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 I'll follow you into the dark

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: I'll follow you into the dark   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:09 pm

You and me have seen every thing to see
The time for sleep is now

Hello! I’m Bean, and these are my beloved characters. I don't have a ton, but the ones that I have are almost like real people.
Feel free to browse this topic, but please don’t spam my pretty characters ;)
Active Characters:

    Livia Malcolm
    Quell Malcolm
    Malcolm Acres (canon)
    Skyler Carstairs
    Ariadne Thompson

Inactive Characters:

    Benjamin Atkins
    Naren Black

WIP Characters:

    Quell Malcolm
    Cassie Drayton

Big Three Char1acter (1, not in use; got with 500 posts)
Extra Character slot (1, not in use; got through mystery box)

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"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:24 pm

dancing to a song no one else can hear

livia malcolm

Name: Livia Ryann Malcolm, as she is proud to announce
Nicknames: Livia is mostly shortened to Liv, but she prefers her enemies to call her Livia Malcolm or simply ‘Malcolm’. To strangers however, she is known as Livia. Her father and sister call her Livvy, but if anyone else tried to, they would be hunted down.
Age: Liv is just barely 14.
Birthdate: She was born on the 14th of June, 1998.
Gender: Liv is, if you hadn’t noticed, a girl.
Immortal Lineage: Her mother is none less than the great Pallas Athena, the goddess of Wisdom and Warfare, which suits Liv perfectly.
Mortal Family: Liv’s father Ethan also sired two other half-bloods, her 9 year old sister Selinia, and her twin brother Quell. Selinia is a daughter of Nike, but she still lives at home.
Years in Camp: Livia has been in camp for 4 years, ever since she was 10 (almost 11 as she always mentions.) She stays at camp for the whole year, but likes to come home sometimes, especially since her home isn’t far away.
History: Livia Ryann Malcolm was brought down in a golden cradle to her father. Ethan was mildly confused, but being a clever man, he figured out that his children were the offspring of Athena soon enough. Livia was a quick learner as a child, and brought lots of trouble to Ethan. At age 2, Liv began to talk. And no one could stop her. Since the Malcolms lived in the country, Livia had to resort to playing with her brother most of the time, probably one of the reasons she stays away from him now. By the time she was three, Livia's father had taught her and Quell to read. Livia often read things she shouldn’t have, then started talking about it, like she did in fourth grade with the answers to a major test. When she was five,  Liv  started kindergarten at a local elementary school. The twins soon found themselves bored. They were smarter than most of their class, as they already knew how to read and write. Liv soon lost interest in school altogether, while Quell thrived. She still had friends, and was pretty popular, but Livia’s short attention span caused lots of problems with teachers. By the time she was 8 Liv’s pride issues worked their way into her social life. A lot of her friends accidentally insulted her, and she would turn her back on them, which suited most of her classmates’ interests. At that point, Livia's classmates had determined her as "The freak with the cold stare." Livia had some friends, but more enemies. Liv had always been high-strung, and she had a tendency to get into a lot of fights. A lot of her classmates were scared of her and her pride. Livia's ADHD and Dyslexia started to kick in around fourth grade. Livia was jumpy all the time, and easily spooked. She started having trouble reading, and didn't like to listen to teachers. At about the same time, Livia and Quell were starting to become noticeable to monsters. At the end of 5th grade, monsters attacked Livia's house, and she went to live at Camp Half Blood. Livia hasn’t been to school since, but she might start school for 10th grade next fall.
