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 Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:25 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

If you look back, it’s very easy to trip over problems. If you look in front of you, you will never be caught again.
Jai Harris, Daughter of Chronos, (Inactive Character)

Name: Jai Harris
Age / Birthday: 15 / 1st of September
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Chronos
Claimed: No, but I have an idea what it’s going to be like
Mortal Family: Her Twin Brother Rook, Mother Cassandra Harris, Ex-Step-Father Mos Sandston, Grandma Annie and Grandpa Jack, Aunty Lena and Uncle Mark, Cousin’s Luc, Padraig and Chris.
Years at Camp: 1 nearly 2 years
Brief History:
Physical Appearance: Jai has brown hair, and dark eyes. She is quite small compared to her brother. She seems delicate and bird like, but can hold her own. Her style is old clothes, that provide her the movement she needs for training.
Personality: Jai is very sweet. She is more trusting than her brother, and loves to meet new campers and people. She loves training the younger kids, and helping the newer ones to settle in. Jai has a talent to make them feel happier. She is a scary opponent to face, because not a day goes by when she doesn’t train.
Fatal Flaw: Loyalty. She stands by the little kids, and her brother till the end. She will never leave them to fight on their own.
Pets: Jai has a brown and white Clydesdale. He is called Mooney. He’s a massive draft horse, very strong, and fast for what breed he is.
Talents: Jai is an amazing fighter. She also has many talents from her father:
-She can freeze time, or just one person / thing for a limited time. This is the only thing she can do without totally freezing
-If Jai tries, she can rewind and fast forward time. This has the negative problem of making her faint if she does it to much though. But if she’s in class say, and it bores her to sleep, the time passes much quicker than it should
-She can glimpse the future. As in, she touches an item that has seen the event, or holds a part in the event, and she glimpses an unclear vision of what is to happen.
-She can teleport to a certain spot. Only if she has been there before though.
Weapons: Jai uses a sword that hangs at her side. She has a shield that comes from her bracelet. She also has two knives, which are usually tied to her calves, that she uses if it comes down to it. He best weapon is her bow and arrow though, which comes from a hairclip.
Year-Rounder or summer: Year-Rounder
Other: Her and Rook have different fathers. Rook is the older twin

luctor et emergo

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Sun Jul 01, 2012 10:52 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

If you train, you become strong. If you become strong, no-one can intimidate you. And if no-one can intimidate you…well you can’t take orders and be pushed around

Rook Harris, Son of Erebus

Name: Rook Harris
Age / Birthday: 15 / 1st of September
Gender: Male
Godly Parent: Erebus
Claimed: No, but I have an idea what it’s going to be like
Mortal Family: Her Twin Brother Rook, Mother Cassandra Harris, Ex-Step-Father Mos Sandston, Grandma Annie and Grandpa Jack, Aunty Lena and Uncle Mark, Cousin’s Luc, Padraig and Chris.
Years at Camp: 1 nearly 2 years
Brief History:
Physical Appearance: Rook has darker hair than Jai. His is more like his mothers. Black. He has dark eyes, and is very tall and gangly. He can be a very hard to defeat opponent.
Personality: He is very series sometimes. But since Mos, he has become a joker, and can find a joke for nearly every situation. He can be protective of his little sister, but he gives her the freedom she wants. Rook flirts with girls, and usually falls for every pretty girl who walks by, but he loves to spoil his dates, and he tries to never be cruel.
Fatal Flaw: He is too much of a joker. If he gets into a fight, and doesn’t feel like fighting, he will relay on his charm to get out of the situation. He also has a loyalty problem. He is stubborn like his sister, and stands by any decision he makes.
Pets: Rook has a Percheron. She is called Starr, and is a fast horse. Starr is the biggest horse at camp, and very comfortable to ride. She is a light grey, almost white.
Talents: He is just as good a fighter as his sister. He also has talents from his father:
-He can bend shadow’s around himself, and items
-He can communicate with hellhounds
-He can manipulate and create nightmares in a 20 meter radius
Weapons: He uses a sword. Rook also has a shield like Jai, only it comes from his watch. He can’t use a bow and arrow to save his life.
Year-Rounder or Summer: Year-Rounder
Other: Rook is the oldest twin. He doesn’t have the same father as Jai, but she doesn’t know that. Rook knows, because his mother told him. Jai doesn't.

luctor et emergo

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:11 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Nature is where everything started. That is why we care and love it.

Willow Hale, Nymph

Name: Willow Hale
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Godly Parent: Aglaia, Grace of beauty, splendour, glory, magnificence and adornment
Years at Camp: 6 years
Brief History: Willow is originally from England. Very British, with a strong accent, she came only when her tree was moved to go to a national park. But instead when she arrived, Willow was attacked by a hellhound. A demigod who was on her way to camp spotted Willow, and helped her.
Willow found a way to bring her tree to camp, and soon Chiron had it planted.
She loves being at camp. Willow is like the demigods in some ways, and loves to train when she can.
Dwelling: Weeping Willow
Physical appearance: She has brown hair, streaked with blond. Her eyes are a light brown, and her skin is very pale. Willow wears earthy colours, and little pumps most of the time. She is very small, and very delicate looking, with elfin features
Personality: Willow is very kind, and makes friends easily. She loves spending time with campers, and trains a lot with them. She can become very mean if you threaten her tree though. She loves to dance, and give advice to people.
Talents: Willow can control most things connected with the earth. She can also fight well for a Nymph
Weapons: A celestial bronze sword.

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:46 am

Chasity- She's a little powerful. I think you should tone down her powers a bit. Also, she can't really get frequent dreams from Nyx, especially for no reason in particular. If you could take that out she can be accepted!

Aislin- She is WAY too powerful. You should take out 1. Convincing people to do things, 2. Controling dreams and 3. Summoning Ghosts. Talking to ghosts, seeing them, that's okay, but summoning is a bit much in my own opinion.

Jai- X

Rook- X

Willow- Accpeted!
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:00 pm

Chasity and Aislin are both Accpeted!
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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Jul 02, 2012 12:01 pm free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Annika Rosenberg, Daughter of Dolos

Name: Annika “Dawn” Rosenberg
Age / Birthday: 14 / 8th of August
Gender: Female
God Parent: Dolos, Spirit of Trickery, Cunning deception, Craftiness, treachery and guile. Annika is a descendant of Alke, spirit of Prowess and Courage.
Claimed: Yes, before she lost her memories, but she doesn’t remember.
Mortal Family: Unknown, but her mother Mary Rosenberg / Daughter of Alke, step-father Ira Rosenberg, sister Evyn Rosenberg, sister Rachel Rosenberg, brother Andrew Rosenberg, sister Micki Rosenberg.
Years at Camp: Six Years
Brief History: She lived happily in San Diego with her family, and was never targeted by monsters. Until the day she turned six. Then everywhere she went monsters followed. Her family tried to move away, and it didn’t work, they tried to stand and fight, but that didn’t work either. But Mary wasn’t going to leave her daughter to fend for herself.
Then, one day, as Annika walked to school, she was gone. As in, she turned the corner, her older brother Andrew followed, but he couldn’t find her. The family searched but a year later when Mary was told someone who could be her daughter had been brought to the camp of her childhood, she made out that the child was dead. Because Chiron said this child only knew her name, age and basic details. Nothing about before she woke up in Central Park, New York, a year ago.

