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 Fighter (Ew, It's Dean)

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PostSubject: Fighter (Ew, It's Dean)   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:41 pm

    A Grand-Daughter of Athena and Great Grand-daughter of Poseidon
    Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom; God of the Ocean and All the Inhabite It

    danny was having trouble just dealing with everything, now a days. It had been bad in the beginning, but now it was just getting worse. Arriving last November with no memory had been bad, but every since the beginning of the summer, she's had black outs and long periods of time where she wasn't even at camp. The same thing kept happening. She would wake up at the top of the hill, feeling tired and beaten. Or maybe she would wake up in the infirmary where the terrible smell of a doctor's office lingered and made her want to leave. Sometimes she'd even wake up to herself wandering through the woods. Maybe it just wasn't waking up, maybe it was just her mind playing tricks on her, telling her she's asleep but really is not.

    The only thing Danny could tell you was that her grandmother was the goddess of wisdom. That's all she knew and wasn't even too proud of it. The girl blamed the goddess for everything that she had been through, every time she had a headache and every time she woke up feeling sick, injured, beaten or exhausted. Now Danny knew very well that her mother probably had nothing to do with what she was going through, but she was always just looking for someone to blame. If there was someone to blame then there was someone at fault. It gave her a bit of reassurance that tells Danny that she ins't the reason that she feels like her mind is drifting even farther away.

    These days Danny was just barely sleeping. Every time she close her eyes she had a terrible dream. She was running through stone cold halls. It was dark. Every turn led towards something more terrible than the last and there was no way out. The tunnels were endless. It was like some long and terrible maze that had no end, no exit.

    Just thinking about it made Danny shudder. That was why she walked down to the beach almost every night. She was sporting her usual jeans and a sweatshirt. The clothing she had been given on arrival had always been so different. It didn't feel right and hugged her skin too much. She rather like the feel of a t-shirt and sweat pants but even they were an odd touch on her skin. She did like the feel of flip flops and sandals however, especially for when she walked along the beach.

    In the light of the moon you could barely see the girl's facial features, but you could tell she had very much lack of sleep. When the ocean breeze blew and knocked the sweatshirt hood off her head, Danny zipped the jacket up and turned to the waves, giving up on going any further, and just letting the wind blow as it wished. She was almost ready to collapse, but decided other wise. If she got sand on her clothing than she might track it into the cabin then into her bed. She didn't need people knowing where she snuck out to every night. Guess that was the only gift her grand-mother did give her and that was strength in common sense.
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Fighter (Ew, It's Dean)
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