Appearance: Livia has a oval shaped face, with a high cheekbone and almond shaped eyes. Her eyes have been colored with a stormcloud-like grey. Livia’s eyelashes are long, long enough that they push on the outside of her swimming goggles whenever she wears them. Luckily, Liv’s eyes are not at all sensitive, and they rarely bother her. Livia’s nose looks a little like a princess nose, with a high tip. It sits directly at the center of her face, at an even space between her eyes. Livia’s hair is a strawberry blonde, layered, and just the slightest bit curly. The curls don’t really show though, and her hair only curves in slightly at the bottom. Livia likes to dye her hair with red streaks, to stand out from her crowd of fair haired siblings, but never more than five. Livia would never put permanent dye in her hair, so she dyes it with kool-aid, which works pretty well.
Liv is pretty short for her age, only around 5’ 4”. She’s skinny, but a lot stronger than she looks. She’s a lot smaller than her brother, which she hates. Livia’s arm muscles are stronger than her leg muscles, as she has better hand-eye coordination. Livia has a slight tan, but her skin is fairly pale for someone who spends so much time out in the sun.
Personality: Livia is very ADHD for a half-blood, especially in comparison to her quiet brother. She’s not at all shy, and often is naive enough to go up to someone and start talking. She has a courageous side, one that has no problem charging someone when she is mad, or speaking her mind when she thinks something is wrong. Livia is a good leader, often telling people what to do, but she is too bossy to ever get people to listen to her, even if her ideas are good. Livia has some dyslexia, but she doesn’t let that stop her from reading and some people are surprised to hear that she has any at all. Livia is a rule breaker, and doesn’t like to listen to people. She has a great memory, and therefore holds grudges for a long time. Livia also tends to bother people when she’s bored. She’s very snarky, and talks back a lot, even though there are almost no authorities in her life. Liv has a smart mouth, and that can get her into a lot of trouble, but she has quick reflexes, and as soon as you say one wrong word, she is plotting your revenge.  This  helps her in battle too. Livia is never off guard and is always prepared to kick some monster butt at any given time.
Although Livia is a hard shell to break, she is kind and trustworthy when she get’s to know you. Livia won’t ever let out a secret she has promised, and plays by her own honor code. She sticks to her promises. Although Livia is too ADHD to sit down and listen to problems, she tries to help in any way she can. Livia is always trying to think positive, even though she sees the glass as half empty.  She’s very bouncy, and always on the move.  She likes to think about herself very positively, to the point where she is even arrogant about her abilities.  She is a hard worker and never gives up. Liv never backs down and always defends herself and her friends against any threat, be it monster or mortal.
Fatal Flaw: Her pride. Most of the time it’s useful, but sometimes it drives her to the verge of insanity, never stopping, to always have to come out on top. If you kick her, she’ll kick you back until you give up. Livia always likes to have the upper hand.
Likes: Livia loves sports and the outdoor world. Luckily for  her, she is very athletic and excels in  all the sports she does.  Livia is a big reader, although she is often prevented from doing so because her active body can’t stay inside and still for such a long time. Livia loves most sports, such as swimming, running, soccer and horseback riding.  
Dislikes:  Livia hates people with bigger egos then she has, mostly because they often possess similar traits to her own personality and she likes to be original. Livia also hates being told what to do. She doesn’t like small confined spaces either, and prefers the outdoors to inside anyday. Liv is slightly claustrophobic
Pets: Livia is planning to get a dog soon, although she has a horse that she shares with her brother.
Talents: - Livia has a great memory. Although she can’t remember everything, she is often very close.
-Livia often can tell what people are saying before they say anything. She doesn’t have any specific demigod powers (although perhaps this was a trait developed from her mother) but has learned to read people’s body language and emotions.
Weapons: Livia has a sharp aim, thus making spears and short swords her weapon instead of the classic greek sword.
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"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:25 pm