When Annika had turned the corner, she had been drugged. Then she woke up under a tall oak tree, only knowing her name and age, not her family or where she was. Annika had been dipped in the River Lethe for some reason, and she fended for herself well for a year. But then a satyr found her, and sensing she was a half-blood, brought her to the camp immediately.
Mary, Annika’s mother didn’t want to tell her daughter who she was for a simple reason. She knows why her child was took and her memory wiped.
Annika is very close to Janna, and is like a little sister to her.
Physical Appearance: Annika has brown hair, and blue eyes. She is tall and thin, with very delicate features. But she is a klutz. Her hair is down to her waist, and naturally straight, with a slight curl at the end. She looks younger than her years, and doesn’t usually wear make-up.
Personality: Annika is very bubbly and loud. She loves to make people laugh, but she can get offended and offend easily. She knocks things over a lot of the time. Annika used to be a kleptomaniac but she lost the memory of being one. She has black outs showing glimpses of her past life, but they are very vague, and don’t show her much.
Fatal Flaw: She reacts before thinking anything through. Her instincts tell her to do something, and she does without thinking about the consequences
Pets: She has a metal dragon that Janna gave to her. The dragon is called Delta, and an early model of Janna’s Spike. She gave him to Annika as a birthday present, and the small dragon is a smaller version of Spike. He can fly with wings recently added, and can breath fire to an extent.
Talents: Annika has many talents to do with her father. She can:
- Hear through charm speak. She cannot be chramspoken
- Hear through lies.
- Charm speak to an extent herself
- She can weave lies easily, and everyone has trouble hearing the truth when she really tries.
- She is very brave. Full of courage, she got it from her mothers linage.
Weapons of Choice: Bow and Arrow. Most of her arrows are normal, but some are special ones.
Year-Rounder or Summer: Year-Rounder

luctor et emergo

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a. schuyler
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:04 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

It's like a song. Now, I can hold a note for a long time. - Actually, I can hold a note forever. - But eventually, that's just noise. It's the change we're listening for. The note coming after and the one after that. That's what makes it music.

Anyanka Harris, Daughter of Zeus [Big Three Character]

Name: Anyanka Lacie Harris
Name Meaning: The inexhaustible, Favor, grace
Nickname: Anya, Harris
Age / Birthday: 14 / 8th of November
Gender: Female
God Parent: Zeus
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family:
    - Mother / Olivia Harris / 47 / Living
    - Step-Father / William Finch / 49 / Deceased
    - Half-Sister / Dawn Harris / 22 / Living / Daughter of Hades
    - Half-Sister / Hallie Finch / 20 / Living
    - Half-Brother / Alexander "Xander" Finch / 19 / Living
    - Half-Sister / Tara Finch / 18 / Living
    - Great (x7) Aunty Evadne Phoenix / 8 / Living

Her mother Olivia Harris. Olivia was the daughter of a wealthy man, and his lover. Adopted by him and his wife, Willow, she was cared for as their own. Or at least that’s what was made out. Blackmailed by her mother, Jenny, Lucas, the wealthy man, was forced to take in his daughter, and to give her the life that he would give his own children. But behind the scenes, Lucas and Willow were unforgiving. They cared for their own children, Alyson, Joyce, Robin and Violet, they were cruel to Olivia. Growing up in that environment made her appreciate family, and when she was sixteen, Olivia ran away to her mother. By then, Jenny had been killed by an accidental OD, and when Olivia arrived at her flat, only to be told that her mother had been gone for more than three years, something in the young woman snapped. Gathering some things, she ran to the nearest bus stop, and didn't stop until she had arrived a New Orleans. Here, she made a new life for herself, getting a job as a waitress, and working long shifts to pay for her small apartment. When her father turned up five years after, it was completely unexpected. He grabbed her, snarling about what she had put her family through. That was the moment she met Hades. He saved the young woman, sending her father cowering in terror. Wooing the girl that he had saved, nine months later Dawn was born. Soon, Hades was gone, leaving the baby and her mother with enough money to care for more than twenty people. Olivia met William one night as she rushed to collect her baby from the nanny. They fell in love, and as the years passed, their family grew. First Hallie, the popular girl who had no sense in her head. Then came Xander, the joker, and finally Tara, the shy little girl. Never expecting or needing any more children was the family happy, and all was well until William went to Iraq. He was killed in an explosion, and Olivia was heartbroken. For four years, she was heartbroken, wanting nothing more but to give up entirely. But then she met Zeus. Walking down the street to her work, the tall handsome man smiled, and she was under his spell. He must have fallen for her too, because soon, she was pregnant with her new baby.
When Anyanka was born, Zeus was the one to name her. Saying that she needed a strange name coming from such a noble and strange back ground, he christened the child Anyanka. A year after the baby being born, Zeus left, promising his love that he would see her again one day, and he would see his child.
William Finch was a noble and brave man. Falling in love with Olivia, he cared for her and the child, Dawn, even though he didn't have to. Too the day he died, he loved his family, and thought only of them when making a decision.
Dawn Harris was the first baby. Always broody, never playing with other little kids, her only tie was to her youngest sister. She saw something in Anyanka that she had only ever seen in one other person. Her sister, Kordia Jenkins, Daughter of Hades. Kordia died when leaving to go out shopping on her own. She was attacked by a horde of empusai, and never stood a chance. Dawn loved Kordia more than she loved any of her other siblings until Anyanka came along.
Hallie Finch, named for her mother’s best friend Hallfrek, she was always the popular cheerleader.
Xander Finch. Actually named Alexander, he was always the joker and professional class clown.
Tara Finch. A shy, bookish girl, Tara was always interested in the occult. She can see through the mist, the only of her mother’s mortal children who had her mother’s gift.
Evadne Phoenix. Daughter of Poseidon. Left in the Lotus hotel and Casino, or well the equivalent of it in the 1600's during the Salem Witch Trials, her twin sister Emiela wasn't. Due to a rare occurrence, Emiela and Evadne had different fathers. While Evadne was a demigod, Emiela was not. Anyanka is the descendent of Emiela, and because Evadne never aged, or if she did, very barely, she is older than her Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Aunty.

Brief History:
When Anyanka was born, her mother had a reason to finally wake up. With the death of William still fresh in her mind, she continued caring for her small, premature blue eyed baby. Zeus stayed for a year, strange for a God, despite the fact she had four other young children to mind. Then one day, it came the time for him to leave.

