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 Three ways of thinking, speaking, and documenting.

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PostSubject: Three ways of thinking, speaking, and documenting.   Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:04 am

    You mess me up, you make me feel like a fool. Everything I say is useless, every time I speak up, I'm defenceless. My thoughts an the mental wall I built will never be enough, because I will always have holes. I will always be imperfect. 

    The sun gleams on the trumpet, it heats, but it does not melt. For it is not easy to melt, it was made to be used, to be taken around. But it was also to be taken care of. To be polished. To be washed. Occasionally, it looses a screw, but without that piece, the player cannot play properly. 

    炒面不是炒面如果我没有焦。小小都要。我们大家要度过不幸。不要想的不好的时间。不过,我不可以忘记。你不喜欢我,不要去大家说。不要弄的我不可以和我的朋友玩儿。我爱什么,你就去所这个东西的坏话。你说,我是一个坏蛋,不过, 你是个真的坏人。


    Le façon que des mères ont regardé leurs enfants est l'oppose que ton attitude. Tous sont ratté parce que le dragon a ratté tout, et le lapin a fait rien. Vraiment. Je ne pense pas. Je ne pense pas que c'est d'accord. Le lapin est un monteur. Pourquoi est-ce que le dragon l'ignore? Le dragon peut le tuer en quelques seconds. Le dragon ne peut pas. Il est attaché par des mots. Par des phrases. Le dragon est sans defences. Il est comme lui. C'est tout. Pourquoi est-ce que le lapin as plus d'aide? Seulement parce que il est le plus petit, mais le tigre, le chat, le cochon, et des autres 8 animaux ont pitié le petit lapin, mais c'es tout des histores. Des histoires fausses. 

    Note: I wrote this in improper grammar in the chinese section on purpose, but excuse my french. Axtually, the french part isn't supposed to make sense either. I wrote this all on an iPod, don't judge me fjxkssjso

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PostSubject: Re: Three ways of thinking, speaking, and documenting.   Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:04 pm

HOW CAN YOU BLEG. Go be talented somewhere else. D8
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Three ways of thinking, speaking, and documenting.
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