never put your head down
Naren Black

Name: Meet, Naren Black. Naren isn’t totally sure of her last name because her mother’s handwriting was obscured by rain.
Nicknames: She goes by Naren, and Naren only.
Age: Naren is 12 years old.
Birthdate: She was born on September 12, 2000.
Gender: Female.
Immortal Lineage: Naren’s father is Hermes, the god of Travelers, Messengers and Thieves.
Mortal Family: Naren’s mother goes by the name of Sierra and her step-father by the name of Kyle.
Years in Camp: Naren has been in camp for 12 years.
History: Sierra fell in love with Hermes in 1999, when she first met him in a coffee shop. They had clicked immediately, and had been happy together for several months, but as all gods must, Hermes had to move on. This turned Sierra bitter and hard. So hard, in fact, that when she had Naren, Sierra immediately got on a plane from Hawaii to New York and took her to Camp Half Blood. She then married her current husband Kyle, and was so in love with him that she almost forgot about Naren entirely. Sierra never brought it up, because she didn’t want Kyle to know that she has a daughter.
As baby Naren, not more than 4 months old, sat on Half Blood Hill under the pine tree that would become Thalia’s pine, the rain that Mr. D had allowed to penetrate the magical borders became stronger. It dripped through the pine tree and onto the note that Naren’s mother had written, blurring the words that she had written.
Naren grew up in Camp Half Blood, and her half siblings and Chiron were her only family. When she was only 5, Annabeth, Thalia and Luke arrived at camp. When Naren was younger, she was much more trusting and she welcomed Luke into her family.
When he betrayed Camp, Naren was heartbroken. Someone she had so looked up to had betrayed her and wanted to destroy her home. Naren trusted people a lot less after that.
Appearance: Naren isn’t incredibly noticable, except for her bright blue eyes, and she likes it that way. Her auburn hair and tanned skin allow her to blend into trees more easily than some of her fair haired siblings. Her hair is fairly short and very straight, going down only slightly passed her shoulders. It used to be much shorter, but has grown longer since Naren lacks a proper haircut. Luckily for Naren, her hair is thin and easy to maintain because otherwise it would be a bird’s nest.

Freckles dot Naren’s oval face. Her frame is small and light and she is much smaller than most 12 year olds. She is short for her age, and is often mistaken for younger than she is, since her composition isn’t exactly mature.
Naren is a trickster. She loves to pull pranks on people and growing up in the Hermes cabin she knows all the good tricks. She is often sweet on first impression, but if you get to know her she'll have no problem putting a frog in your bed. Despite the fact that Naren can appear sweet and innocent, she doesn’t try to.
Naren is often loud and rambunctious. She isn’t afraid of shouting out in front of a crowd. She hates when a conversation dies out and there is silence, and Naren will make weird conversations in order to prevent this from happening.
Naren is normally nice, but she has a fiery temper. Although she tries to see only the best in people (and often fails), she is quick to anger and doesn’t see the problem with asking weird or awkward questions.
It isn’t that Naren wants to make someone feel weird, although sometimes she will say something weird on purpose, it’s that she doesn’t understand what exactly she is saying until it goes out of her mouth. She often is impulsive and goes with her gut.
Fatal Flaw:  Naren is incredibly Naive. She can't see danger in front of her until it's starring her in the face. She goes with her first instinct most of the time and that often gets her into trouble.
Likes: Naren is very athletic and loves sports. She’s a very good soccer player and is also very good at table tennis.
Naren also enjoys drawing and painting, even if she isn’t the best at it.
Dislikes: Naren hates people who are untrustworthy. She doesn’t think that everyone is trustworthy, but she hates people that prove themselves to be untrustworthy.
Pets:  Naren has 4 guinea pigs
Talents: Naren is very stealthy and is good at sneaking around. She is also a very good pickpocket, although she doesn’t steal as much as her siblings do and if she does steal something, she mostly returns it. Naren is also a very fast runner and a good forward in soccer.
Weapons: Naren keeps a dagger on her, but she prefers a short sword or a bow if she is going to fight with notice.

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"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:35 pm