'But why?' Olivia cried, tears streaming from her warm brown eyes.
'My love, I have to go. Maybe one day, I'll be able to come back,' the man she had grown to love crooned, holding her hand tightly.
A cold wind blew as they stood on the front porch of Olivia's massive wooden house.
'But Anyanka! She'll never know her father. I don't want that for her. Not like Dawn.'
'Dawn was different. My broth- I knew her father. He wasn't able to stay for even as long as I did. But my time has come. I must return to what I left,' again, despite everything, Olivia was struck by how old fashioned he sounded.
'Is it like you have to care for the world?! No! But what about your baby girl?' her voice broke after she sobbed that out.
'My dear...I have to tell you the truth. I'm not Zachary Sky. Nor did I grow up in Miami, alone because my parents died. Did you ever hear the myths of the Greek Gods? About Olympus and Kronos? Typhoon and Hercules? Well there’s never an easy way to tell anyone this. But they were not myths. I am one of the three eldest Gods. Zeus,' he finished, and watched. This was the hardest part. Acceptance.
'You-you mean all those things I saw. The men with only one eye, the girl with flaming red hair. They were all real? And Anyanka, she's a half-god like Peruses?' Olivia didn't seem disbelieving. On the contrary, she seemed awed.
'I'm afraid so. The three eldest Gods, Me, and my brothers Poseidon and Hades, we swore never to have children with mortals again. Our children are too powerful, and the birth of one always brings some woe. I'm afraid that my being Anyanka's father will cause her much more heartbreak than love,' when he said it, he sounded sad. Very sad, and terribly old.
'I don't believe that, my love,' Olivia swallowed back more tears, and lifted her hand, cupping his cheek. He leant against it, and smiled briefly.
'So you see, I must. It is time for me to take my leave.'
Olivia, his love, the mother of his child looked at him with the eyes that had drawn him to her. Intelligent beyond her years, she held an inner wisdom that no-one he had ever met before had. Not even he could understand what she could be thinking when her eyes found yours.
'Then go. Go my hero. You are more important than even I or Anyanka could ever have guessed. But Zeus? Promise me one thing. One day, you will meet Anyanka. I wouldn't ask of you to send her a card, or visit. But one day, when she understands what she is, please, meet her.'
Zeus was shocked that she had used his Godly name. Not Zach, the boy he had created for himself. Zeus.
'Olivia, I swear by the River Styx, that I shall one day meet our daughter, Anyanka Harris. And I swear that I will come to you one day. I will come, and see you again, my love,' then he leant, pressing his lips to hers.
When he pulled away, his eyes crinkled in a sad, sad smile, Zeus caressed her face one more time. Then turning, he strode away and seemed to disappear.
Crying again, Olivia stood there for hours after, hoping to see the man she loved appear again. But when Tara pulled at her skirt, demanding attention, Olivia was forced to turn her back on the old world, and embrace this new one.

The loss of Zeus always weighed down Olivia's mind. But she cared for her special daughters, and her mortal children, never showing favourites. Monsters always seemed to find them, and because she had no possible way to fight, Olivia did the only thing she could. She moved. And moved. And moved.
Anyanka was always the strange girl. The one with the too blue eyes. Too small. Too weird. But she was doted on by her family. The youngest child, and with so much attention being lavished on her, it all went to the little girls head. Growing up, she had a closer connection to her sister Dawn than anyone else. While she was sarcastic and up front about everything, she also had a soft, naive and delicate side. Her mother always scolded her, saying that being so true about everything wasn't always a good thing. A girl would ask, "Do I look good in this?" Anyanka would tell her the truth and simply say "You look like the monkey me and Mama saw with Dawn at the zoo." One more shop they couldn't go back to.
When Anyanka was just five, she was already able to see what others could not. The monsters that attacked her were just that. Monsters. Then, Dawn went to Camp Half-Blood. Choosing to only stay for the summers, she learnt what she was.
So one day, just a few hours from when she returned, Dawn snuck into Anyanka's bedroom. Sitting, they talked for ages. Okay, so more to the point Dawn talked, and Anyanka, despite her attention span found herself riveted about the stories of Gods and Monsters.
That last year passed quickly. No-one but Olivia knew about Dawn being at camp.
But then the letter arrived. After the last monster, and unusually big hellhound, Olivia had been worried for her children. Having two big three children in one house meant that they would always be in trouble. So despite her love for her two special babies’, she found herself thinking of sending Anyanka to camp.

Olivia, my love,
The monsters are getting too much. You can't keep risking Hallie, Xander and Tara. With Dawn spending summer’s at Camp Half-Blood, it was easier for a little time. But now it has come for Anyanka to leave too. She will be safe at Camp, and you will too.
My love,

Olivia hated it. Having to send her youngest, smallest baby away. But she knew it was the best thing.
So a week later, Anyaka was standing in a brand new orange T-shirt, small denim shorts, and a knife tucked into her belt. She was happiest at camp. Dawn loved knowing finally that her sister was the same as her, and decided to become a year-rounder with her.
When Anyanka turned ten, her father sent a gift. Well two. First, as she trained in the arena, she was claimed by a glowing lightning bolt. Then when she moved into the Zeus cabin, a knife was lying on her bad, engraved with a lightning bolt symbol.
The bracelet transformed into a shield when tapped. Anyanka was proud to own it.
Soon, she was into a routine. People seemed to fear her, but she tried, and it all paid off. When she turned twelve, Anyanka found her own horse. Mocha was found stumbling in the forest, a bad leg and scratches. Anyanka was the only one able to care for her, and was able to feed and mind her. It became apparent that she had been chosen by Mocha when a Poseidon child overheard the horse thinking about her "Master".
Everything since age twelve has been pretty quite. Dawn still visits the camp, but is right now searching for her own way in life. Anyanka has been happy, spending her days learning how to control different weapons, and sometimes leaving to visit her family and shop.

Physical Appearence:
Anyanka has short, thick, dark brown hair. She has electric blue eyes. She is small, just under average height, and is lithe from running and training. She looks delicate, and as if she can't handle things, but she's stronger than anyone gives her credit for.
Anyanka is very honest in her opinions, and with herself. Very straight up, she says the first thing that comes into her head about things. She doesn't like someone, she says so. She has strong opinions, and almost always needs to get them out. She is also very sarcastic, but she doesn't understand it herself. Sometimes, Anyanka can be mean. Her straightforwardness gets on peoples nerves, but it also makes her mean and sometimes insensitive. She can be bubbly and fun, her ways and words being funny to some. She can be confrontational, a typical stormy daughter of Zeus, but she can calm herself down in her own time, and forms her own perfect revenge depending on what got her annoyed.

Fatal Flaw:
Over-Confidence - Anyanka belivies that she can do anything. Beat any monster. But that isn't how the world works.
She is also very aware of her surroundings. Always on the look out, she notices things others don't. Her senses are very acute, but sometimes too acute.

