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 Helena Sylvestre

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PostSubject: Helena Sylvestre   Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:47 pm

Name: Helena Sylvestre

Age/Birthday: Age 16 and Born on the 23rd of June

Gender: Female

god Parent: Apollo

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family: Marie Sylvestre - Mother

Years in Camp: First Year

Brief History: Living with her mother in a small artisan town tucked in Southern France, Helena was a quiet child but favored by the local artists for her excelling talents in writing, music and art. Often Helena got along better with adults than children of her own age which conerned her mother, but the woman accepted it graciously. Whenever she would ask about her Father, Helena;s mother would wistfully point to the sky and tell her he was there which she assumed meant he had passed and gone to heaven. But there was never a true answer which Helena started to understand as she got older. Yet she was too nervous to ask. As she became a teenager Helena tried to integrate herself into school with friends, but was deemed the strange fortune teller when she could predict what her friends would to without attempting it. In turn she asked to be homeschooled which her mother wanted to do but running her own shop she wasn't able to. That was when she was picked up by a concerned saytr scout that had followed her from her school and brought her to Camp Half-Blood.

Physical Appearance: Medium in height and with a slim build, Helena doesn't look like much of a threat. Her hair is a strawberry blonde with a much more reddish tint than blonde and is styled with side swpet bang and hangs shortly against her neck at the back. Her skin is fair which is brought out by the fact that Helena enjoys wearing thin black stripes in every outfit. Her eyes are a pretty almond shape and a striking shade of blue that reflects her mood. She wears a beret that is black and white striped and refuses to take it off no matter what she wears.

Personality: Helena is a slight girl with fair skin but striking blue eyes. She isn't self-confident like her father but she has a passion for the arts and could make a good friend if someone gave her the chance. Her quiet nature doesn't give way to the fact that she is a daughter of Apollo but she excells in reading people's characters, music, art and writing. Her poetry is much more eloquent than Apollo's humoresque drivel. Coming to Camp Half-Blood might be what Helena needs to come out of her shell. Worrying about her mother back in France though could become a stumbling block to her enjoying the camp though. As her opinion of Apollo goes she has not met him before and is embarassed of his attitude towards women and his personality. She would prefer not to have been claimed and stay in her Hermes Cabin.

Fatal Flaw: Fear of True Friendship

Pets: None

Talents: Making small predictions, cartooning, archery, playing music, writing and healing.

Weapons: Celestial Bronze Bow with Celestial Bronze Tipped Arrows in a black quiver with white straps on it.

Year-Round or Summer: Year Round

Other: Will Update with a Theme Later
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PostSubject: Re: Helena Sylvestre   Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:52 pm

Helena is ACCEPTED.

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Helena Sylvestre
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