it’s time to begin isn’t it

Malcolm Acres
Character you're applying for: Malcolm; Son of Athena; Canon Co-Cabin Leader of Athena
Appearance:  Malcolm would like to be as unnoticeable as possible. Unfortunately, due to the pale white scars running up and down his arm, he’s not. The half-blood is around 5’3” in height, a little on the short side for a boy of 14 and weighs almost 120 pounds. Malcolm’s arms and legs are long, long enough to give him a scrawny, unhealthy appearance. His build is small, and he always looks underweight, no matter how much he might eat.
Malcolm’s face is a oval shape, flat at his chin. His cheekbones are high, as are his eyebrows,  constantly giving the impression that he is surprised. Light brown freckles are sprinkled across Malcolm’s long nose. His eyes are almond shaped and too big for Malcolm’s liking, even if they are the thing he prides most about his appearance. His pupils are big and empty, while his irises remain a light grey.  
Malcolm’s hair is a straw blonde. It’s cut short on the sides, although in the top and back, it sticks out. Malcolm never bothers to comb it because it always gets messed up again.
Personality: Malcolm is shy and conserved and has been this way all his life. He has trouble getting through to people, and prefers to read, or plan a battle over playing a game of basketball. When he was young, people ignored him, passed him by. He did well in school (He’s not dumb) but never talked to others and never raised his hand in class. In camp, it’s the same way. Although he’s much happier, Malcolm doesn’t really bond with anyone, sticking to his siblings for friends.
But sometimes, being shy gets in the way. Malcolm is a natural-born leader, one the traits he inherited from his mother. Whenever he plays capture the flag, Malcolm can’t help but tell people what to do. He isn’t scared of large crowds, or speaking in front of people. People are often surprised by this, as they assume he is the stereotypical shy kid.
Although witty and snarky when he needs to be, Malcolm is a socially awkward person. He will say the wrong things at the wrong time and won’t understand why people are staring at him after that.
Malcolm independent in battle and doesn’t often rely on other people for anything else. He is also very fidgety.

Sample Roleplay: Malcolm sat up abruptly, bumping his head on the low beam. He tossed the covers off his pajama clad figure and stood, rubbing his temple where he had hit it. He looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings and the memory of last night came flooding back to him.

He was standing atop Half-Blood Hill, looking down at what was to be his new home. According to the satyr that had brought him there. His satyr was already halfway down the hill, scrambling down on his goat feet, but he turned and motioned for Malcolm to come, a smile on his face. Malcolm watched in surprise as the satyr’s smile turned to a frown of worry. He gestured again, but this time with a sense of urgency that Malcolm couldn’t ignore. The satyr yelled something, and although Malcolm could barely hear him, he made out something like “Behind you!” Malcolm whirled around. A serpent was running towards him, at top speed. In panic, Malcolm looked at the satyr for help. The satyr threw a dagger to Malcolm, and he reached his hand out and caught it on the hilt. Malcolm look in shock at the blood running down his arm, making a pool of blood at his shoes. Meanwhile, the serpent was coming closer and closer. He clutched the knife in his hand even tighter, ignoring the searing pain followed by a numb tingling in his right hand. Malcolm watched as the serpent got within 50 feet. Then a rush of adrenaline seared through his veins, and he ran, as hard and as fast as he could, down the hill. When he reached the hill, Malcolm watched for a split second as the monster collided with an invisible force field and staggered backwards, before he lost his balance and tumbled down the hill, the knife flying out of his hand as he went.

The rest of the night was fuzzy. Malcolm remembered being offered a square of what tasted like caramel, and a silver owl appearing above his head. He had been told he was claimed. What did that mean? Claimed by who? Malcolm intended to find out.

“You’ve woken up.” A girl who looked around his age said matter-a-factly. Malcolm nodded. Before he could stop himself, a jumble of questions tumbled out of his mouth.
“Where are we? What is this place? Last night- was it real? What was that symbol on my head? What does getting claimed mean? Do monsters really exist?” Malcolm immediately regretted this as the girl laughed. He looked at his shoes.
“You know that gods exist. Claiming means being claimed by your mother or father. The grey owl stands for the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena.” The girl nodded. “She’s your mother, Malcolm.”
In Character

What is your name?

Describe yourself in five words or less.
uhh I don't know.
Was that 5 words? no? damn it.

What is something most people don't know about you?
I don't like milk or cherries. And I'm allergic to chocolate.
(wow that's all foods).
I also wrote a book.

How do you feel about Camp Half-Blood?
It's fine. It gets a bit boring, but it's not normally. The people are ok, I guess.

Where would you go on a first date?
movie? that's like the most uncreative thing in the world. Oh well whatever.

What is your favourite season? Why?
Season 4. Or season 5, I don't know.

Oh wait. You weren't talking about Doctor Who seasons were you?

If you were stuck on an island with three objects that could not be used to transport you back to main land, what would they be?
My laptop (so I can email my friends to come and get me), a chest that contains endless amounts of food and a house.

