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 atlas charchters

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PostSubject: atlas charchters   Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:07 pm

name: Caleb Walker

age: January 29, 200

Parent: Athena

Years in camp: 6 years

Caleb was born January 29, 200. Life was tough for Caleb because of his Mothers drinking, and super bussy
Dad. At age Three, he saw his Father killed by a furrie. The Walker family lost all their money in a Casino, forcing Caleb to be taken out of custody of his mother. Since no one will take him because of his Father,
he was put into a adoption center, who did not believe any tales of him seeing monsters. One night while trying to escape, a Satry found him and led him to camp. Sad

Appearance: Dark brown hair and pale eyes. Has a necklace for good luck and keeps a book wears all back. Has scar on neck from fighting a Dracnea.

personality: is stubborn and sarcasic an usually has a mood, but is blissful and caring if you get to know him. Gets into fights offten. Hates noise so is often in woods. Is quiet and dosen't talk much.

fatal flaw: stuborness.

Pets: none

talents: Stealth and sword fighting.

stays year round

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PostSubject: Re: atlas charchters   Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:51 pm

      I'm very sorry but I cannot accept this. I need you to edit for the following reasons:

      1 - Spelling mistakes
        There are some small mistakes in your spellings throughout your entire application. There are also some words that shouldn't be capitalised and others that should be ;)

      2 - Personality and Appearance needs some more description.
        If you have any problem creating your character, read this thread > Click Here. This thread shows you how to create a well-rounded character so you can make your a bit more detailed.

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atlas charchters
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