She has a draft horse called Mocha. Mocha is a black filly, with white socks, and a white blotch on her head.
While Anyanka has many talents, some being sword fighting and close-combat, she also possess' vast powers over other God related aspects.
    - Hydrokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate water and moisture
    - Aerokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate air and wind
    - Electrokinesis: the ability to control and manipulate electricity and lightning

While she has some idea of her powers, she has not worked out how she can manipulate the air to carry her more than a few feet. When Anya gets angry, her hair whips around with wind and her eyes flash violently. She can resist electrocution.

Weapons of Choice:
While Anyanka has a talent with lightning, and electricity, she fights fairly with weapons and her abilities. She has been at camp so long, that she can fight with a range of weapons.
    - Hunga-Munga - The Hunga Munga was an African tribal weapon. It was a handheld weapon which had four blades; three of which are fairly straight and pointed in all opposing directions, forward up and back. The final and largest blade located above the forward facing straight blade was curved and turns to meet the top blade. The weapon could be used in hand to hand combat although it was typically thrown with a spinning action.
    - Knife - She is skilled with the close combat weapon. A gift from her father, she is fond of it, and the silver blade is her most used weapon.
    - Crossbow - Not a skilled crossbow user, she is recently interested on how this weapon works.
    - Sword - Not skilled with this weapon, Anyanka mostly stears clear of it. She can handle one, but prefers close-combat.
    - Shield - She owns a silver shield, found by her when she was looking around one of Hephaestus's old forges. It comes from a silver bracelet, engraved with the Ω ω Omega Symbol

Year Round or Summer: Year-Rounder

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 8:19 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.

Angel Stewart, Daughter of Dionysus(Inactive Charrie)

Name: Angel Stewart
Age / Birthday: 17 / 2nd of March
Gender: Female
God Parent: Dionysus
Claimed: Yes. As soon as Mr.D saw her.
Mortal Family: Her mother May Stewart, her step-father Derek Mally, her twin sisters Amy and Tara.
Brief History:
Physical Appearence: Angel has slightly red hair, that looks brown in the right light. She wears comfortable clothes that she can move in. She has very dark brown eyes, so dark you can't see her pupils. Angel is tall, and very lithe, able to run for a long time.
Personality: Angel used to be a terrible person. Trying to stay on her place of power, she pushed other people around. But then she came to camp. Angel changed, and it was all for the best. She became less shallow, and actually cares to be around people now. Her personality now is more bubbly, and she is fun and easy to be around. But sometimes she gets annoyed or angry, and she can go back to being mean.
Fatal Flaw: She is too changable. One minute, nice Angel, next she can be trying to rip your throat out. Not literally. But she can be very touchy.
Pets: Angel has a cat called Midnight. She's a black shorthair, very elegant, and very tempermental. She doesn't like anyone but Angel to touch her. Midnight also does what she wants. Never staying in one place, not staying when she's supposed to. She was a gift from Mr.D to Angel for her sixteenth birthday. Then she was just a kitten.
Talents: Angel can fight pretty well. Unusually for a child of Dionysus, she has both dyslexia and ADHD. Angel can sing well, and can make plants and fruit grow much faster. When she gets angry, she can make people have ivy tie hem up.
Year Round or Summer: Year-Rounder

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:45 am free online photo editor, fun photo effects

Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.

Danial O'Connell, Ares; Hermes; Hypnos and Asclepius (Inactive Character)

Name:Danial "Oz" O'Connell
Age/Birthday: 16 / 5th of December
Gender: Male
God Parent: Oz is genetically engineered. He is the son of four Gods. Ares, Hermes, Hypnos and Asclepius. Asclepius was the one to decide to make him, being the God of medicine he wanted to test if it was possible.
Claimed: Yes by Ares
Mortal Family: He has never known his mother. He has been at camp since his birth
Years in Camp: 17 Years
Brief History: Oz was born at camp. His mother was never known to him, leaving soon after. No-one tried to find her. He grew up in the stable environment, not knowing what he was. But when he was 11, Chiron sent him on a quest. While on it, he found out what he was, and why he had never been claimed. While on the quest, a boy named Dave died. Oz and the girl named Moira needed to fight a cyclops, and Oz killed it. Just as the monster dusted, Ares claimed him.
Oz doesn't know if he is to be claimed by all the Gods who are technically his 'father's. He doesn't feel any bond to any of them, and just want's to know who his mother is. No-one but Chiron and his closest friends know.
Physical Appearance: Oz has ginger hair. Every so often, when he is going out for a gig or something, he dye's it pure black. His eyes are a green color, with a few specks of hazel brown. Oz is short and slender, but strong. Oz is a laid back kind of guy, and his wardrobe reflects this. He dresses casually and comfortably, usually wearing loose fitting t-shirts and worn jeans. He’s not picky with the colors he wears and he often wears concert t-shirts. He has a few pairs of sneakers and work boots as well as a few jackets, but the core of his wardrobe is made up of jeans and t-shirts.
Personality: He is known for his very detached and collected demeanor. He regards everything calmly, never seeming surprised. A person transforms into a horrible monster in front of him, he just says 'Huh?'. His sentences are short, very non-committal. He has deep philosophical knowledge. Oz also has a characteristic and smooth sense of humor, being witty and intellectual. He approaches life and situations rather eccentrically. Oz is very laid back and observant. He tends to be quiet and pensive, but just because he may not say much that doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention. When he does speak up, it’s normally to offer insight or make a witty observation. Nothing he says is ever pointless or to fill or break a silence. He’d rather not say anything at all than say something unnecessary.
Fatal Flaw: His emotions. Oz’s biggest strength and biggest weakness is how in tune he is – or isn’t – with his emotions. He works so hard to hold back his emotions that when he feels something, it’s too overwhelming for him to handle. His emotions will usually cause him to run away from situations… or run recklessly into them.
Pets: None. Unless you factor in he's thinking of getting a dog.
Talents: He is good at fighting, but really he's a jack of all trades. Oz can remember every injury that he see's, and every cure that he watches. He can run pretty fast, and has a good sense of humor. He doesn't like fighting other people, and is very compassionate, but he will. Oz can also manipulate dreams from a 25 meter radius, but only to an extent.
Weapons: Oz uses a sword. But he can make do with any weapon, not skilled in just one.
Year-Round or Summer: Year-rounder

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 3:53 pm

Vina, I think you have more characters than you're allowed at this point. You have 12 characters active when, at your rate, you are only allowed to have 7. Sorry, if I'm wrong but, I'm pretty sure I'm right.
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:32 pm

I'm afraid Mackenzie is right. You'll have to inactivate some if you wish to use your newest ones.
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 04, 2012 10:39 pm

I just re-counted, she actually has 20 characters but, 12 active.
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Oh no Chrome and Mackenzie. No one gets where I'm coming from. All my newest are going straight inactive. As soon as their accepted, I'll be putting their names on the inactive list. It's been explained on my first post easier, but their all there for variety (: I only have seven active. If I ever want to use the others, they will be swapped with an active one. I'll just forget about them if I have to, but really, their there so I have a choice.