If you could meet anyone in the world for lunch (living or deceased), who would it be and what would you talk about?
Oh thats really hard. Maybe Einstein. Or (this is kind of selfish of me) I'd want to talk to my dad.

You just won the lottery! What is the first thing that you do?
Probably sit on the couch for a half-hour in shock

Quick! You're looking for a box of tampons at the drug store when you hear a CRASH and a shrill SCREECH and someone screaming. You run over to investigate and find that a dracana is terrorizing the hair supply aisle. What do you do?
whispers i'm keeping this in
Box of tampons? is that really what they sent me out to get to fix that leak? I thought we were suppose to be children of Athena.
Oh and a dracana wouldn't look scary to a regular mortal so your question isn't applicable.

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"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Wed Oct 03, 2012 7:32 pm

extra character spot,
Aprroved by sni via pm


"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:19 pm

waiting for the hint of a spark

benjamin atkins

Name: Benjamin Nathaniel Atkins
Nicknames: He prefers Ben over anything, but doesn’t really mind when someone calls him Benjamin. Once someone called him Nat, and therefore he sometimes goes by that too.
Age: Ben is 14 years old
Birthdate: Ben was born on October 20th.
Gender: He’s a boy.
Immortal Lineage: Ben’s father is the primordial god of upper air, Aether.
Mortal Family: Ben's mother, Mallory Atkins, is 47 years old and currently alive.
Years in Camp: Ben has been at camp for two years now.
History: Ben’s mother met Aether on a plane several months before Ben’s birth. One thing lead to another and Mali was pregnant. Aehther explained to her that he was a god, and that he couldn’t interfere with his son’s childhood. Mali was mad at first, but she calmed down over time. Aether left before Ben was born. For the first couple years after Ben’s birth, Mali was depressed. They had little money and Mali could barely care for Ben properly. She frequently left young Ben by himself while she went to work and stayed out late. Ben had to learn to care for himself. After several years, by the time Ben was 10, Mali decided to stop drinking. She was very angry for a while and she hit Ben, giving him a scar that looks similar to a dent in his skull. After several years of this and a lot of relapses, Mali finally got over her drinking problem. She sent Ben away to Camp while she was sober. Ben hasn’t heard from her since.
Appearance: Ben has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. People say that this suits him, but Ben thinks that his pale complexion makes him look stupid. Ben is average height, and a little on the skinny side for weight, no matter how much he eats. Although Ben might be fairly flexible, he is not physically strong and is not good at physically demanding activities.
Ben has a oval shaped face, his close cropped hair revealing a dent in his head on his hairline. Ben’s oval shaped eyes are of an unusual indigo blue. At first they seem to be brown, but at at close view, they are a dark milky-way blue.
Personality: Some people become cold and hard because of a bad life. Most people do. But some people have the ability to shove everything else away, forget about themselves and try to learn from the mistakes of their past. Ben is one of those people. Instead of becoming harder and less compassionate throughout the years, Ben has become softer and and more caring. Ben can be stubborn and isn’t afraid to go after what he wants, but he is generally easy going. He can be hard headed, and generally sets high goals for himself. Ben does tend to push himself too hard to reach these goals. If he is ever stressed out, which he generally isn’t because he is pretty laid back, it is from himself. Ben is rather shy when you first meet him and he doesn’t go out of his way to meet new people. If he is uncomfortable in a situation he can become overly shy. Ben doesn’t like to be teased and is pretty scared of loud noises. He tends to be overly serious and often has a hard time taking a joke. He can get over emotional and freak out about little things sometimes. Ben tries so hard to be as little like his mother as possible. He doesn’t want to end up like her.

