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 I'm a Payphone. [Private to Dean]

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PostSubject: I'm a Payphone. [Private to Dean]   Sun Aug 12, 2012 3:14 pm

Aurelia Breanne Cooper

Aurelia Breanne Cooper walks along the beach, holding a large towel and a bag. Over her ears are a pair of Beats headphones. After a while of walking she stops and spreads her towel down on the sand. She then sits down on it and looks around, a small smile on her face. It was a nice day and she was glad that she had thought of coming to the beach. Otherwise she would have ended up wasting her whole day, doing something completly stupid. She reaches into her pocket and takes out her ipod. She scrolls through the songs and stops on Viva La Vida by Cold Play. She smiles lightly and places the ipod on the blanket next to her.

Aurelia looks around at all of the people, but she stops on the water. It was just such a pretty site, and she loved just being able to come and stare at it. She absent mindly reaches into her bag and pulls out her sunglasses. She unfolds them and puts them on her face. Emily lays back on her towel and stares up at the sky. She smiles lightly and hums lightly, as she looks at the sky.

Right now what she really wanted was some one to talk to, a friend. She had been pretty lonely lately, and she was in desperate need of a friend. Luckily Aurelia had an easy time finding and making friends. So if she was to just talk to the first person she was, the chances are they would end up being friends. Of course that didn't always happen, but most of the time it did.

Aurelia looks around slowly and pauses her Ipod. She then carefully takes her headphones off of her head. She then gentally places them into her bag. Aurelia was very careful and protective of her head phones. They had cost her a lot of money and she was not going to break them. She then looks at the water. She wanted to swim, but just not by her self. She really needed a friend, someone to talk with and someone to swim with. She looks around at all of the people wondering if any of them would be a friend. As of now, none of them really looked like it. Besides herself, the other people at the beach consited of a stoner, a couple that were just sitting on the sand making out, a couple of giggly girls and a couple of twelve year old boys. She sighs and sits there.

Aurelia sighs as she reaches into her bag once more. This time she pulls out a hair brush and a ponytail holder. She brushes through her hair a few times, and then puts it up into a high ponytail. She then puts the brush away and lays back down on her towel. This was starting to get really boring. If she didn't talk to someone soon, she would most likely go insane. However she still didn't see anyone to talk to.

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PostSubject: Re: I'm a Payphone. [Private to Dean]   Sun Aug 12, 2012 5:51 pm

son of cheimon
Ulf was sitting on his lion's back. They walked onto the Beach, Ulf hadn't done much since he had gotten to CHB. He spend most of his day in the forest lying under a tree next to Ghost. Ulf had heard about the beach. He'd never seen a beach so he'd been very hesitant to go see it. Sitting on Ghost's back, Ulf looked down and drew his leg up making sure his bare feet didn't touch the sand. Ghost liked it and let his head fall down and touch the sand. Ghost tossed his head back up when he breathed in some sand. Ulf smiled and laughed delightedly. Ghost started to walk towards the water and Ulf's smile disappeared and changed to fear. He opened his hands and the water didn't change into ice right away. His eyes widened in shock at the abnormal water. He whispered something in Icelandic to Ghost who backed away out of the water quickly. Icicles started to form around Ulf in reaction to his fear. Ulf was breathing heavily as Ghost waited for what the little boy would do next.

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I'm a Payphone. [Private to Dean]
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