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Jul 25, 2012 7:32 am

Well, you have a few spelling mistakes here and there, and your appearance could be larger, but I will accept her. They're just minor things, and they can't really stop me accepting it. Also, I don't understand why Zeus would stay for a whole year. Most are just one night stands. But, again, accepted anyway.

Sorry I'm being picky, and my message isn't nice and formatted, but I'm really tired.

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:24 am

Adopted from Angel! Thank you (:

Charlotte-Marie "Charlie" Grandge
Frozen at 17 years of age. Though, in reality, she's 25.
July 15, 1986
Godly Parent:
Iris (Ίρις), goddess of the rainbow and divine messenger
Years in Huntresses:
8 years

Mortal Family:
• Father (Oscar Grandge): Oscar Grandge used to be a care-free, wild, insane free spirit. He was artistic, crazy, random, overall, very right brain heavy. He, Charlie and Georgia would travel and go on adventure after adventure. It was a great life. Though Charlie was always more supportive of it than Georgia. When both Charlie and Georgia were almost killed, Oscar Grandge decided that it was time to find a spot and stay there. He actually got a real job at a bank, which Charlie hated. Soon, he became more and more organized and responsible. He started to dress nicely and not have paint on him. He covered up his tattoos every morning with clothing or coverup. Georgia was supportive of the change, but Charlie was not. Soon the change became just about permanent when he married Charlie's step mom, Chrissy.
    "My dad used to be great! When I was little we traveled, hopping from place to place, learning new things, meeting new people. It was amazing. The best life ever. But then that all ended. Me and my sister were in a "near death experience". It was just a hellhound. And we got away, so I don't know why it freaked Oscar out so much. Yes, I call my dad by my first name. Anyways, he decided that we were going to stop traveling, get a home, settle down, and stay there. Boring. But Georgia loved it. When my dad married Chrissy, things just got worse. He already worked at a bank, and then he marries this stuck up, rich, snooty little... Gah. She keeps him "contained". "Mustn't let daddy go out and embarrass the family with dirty hands!" I want my real dad back.. The one that my real mom fell in love with. But still, all in all, I guess he's a good parent."
• Step-Mother (Chrissy Grandge): Chrissy married into the Grandge family when Charlie was ten. She's a very uptight, proper, clean person. And Charlie hates her. Chrissy and Charlie's personalities both clash drastically. Chrissy is well-mannered, polite, and feminine. Charlie is not. She's messy, artistic, loud, rude, and strong. The only thing keeping them from murdering each other is Oscar. He is the person that steps in and talks to both sides rationally. In the end, Charlie and Chrissy agreed to be civil. And, to help that process, Charlie left.
    "Chrissy is just...ugh!' That woman has to have something shoved up her butt because she's so uptight all the time. She's proper, and a lady. Who gives a crap about being "a lady". Don't your parts do that for you?! I just don't understand her. Maybe if she hadn't forced my dad to completely change who he was, I might not mind her as much. But the woman comes in and changes our entire life. The way we eat, where we live, what we do, EVERYTHING. It all changed with two little words. "I do"."
• Sister (Georgia Grandge): Georgia Grandge is the "sensible sister". She is a little over a year older than Charlie and has apparently gained all the wisdom there is in the world in that year. She's a very smart, knowledgeable person. Almost overpoweringly so. When the Grandges were traveling, she was the one that kept the group in check. She was the one who cooked and was responsible. And she was always the one who asked if they could stop traveling and just calm down for a little bit. Charlie and Georgia don't always see eye to eye, but they get along generally well.
    "Georgia is my big sister. Though she acts like she's learned all there is to know about the world in that one year. She thinks she knows everything. And I have to say, the most upsetting part of that, is that she often is right. I don't inositol how se can remember these things and names and crap that I don't give a hoot about. I swear, she has a photographic memory. Anyway, me as my sister got along better when we were travelling. Georgia isn't a very stubborn person. So when we would argue, I would win. But then something went her way. We settled down. And it, like, lit this fire to get what she wanted in her. It was dangerous. Because now there three, equally stubborn Grandge women in the world. But when we finalł settled down, she became even worse. She was convinced that this would help our father "grow up". And then she supported the marriage from the Underworld. She was decided on her opinion if the union in less than a week. She loved it. She said it was helping him "Keep up and wake up!" did you ever think that maybe he doesn't want to do those things?! Nate he just wants to eat pizza in bed. He has his entire life to grow up, why would you want more of it? Sometimes I just didn't understand Georgia."
• Half-Brother (Michael Grandge):
Michael Grandge is the child of Oscar Grandge and Chrissy Grandge. Therefore, he is Charlie's half-brother. Michael is six years of age, but has only met Charle twice in his entire lifetime. Though, it's not because Charlie doesn't try to visit. Chrissy believes that the Greek gods thing is "evil", since she's a devout Catholic. Charlie has called her out on her beliefs, shown her abilities, but Chrissy just believes she worships "Satan". And when Charlie came back with "Well actually, it's Hades, and I give offerings to all the gods," Chrissy snapped. She refused Charlie any contact with Michael after that. Charlie has tried to send him an Iris message so she can meet her half-brother, but it's no use. Chrissy watches him like a hawk.
    "Michael...the one time I met him he was the sweetest little boy. It seems like he's the only good thing that came out of their marriage... But, that good thing was taken away by the cruelest person to ever live. Chrissy. She thinks I worship Satan! Pah! No, dolt, that's not why I have these abilities. I have these abilities because your husband and my dad got it on with a goddess. I just don't get it... She lets Georgia see him! OH wait, that's right. Georgia didn't want to be a Huntress. She said it was too much work that would be unfulfilled. Well I don't believe that. It's the most rewarding experience I've ever had. But because it comes with immortality from age, Chrissy doesn't let me see Michael. And because I'm not like Georgia. I won't push my heritage under a rug just like that. "

