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 Boredom's boring (PURPS)

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PostSubject: Boredom's boring (PURPS)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 9:21 pm

Jackson Holt|19|Athena

Jackson walked towards the beach, praying that someone decent would come along so that she could talk or something. It wasn't a very Jackson-like request, but she was bored, and boredom often made people act differently. She sighed, rolling up her jeans as she went ankle deep in the water, picking up random rocks and trying to throw them as far as she could. Today, Jackson was actually in a pretty good mood. She rarely yelled at anyone, Jackie was quite proud of herself.

Sure, there was the one idiot who thought that just running up to someone for an attack would be smart, which ended up getting both of them knocked over, and a scratch on her forearm, but she let it go. She didn't know what was up, maybe it was that people had learned that bothering her wasn't such a good idea when she was in a bad mood.

Maybe it was that she finally got to be completely in peace for most of the day. She didn't know, but whatever it was, Jackson was grateful. She picked up one more rock, giving it a great big heave as she threw it. She didn't bother looking at where it went in the water. She hoped it didn't hit anybody, or else they'd probably give her hell for it. She rolled her eyes, whatever, she thought, shrugging. If it hit someone, it hit someone. Not like it was her fault. She sat down somewhere dry, looking up at the sun setting. It was her favorite time of day; directly in-between day and night. It always looked so pretty.
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Boredom's boring (PURPS)
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