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 some random charrie topic

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Erin (Granger)


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PostSubject: some random charrie topic   Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:12 pm


age: 30(appears 16)

birthday: may 14

gender: female

godly parent: hecate

claimed: yes

mortal family: harvey jenson, a teacher at annabelle's old school.

years in hunters: 14

group: gatherers

brief history: annabelle grew up as a fairly normal girl. she went to school, got average grades, and had friends. her newer life started four months, two weeks after her sixteenth birthday. she was hiking in the woods, when she found the hunters' camp. she asked to join, and never saw her father again. annabelle has loved her new life.

]center]physical appearance: annabelle has long, straggly light brown hair. she also has light blue eyes. annabelle has a tattoo of a flower above her left eyebrow. she is rarely seen without a basket or a bow. she wears armbands, because she has very sensitive wrists. she normally wears a purple t-shirt, and jeans.

personality: annabelle is a caring girl, but she comes across as fierce. she can be bright and happy one day, and be fierce and rude the next. she is a sweet girl, but it is mostly hidden by her tough demeanor. annabelle likes to think of herself as a people person, but for the most part, she isn't.

likes; her bow, gathering, and her friends.
dislikes: boys, dating, knives.

talents: archery, gathering, making friends.

weapons: her bow and arrows.

other: none

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PostSubject: Re: some random charrie topic   Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:57 pm

Please post all your characters in 1 thread!
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some random charrie topic
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