Brief History:
    "My history, the early parts of it, was the best! I traveled around with my dad and my big sister. We got along, most of the time, and saw the most amazing things! My dad was my hero. He was so strong and adventurous. I wanted to be just like him. But then those times ended. Georgia and I, being demigods, started to have a scent. And a strong one, apparently. We were attacked in one of our trips by a hellhound. Georgia got stitches in her back, and I broke my arm. But we got away! So I don't know why Oscar insisted on us "settling down". Georgia loved it, but I hated it. And then things just got worse and worse. Oscar married Chrissy. And she completely changed him. Granted he was changing for himself a little bit before, but she really solidified it! No painting, no tattoos, she made him cover up his current ones, no contact with me and he had to dress nicely. Well after those rules were put into effect, I followed Georgia, who had gone to Camp Half-Blood a year before. I didn't stay there long, though. I was recruited to the Huntresses, made the pledge, and it was the best choice I ever made. I love the Hunters. They're more of a family to me than my real family. I don't have to deal with men, I travel around, get to shoot things with arrows, and live with the goddess Artemis and the rest of the Hunters. WHat could be better? I'll answer that for you. Nothing."
Charlie was born in Portland, Oregon. Though she didn't live there for very long. Only about two years after Charlie was born, the family of three began to travel. At first, it wasn't very far travels and they always returned to Oregon. But as time went on, they went further and further out into the world and they returned home less and less. Oscar paid the bills for their house when they would return home, so they still owned it, but they never lived there. It was like an empty thing that they could always come back to. The family would stay in hotels, at strangers houses, or even rent an apartment for their travels to different places. They stayed all over the world. They backpacked across Europe, took a safari through Africa, dove into Asian culture, and explored the ruins of South America.
However, when Charlie was seven and Georgia was eight, the two girls were attacked by a hellhound. Georgia had to get stitches in her back and Charlie broke her arm. After that experience, Oscar realized that taking the girls all these places was exposing them to the monsters wanting to kill them. It was dangerous. And he had to prevent his girls from being hurt. The Grandges moved back to Portland, Oregon and "settled down". Oscar got a job at a bank and started working there, much to Charlie's hatred for the boring job. While at said job, Oscar Grandge met his soon-to-be wife, Chrissy Sarlton. Or, as she was soon to be known, Chrissy Grandge. Charlie never understood why her father married such a boring, dull, proper, annoying woman. When she tries confronting him about his decision, he gets upset. "It's what's best for the family!" he says. Charlie has stopped asking about the marriage over the years, though it's mostly because she wants to preserve whatever kind of relationship she has with her father for as long as possible. When Charlie was fourteen, she went to Camp Half-Blood, as her sister did the year before her. Charlie was claimed almost immediately, since Georgia had already been claimed as well. She spent three years with her half-siblings and it was better than home, but something was still missing. She didn't feel complete at camp. It was nice and friendly, but she felt like she wasn't living her life to the fullest. And then, one day, The Hunters of Artemis came to camp to recruit and Charlie knew that's what she wanted to do.
At the age of seventeen, Charlie Grandge became a Hunter of Artemis. She's traveled around with her adoptive family. She's had close calls, lost friends, and had happy times with the rest of the girls as well as Lady Artemis, who she respects more than anyone else. Charlie has been a Huntress for eight years and, despite the fact that it cut her from her relationship with her new half-brother, she will tell anyone who asks that it was the best decision she ever made.

Physical Appearance:
    "My appearance? I mean...I guess it's pretty normal? I don't know! All of the girls in the Hunters say that I'm pretty. But we're not really ones to care much about looks. I'm average I suppose. Average height, weight, beauty, things like that. I have tattoos, if that means anything to you. It probably doesn't. Just look at me or something! Holy crap, don't make me describe myself..."
Charlie stands at about 5'9" in height, so she's on the taller end of the female height spectrum. She has a thin, but muscular frame, due to her training with the Hunters. Her arms and legs are mostly muscle, though her stomach still remains lacking in tone. Her arms and legs are long and she has a short, petite torso. Her feet are quite small for her height. She only wears a size 6 and everyone says that her feet look like toddler feet. Her hands, however, are quite large. Her fingers are long and thin which makes gripping a bow easier. Her right arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos. This tattoo mural starts at her wrist, goes up her arm, over her shoulder, and down her right side before it ends at her hip. It's quite a large tattoo, but Charlie loves it. Though whether or not her love for it came because her step-mother hates it is unknown. Charlie also has a rainbow on her ankle in honor of her mother, Iris.
Charlie's face is heart-shaped. She has round cheeks and strong cheekbones that people, for some reason, love to poke. Her cheekbones are especially prominent, along with her dimples, when she smiles. Charlie believes her nose to be slightly large, but it's not a very prevalent flaw. While she doesn't have a "button nose", she doesn't have a beak either. Her nose comes to a point and flips up a bit at the tip. Her lips are thick and pink. Often they are turned up in a smile or open because Charlie is blabbing about something on her mind. Charlie always says that she has a big mouth, meaning both literally and figuratively. Charlie's ears stick out a little bit at her earlobes, but whether or not she has yet to notice it or just doesn't care, it doesn't bother her. Her eyesbrows are plucked, though not by her own choice. She let her friend pluck them when she was younger and ever since then, if she didn't keep them clean and tidy, they would grow out like bushes. Charlie has a very expressive face. All of her emotions can be read like an open book if one simply watches her facial expressions.
Charlie's eyes sit on either side of her nose, a bit too close together. They are round with slender points in shape. They are framed by thick, dark eyelashes that are made longer, thicker, and darker by the caked on mascara. Charlie loves eye makeup, but only dark eye makeup. She almost always has eyeliner, black or gray eyeshadow, and black mascara with her at all times. She says she looks bad without makeup, but no one ever sees her without it, so no one can testify that this is true or if she's just exaggerating. Her irises are pure black in color, though around the pupil is a small light of silvery-gray. Her eyes are so dark they can't even be classified as dark brown. They are, literally, black as night.
Charlie's hair is just as dark as her eyes. Her hair is black in color with hints of silver and brown when the light hits it. But her hair is indeed black. It's also quite long. When she isn't wearing it up, which she almost always is, it reaches to the small of her back. It's also quite curly. It twists and spins into ringlets that cascade in a waterfall of black curls over her shoulders and down her back. And Charlie hates it. She'd much prefer straight hair, because curly hair is frizzy. Charlie's bangs are jagged and swoop across her forehead, but she often has them pinned back because she sees them as a hassle. Charlie's preferred hairstyle is a big, thick, messy bun near the crown on her head. She often wears a rolled up bandana like a hairband to keep flyaway strands out of her eyes. She has bandanas in almost every color and pattern. They're like a collection to her, or maybe an obsession. She ties them by the top, so she says it's also similar to a bow. But it seems she's the only person to see the resemblance in that.
Almost all of Charlie's clothes are covered in something. Mostly paint or dirt stain her wardrobe, though she doesn't really dress to impress. She usually wears tank tops or baggy t-shirt with a pair of jeans and her old, worn out, horribly torn and worn down to the nub gray sneakers. She prefers dark colors with splashes of neon and bright pinks, greens, blue, purples, oranges, reds, and yellows. She's often like a walking rainbow. She says it's for her mother, but the truth is, Charlie just likes bright colors.