Ben is a hard worker. He strives to do whatever he does properly and well. Although he doesn’t do a lot of activities, the activities he does do he works hard to be good and excels at.  
Fatal Flaw: Ben’s fatal flaw is personal loyalty. He gets very attached and would do anything for a true friend.
Likes: Ben likes quiet.  He also enjoys running and riding pegasai (Ben feels very comfortable on them as he is at a much lower risk than other people). Weather doesn’t bother Ben all that much. He loves the cold and doesn’t mind being in freezing water.
Dislikes: Ben hates loud noises. He also dislikes mean people. There isn’t much else. Ben is not much of a complainer.
Pets: He does not have one.
Talents: Ben is able to control some winds. He is still practicing and is getting better. He can create a wind that will slow him down enough so that if he fell from what would most likely be a fatal height, the injury won’t be fatal. He can almost blow people over, but creating winds requires energy and it drains Ben out.
Weapons: Ben prefers a bow and arrow to any sword, which is what he uses

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"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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If you can't have Scott McCall, why bother?

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PostSubject: Re: I'll follow you into the dark   Sat Nov 16, 2013 5:58 pm

Love yourself so no one has to

skyler carstairs

Name: ”Skyler.” Skyler Alexander Carstairs
Age: “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.” 16. Skyler was born on December 3rd.
Gender: ”That’s blatantly obvious. Unless you’re blind, of course.” Male
God Parent: ”My mum’s the goddess of better than you.” Nike, goddess of victory

Claimed: “Yeah.”
Mortal Family: ”My dad’s dead.” Daniel Carstairs, 40, alive. Skyler also has a stepmom; Eleanor and 4 siblings; Isabelle (17, his step sister), Jeremiah (12, his half-brother), Blythe (14, his half-sister) and Alex (7, his younger half-brother)

Years in Camp: “I’ve been here since I was 12.” 3 years
Country of Origin: ”Can’t you tell by my accent?” British, however he’s lost most of his accent because he’s lived in America for so long.
Life Before CHB: ”I lived with my family. Then they were gone so I left.” Skyler was born in London where his father met his step mother Eleanor and her young daughter, Isabelle. They lived in London until the birth of Eleanor's 4th child (Alex). The family was broke and had nowhere to go. Shortly after Skyler's 8th birthday, they headed to New York City. There, the children were raised in the projects. Skyler knows he has 4 siblings but, being the second oldest, couldn’t be bothered to remember most of their names. From a young age, the boy lived in his own world. This quickly got him in trouble with his teachers and his classmates. Skyler’s brash mouth made him an easy target for the other students, until they learned that he bit back. As soon as Skyler turned 12, his parents started to lose money quickly. They could barely afford to eat. Because his father was too proud to ask for welfare, Skyler’s family turned to the harsh truth. Skyler was not one of them. They could not afford to have him there, and he must go. Skyler's father knew that Skyler could not stay much longer in the mortal world because he was a half blood (Daniel had gained this information because he could see through the mist and had befriended a saytr before Skyler was born). His family dropped Skyler and his few possessions off at Camp Half Blood. Because this experience was so traumatic for Skyler, he’s completely erased the memory from his brain. To this day, he believes that his father died when he was 12 and he came to live here. No one else knows that this is not actually the case.
Physical Appearance: “I’m hot.”  Skyler’s light brown hair that some people consider blond falls straight across his face. By some people’s standards his hair is unkempt and too long (of course it is both), but Skyler doesn’t care. Skyler has bright blue eyes, which he is incredibly proud of. Although a lot of times he could pass off for a son of Athena, Skyler’s blue eyes set him apart from the people he spends his time with. Skyler has a long and lanky build, making him tall but also skinny. The boy does not eat much for someone who is always growing and therefore is slightly underweight. Some people might think he starves himself, but truth be told, Skyler just is never that hungry. He came from a family where they barely had enough food to eat, and therefore Skyler is not used to eating much. Skyler is very awkward because of his odd build and often trips over things. Skyler has naturally pale skin that does not tan. Instead he burns, and it is not a strange sight to see Skyler’s skin bright red as he spends so much time in the sun. Because Skyler has been training for several years, his muscles are fairly defined. However, this strength does allow for the boy to become overconfident in his abilities. Skyler has terrible eyesight and glasses that are just barely visible frame his face. Skyler is handsome enough and he knows it. However, he knows when to play people through his looks and when not too.

