapped her in an empty classroom one day as she was packing up her bookbag to leave for her next class and they just started circling her. Calmly, Aurora asked them to back up and avoid her personal space, but they still circled her. That's when it became clear that Aurora was in for a beating. And she barely had a chance to fight back as they brutally beat her to a bloody pulp. A teacher finally walked in just as Aurora got the strength to fight back.

Aurora was expelled from school for fighting... again. When Aurora turned thirteen, that was when her father told her about Athena and camp. That's also when Aurora and her father took a cross country roadtrip into New York. She's been at camp ever since.

Physical Appearance: Aurora is about five foot and six inches tall with long, thin limbs and slender body. She looks like a runner with her thin legs. She's strong, though. Aurora has thin, bony shoulders with a few freckles sprinkled around here and there. She doesn't like her shoulders, as she finds them to be too bony. Aurora has a fairly long neck with a lovely round skull attached. She has a thin, heart-shaped face with soft green eyes and long, dark brown eyelashes that brush up against her cheeks. Underneath her right eye, Aurora has a scar from where one of the girls' rings scraped up against her face. Just above her face lies another small flaw of an odd crescent shaped scar on her forehead from another fight. Aurora has long, dark-brown, curly hair that seems to do its own thing. Usually Aurora braids it over her shoulder and just leaves it in a braid all day. Rarely is she seen with it down as it's extremely thick and heavy.
As for Aurora's style, well, she doesn't really have one. She mostly just wears jean shorts and boots with sweaters. However, in the winter the demigod likes to wear tights underneath her shorts.

Personality: Aurora's the type of girl who's usually quiet and likes to curl up with a good book. Well, it's not that she's quiet, she just enjoys peace and quiet sometimes. She's definitely more introverted than most demigods but she has a few extrovert qualities. Anyways, Aurora loves a good time and loves to have a good laugh. She's always got some witty comment up her sleeve and appears to usually be smirky after these comments.

She also doesn't like to be proven wrong most of the time and will go to great lengths to prove herself. Sometimes, Aurora thinks she can do better than the gods and that's definitely her fatal flaw. She doesn't like to be wrong and is very stubborn. She doesn't budge. She's also the type of girl who keeps her feelings all locked up inside her chest. She's a very private person and doesn't like the limelight. She often buckles under pressure, too.

Fatal Flaw: Hubris, which is her pride--in a way.
Likes/Dislikes: Aurora loves One Direction and absolutely adores Harry Styles, cats, books, tights, sweaters, tea, and leather. Aurora doesn't like fireworks, meat, snakes, or spiders.
Pets: Aurora has a small Hedgehog named Lion. He usually sits right with her everyone and doesn't ever leave her side. It's probably because Lion and Aurora have a mind connection that cannot be broken.
Weapons: Aurora has a simple celestrial bronze set of daggers (two daggers) with the names of Wisdom and Strategy.
Other: None.

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PostSubject: Re: Adelaide's Characters    Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:53 pm

* accepted!
-----------A Directioner character <3!
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Adelaide's Characters
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