    "I'm sarcastic. Yeah...that's a pretty good description I think. I'm sarcastic and artsy-fartsy. And a little strange, but the best people are. I really love art. It's my favorite hobby! Actually, it's more than a hobby. It's what I love to do. I love to paint and draw and's what I could do for the rest of my life if I was allowed. I could stay up for hours on end painting something. My favorite medium is oils, but I love watercolors and acrylics too. I'm a very messy painter, which you can see by my clothing. I don't try to keep myself clean when I'm drawing or painting, because even if I tried, I would fail. Oh right, personality. I don't know... Just talk to me and find out or something! Gosh.."
Charlie is sarcastic and blunt, she's talkative and loud, and rude and angry. But she's also a dreamer. She's a free spirit and artistic. All in all, she contradicts her own personality a lot. When she's angry or tired her sarcasm and rudeness are very strong in her speech. But when she's happy or excited, she plans things and laughs and dreams of wild and crazy things. But overall, despite all of her flaws, Charlie is a good person.
Charlie is, in one simple word, sarcastic. She has a dry, witty sense of humor that seeps into almost every conversation. Her sarcasm is also very blunt and is most prevalent when she's mad. If she's yelling at someone, her to-the-point sarcasm easily slips out. Along with this sarcasm also comes a bit of a potty mouth, though she tries her best to substitute those words for something more appropriate. Charlie loves to make people laugh with her natural sense of humor. Though she has never considered herself a clown, since she doesn't do silly things, she still likes the feeling she gets when she makes someone laugh. It makes her day just a little bit better.
Charlie is a free spirit, much like her father was before the incident. She doesn't really want to tie herself down to one place or to one job, unless it's something to do with art. That's why she never had a problem joining the Hunters. A lot of the girls' only issue with the Hunters is the fact that you have to swear off of men. Well Charlie has never dreamed about fairytales and happy endings. She's very cynical in that topic. "The truth is, no one really falls in love forever. You could be the happiest couple when you get married, but as you grow older you grow tired of each other. Friends grow apart like that all the time and it's completely normal. But when married people do it, it's called divorce. There's no difference, one just costs more money. Be with someone for as long as you're happy, don't waste your money on a wedding only to have a divorce later, and don't kid yourself by saying that you're going to be together until you die. Because even if you last that long, by the end, you'll be sick of each other." With such a strong opinion on the subject, as well as Charlie's stubborn, hard-headed personality, she has never dreamt about staying in one place. In fact, her dream is to see as many places as possible. That and the fact that you never have to deal with relationships and not be looked at like a crazy cat lady is what makes Charlie perfect for the Hunters of Artemis. She gets to see all of these wonderful places, travel around with people she cares about, and just be herself.
Charlie is a very talkative, yappy person. She can ramble on and on about any kind of subject. She's also able to hold conversations with people very easily, even those who she doesn't know. Charlie has always had this gift of being a social butterfly. Although she doesn't like it, she has no trouble keeping a conversation light and interesting for everyone. She hardly ever lets on that she has this ability. The only time she really uses it is when there's someone who is alone or out of the crowd. She'll go over and simply talk to them. Just talk, and it seems to make them feel better. Charlie is a talker. but this talkative trait can backfire on her a lot. Charlie is able to ramble on when she's happy, or angry. She'll go off ranting on some subject and the angrier she gets,t he faster she talks and the more she says. People have a hard time keeping up with her when she does this. Someone physically has to snap her out of it, calm her down, and bring her back to reality. Otherwise, the more and more she rants,t he angrier and more frustrated she'll become.
Charlie is a very creative and artistic person. She loves pretty much everything art related. She loves to draw with pencils, charcoals and pastels. She likes to paint with watercolors, oils and acrylics. She loves to sculpt things and always has a little thing of play-doh with her to sculpt when she's bored. Charlie always has to be doing something with her hands. She has a hard time sitting still, so when she's sitting there playing with play-doh, drawing on her free arm, or twiddling her fingers, that's as still as she's going to sit. Charlie's style of artwork is very surreal. They are like scenes from dreams that she can't remember, or at least that's what she says.
Charlie has a bit of a temper, especially when people don't snap her out of her whirlwind of rage. As Charlie starts to rant about something that makes her angry or a subject she feels strongly about, she grows more and more agitated. If someone doesn't snap her out of it, her serious anger issues that she has kept down for the past few years will resurface and she'll snap. However, Charlie has gotten better at calming herself down. She tried to control her temper, but, as she says, "If people weren't so stupid, I wouldn't have this issue,"
Charlie is a very "dreamy" person. Not the physical way, but the actual dreaming way. She loves to think of all kinds of adventures she could have and plan out extravagant events and trips, though they hardly ever get put into action. People sometimes tell her that she has her head in the clouds. But she simply retorts with: "That's better than having your head down a hole,"
Charlie can be a bit cynical and negative, but only on certain subjects. But these subjects that she has a negative outlook on are ones that people often save hope for. Topics like marriage, love, and family. Those subjects are not good ones to bring up to her if you're depressed about them, because she'll only make your view on those subjects worse. Charlie always says that she's realistic, not cynical. She claims that she sees the world for how it really is, depressing. And the other people that have yet to except that about humanity are all fools setting themselves up for disappointment. This brings us to our next trait, bluntness. Charlie is a very blunt person. She hardly ever sugar coats anything for anyone. She tells them exactly how it is, no matter what might happen. This is helpful in some ways, but often gets her into trouble. It's especially problematic when her bluntness is taken as being rude, which happens a lot.

    "I like art! And I like dreaming and painting! I like being a huntress.. Uhh...I don't like people. They're stupid. Well, I guess you can just look at the list down there, huh? So then stop asking me and just do that!"
• Painting
• Being a Huntress
• Vanilla ice cream
• Chrissy
• People
• Cats

    "I have a lot of light and light spectrum based abilities. Since my mother is the goddess of, not only in divine messengering, but also rainbows, I have powers in manipulating both light and mist. It's kind of difficult to explain, though... They're not particularly powerful abilities, but they have their perks I guess."
Light spectrum manipulation: This is one of her weaker abilities, as well as one of her hardest to control. Since rainbows are just the light reflecting off of water in the sky, Charlie is able to manipulate this light to do her will. Though she's a draw back to it. She can't use actual light. She has to physically create a rainbow and then draw her ability and power from that source. But creating a rainbow is easy for her. All she has to do is toss up some water.
Mist control: "Mist" is the best kind of water vapor to create a rainbow. After much practice, Charlie has learned how to control this mist and even create it from water around her to create rainbows. And from those rainbows, she can draw power and a "beam" of sorts that she can use as a weapon.
Instant messaging: Since she is the daughter of the goddess who people give offerings to for divine messages, Charlie is actually able to create her own messaging system. Though it's much weaker than her mothers and can only reach people within about a 100 mile radius of her. She's also only able to hear them, not see them. But it's better than a telephone, since that allows monsters to learn her location. All of these abilities tend to wear her out quickly, though. So she really only keeps them for a last resort.