Personality: ”I’m a bit of an arse.” Cocky and often overconfident, Skyler is someone who has trouble making friends. He doesn’t particularly mind though, because he likes being alone. Skyler is bad at approaching people and often is marked off as a bully (which he can sometimes be). While not cruel, Skyler is pugnacious and loves to argue with people, especially since he knows (or thinks!) he will win. Because of his cockiness Skyler can often rush himself into dangerous situations. While not outright mean, Skyler is very impulsive and says exactly what he thinks of someone, no matter how harsh it might be. Skyler is fairly intellectual and enjoys learning, although he needs to learn it his way. He likes to think about the larger things in life and will ponder the meaning of life. Skyler often get wound up in his own head. Skyler has PTSD which made him forget most of his history and make up his family’s death. He does not like to be around people often and feels little empathy. He shows either very little emotion or he breaks down. However, Skyler has learned to control his emotions fairly well. Skyler feels very alienated a lot of the time, partly because he thinks of himself as better than everyone else, and partly because he has such a hard time relating to others. Skyler has been diagnosed with minor autism due to his trouble relating to others, but his confidence rose dramatically over the years to a point where he probably is not autistic any more.
Fatal Flaw: “What flaws?” Skyler is totally self reliant, rendering him useless in games like capture the flag because he has such a hard time taking orders or listening to other people’s opinions. Skyler plays by his own rules and his own rules only.

Pets: ”Animals don’t like me.” Skyler hates animals. 

Talents: ”I’m just so bloody full of them.” Skyler is strong and he's fairly smart, although his cheek comments and know-all attitude often mask whatever he does not know. Skyler is also lucky. He is more likely to win when the chances are 50/50 (because his mother is the goddess of victory).

Weapon: ”A blade.” Skyler’s celestial bronze blade has his mother’s name carved into it. It is a fairly short blade, measuring only a foot and a half in length, and Skyler carries it with him at all times.
Year Round or Summer: Year round
Other: Skyler is a Slytherin
coded by sapphire

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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New charrie with ugly layout.

Name: Ariadne Penelope Thompson
Nicknames: Aria is what this girl is mainly known by.
Age: 16
Birthdate: Friday, June 13th, 1997
Gender: Female
Immortal Lineage: Deimos, god of terror. Aria is terrified of her father. She does not want to stand up to him because she is scared of her own powers and she knows how much more powerful her father is. Therefore she lets him bully her.
Mortal Family: Sapphire Thompson (mother, 41)
Years in Camp: 6 months, so she is a relatively new camper.
History: Ariadne had a relatively peaceful life (compared to most halfbloods) before she came to camp. Sapphire Thompson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, but moved to Anaheim shortly after graduating college.
She was a hard-core punk rocker who participated in organizing a lot of concerts and conventions in the area. Because of having a lot of family money, Sapphire could do well without having a job at all. She was a very laid-back, easygoing girl who wanted to take life as it came at her. She went to a lot of parties and was extremely outgoing. This is how she met Deimos, who liked to attend some of the louder concerts. They ended up going to a club later in the evening, but Sapphire quickly left, as she became eventually very scared of the man. She was able to withstand and face her fears for long enough to hang out with him for a couple of hours, but Sapphire headed home and hoped to never see him again. Luckily for her, this was the case. However, she was now pregnant with his child.

Ariadne was born on the thirteenth of June, which happened to be a Friday. Already, she was having bad luck, as she would continue to have for the rest of her life. Sapphire tried to be a good mother, but she was often gone out with her friends, or dragged Aria to concerts. This increased Ariadne's hatred of loud sounds to an extreme amount. Even now, she always talks very quietly.

Aria attended the primary and middle school in Anaheim, where she was often bullied for being so quiet and sly. This made Aria even more shy, and she had few friends. She would hide her feeling in a little ball and write it to the father whom she was sure abandoned her once he realized how useless she was. Yet it was not in Aria's nature to misjudge people, so she always tried to be nice to her tormenters. This did not get her far, as they misinterpreted the signs of niceness as mocking of their harassment. In fact, Aria even went so far to develop a crush on one of the roughest boys in her class. This crush lasted for a year and a half, until he moved away when Ariadne was almost 13. She was extremely disappointed and vowed never to think of anyone else in that way again. By this point, Aria was no longer bothered by the people who bullied her.  She just let it slide through her mind, and she was finally having the life she always dreamed of.

Of course, that was when her mother almost got impaled by a monster. Sapphire could see through the mist and her best friend had been a half blood (before they died), so she knew exactly where to take Aria. The two flew across the country, each happy about the new arrangement. Sapphire, although she loved her daughter, was happy to have less responsibility on her back. She could finally be free again. And Aria was happy to go to a place where she would hopefully fit in. She was both disappointed and excited to see her old crush, Parker, at the camp. Aria hoped that he might've changed over the course of 4 years, and that she might be able to still have a relationship with him, but even the fates don't know...

Appearance: Ariadne has brown hair the color of milk chocolate. She likes to keep her hair on the short side, because it's easier to keep clean. Right now her hair is at her shoulders, just how she likes it. Occasionally she pulls her hair back into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. Ariadne has bright blue eyes, as far as eyes go, her's are pretty emotional. By looking at her eyes you can tell if she is happy, mad or sad.

Aria can be considered small, but she has some muscle. She stands at a height of five feet, five inches making her not the tallest person around, but also not the shortest. She weighs about one hundred and twenty pounds, a lot of it being muscle. Her small build has aided her in being fast, agile. She is also very flexible, making things such as gymnastics very easy for her.


Ariadne is extremely quiet at first meeting. Shy, she seems very exclusive at first, even haughty, as if she doesn't want to talk to certain people. This is not the case. A gentle soul at heart, Aria has a hard time opening up to people at first. She is afraid that they will be loud and extremely rambunctious like her mother was. Aria hates those types of people, although she would never say it. She is too afraid of hurting someone else's feelings in the process. Aria has often been called a nerd, and this is true. She is extremely smart for a daughter of a war god (to the point where she is often mistaken for an Athena child) and is proud to be a nerd and to be able to hold extremely intellectual conversations with people. Ariadne is really good at math in particular, and she was always too good for her math class in school (even when they placed her in the math class for the grade above herself). Aria has an extremely big heart and always tries to see the best in people. Because of this, she gives people 2nd chances, even 3rd and 4th chances. Aria is definitely  to trusting for her own good. However, Aria lives in a place where gentleness is with being connotated with weakness or lack of physical strength. Because of this, Ariadne is often underestimated and seen as too fragile. Aria wished this was the case for herself, as she does not want to hurt anyone. However, because her father is the god of fear, Aria has inherited some intimidating qualities from him. She is extremely strong, although she may not look it. When Ariadne fights, she is in her own world and often cannot control herself. She ends up hurting people more than she meant to, and this terrifies her. Aria is scared of her own physical capabilities and would prefer not to fight at all.

Despite the fact that Aria tries to be nice to everyone, no one seems to really care for her. This does not make much sense at all, as Ariadne makes a really great friend, but she has yet to make a close friend at camp. Aria doesn't know why, and it makes her very secluded. Aria tries her best to be nice to everyone, but it's difficult, especially when she knows that a lot of them don't care if she lives or dies.
Fatal Flaw: Aria's fatal flaw is that she gives too many second chances. She is too trusting.
Likes: Aria loves swimming, math, animals and chocolate. Aria also really likes classical music and quiet places, such as the library.
Dislikes: It seems strange for a nerd, but Aria does not actually like reading all that much. It hurts her eyes and her dyslexia blends all the words together. Numbers are much easier to deal with. She also really hates loud noises and obnoxious people.
Pets: Ariadne, despite her love for animals, does not have a pet. She is planning on getting a cat sometime soon, but she does not have one at the moment.
Talents: Aria is an exceptional swordsman, which makes her stay as far away from the arena as possible. Aria has the power to install fear into crowds, and when she is mad or scared she often does it accidentally. This gives Aria another reason to steer clear of large groups.
Weapons: Aria has no weapons, as of right now. If anything comes into camp, Aria will borrow a weapon, but she does not trust herself with one.

"We don't decide who lives and dies. Not down here."

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why does she need acceptance? haha she's lovely and accepted ;D
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I'll follow you into the dark
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