    "My weapon of choice is, like my other Hunters, a bow and arrow. This bow and arrow I created especially for myself. It's made of wood and painted white. I carved some cool designs into the side, balanced and strung it myself, with some help from the Warriors group, and painted it. I also created my arrows. They're special arrows made just for me. I made my bow my first year in the Hunters of Artemis and it has been my faithful weapon of choice ever since. "
Charlie's bow is named φάσμα (Spectrum). It is carved in an arch and made out of dark wood. It is painted white with swirls of colors traveling up the sides. There is a pattern that is similar to Charlie's tattoo engraved on the grip area of the bow. The arrows are also quite special. The shafts are made of the same wood and decorated the same as the bow, it's the tips that are unique. They are made of celestial bronze and infused with power drawn from the rainbows that Charlie is able to create. While people don't believe that rainbows have power, they are quite wrong. Rainbows are the result of two elements meeting, water and light. When that is tapped into, when the true power is extracted, it's quite strong. It acts as an extra oomph, an extra punch to the arrows and helps them fly further and dig deeper into their target when they hit.

Her color is mediumseagreen. Charlie is a Hunter of Artemis, therefore, she is not open for dibbing. Adopted from Angel (:

Charlie's Wardrobe

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:19 am

Adopted from Angel! Thank you (:

Thomas Henry De la Cruz (dAe-la-krooz)
19 years of age
Thomas was born on March 31
Godly Parent:
Dinlas, guardian of Lamark, god of hatred.
Years at Camp:
Thomas has been at camp for 5 years.

Mortal Family:
• Mother (Petunia De la Cruz): Thomas's mom died way back when Thomas was 13 years old, in the year 1940. (This will make more sense later.) His mother's name was Petunia De la Cruz, and she worked in a high class restaurant, which was uncommon for women of her time period. Petunia was Thomas's only known relative. Petunia was a very strong, accomplished woman. She was a true go-getter that was determined and would accomplish anything that she put her mind to. Though as the war continued to take its tole on France, Thomas could see his mother fading away. They began losing food and Petunia would sacrifice her daily rations for her son. This, after a build up of time, caused the young woman died of starvation. For the time she was alive, she was a determined, strong, confident woman that accomplished difficult feats at her time and raised a son on her own.
    "My mother was a remarkable woman. I remember her just like it was yesterday, even though it was about 70 years ago. She worked in a fancy restaurant, though they would never let her take home leftover food. She gave up everything for me, even when I didn't want her to. When we didn't have enough food for two, she would give me what we had and go to bed hungry. She was like my guardian angel. I miss my mother terribly. It was a shame she had to die so young and never get to see all the world has to offer. All she saw was that restaurant and the crummy building we lived in.. "

Brief History:
    "My history was...interesting, so say the least. I should be dead at this age, you know, being over 70 and all. But thanks to the magic of the Lotus Hotel, I'm happy and young. If only actresses knew about that, maybe they wouldn't pay as much for face lifts. Anyway, my history isn't any harder than anyone else's. I've had loss. I've had good times I look back of fondly. I've made mistakes that I wish I hadn't. I've found love that... I'm rambling. My dad was a big part of my life without really being a big part. Because of the rule about gods and their children, Dinlas had to keep the contact brief. But he lead me around and helped me until I was old enough and less confused to get on on my own. He might not be the best person in the world, but he's not bad. He has some serious mommy issues, though. I guess we all have our problems."
Thomas De la Cruz was born to Petunia De la Cruz and her younger, or seemingly younger, lover in the year 1927. Her lover, whose name was actually Dinlas, left when he heard of the child. Dinlas, the god and son of Aphrodite, left when he found out he was having a son. Hate was boiling inside of him, which wasn't a very appealing thing to see, especially on Dinlas. Thomas grew normally though, and was never bothered by monsters because of how faint is godly blood was. Most didn't know there even was a god named Dinlas, which allowed to family to exist peacefully for 12 years. Then the war started. Though Thomas was young, there was still a fear he might be drafted. It wasn't even a concern, realistically, but everyone else was worried about their son as well. America wasn't involved in the war, and since Thomas lived in France, he envied them. France was one of the first countries to get involved in the war, and it took a toll on the country as a whole. When Petunia died of starvation, Thomas knew he had to leave France. Taking nothing with him but the clothes on his back, Thomas ran. He caught a ship heading to America, and though it wasn't safe, he stowed away on it. For weeks Thomas traveled, be it was land and by sea, which eventually led him to a strange looking building with flashing lights and a decorative flower symbol. The Lotus, it had read. Intrigued, Thomas entered. There he stayed, for 65 short years, never aging and remaining youthful. He was unaware of the time change, and trapped in the casino, until a flashback of his mother came to him. It caused him to stop and think, and also look around. His clothes were different then most of the people in the Lotus. Unsure of what was going on, Thomas ran, knowing he might be running for his life. He made it out after an immense amount of struggle, and found a boy a couple of years older than him sitting and picking apart a flower. His entire world had changed around him, and the boy was all he could focus on. It was impossible, of course. It had to be. "Dad?" Thomas had said, sure of himself. Dinlas took Thomas into his care. Neither was sure how Thomas could recognize his father even though he'd never seen him before, and the resemblance wasn't obvious at all, but it was alright. Dinlas knew. Thomas knew. Life on the road wasn't fit for Thomas, though, and protecting a mortal girl alongside his father was tiring, especially since Thomas hid and made sure no one laid a hand on the demigod, a daughter of Khione. He grew a strange liking for her, but Thomas was no guardian like his father, he seemed to have grown a strange liking for her as well. Feeling abandoned and confused, Thomas took off, knowing about his next move for once. Camp Half Blood. Dinlas had considered it 3 years before, then he had taken the boy in as his true son, but ended up keeping Thomas. Now, Thomas knew there was no other place for him. At camp, nothing eventful happened, until she came. The Khione girl he had guarded along side his father was back, and though she had never seen his face, he was more than familiar with hers. For a while he kept his distance, but after several months, Thomas couldn't help himself. He had to talk to her. That's where we begin.

Physical Appearance:
    "You want me to comment on my own appearance? I'm gorgeous. Umm... I'm tall. Kind of strong, I guess. I have brown hair, if that means anything. Umm... My eyes are really dark. This one Aphrodite girl says I look like a bad boy, whatever that means. I guess I'm normal, I don't know. Just take a picture or something."
Thomas stands at a tall 6'1" in height. He has a broad, strong, muscular frame. Over the years of having to help with mother with work as well as living alone for a while, he's gained some strength in his limbs. His arms and legs are stout, rather than long. His torso, however, balances that out for him. His torso is very long, as opposed to his limbs. His shoulders are broad. So broad, in fact, that people always asks if he plays sports. Thomas's hands and feet are also quite large. His hands, as he's heard them described, are "man hands". They're large like baseball mitts and are apparently very "manly". His feet are just as large and he clocks in at a size 18 shoe. Because he has boats for feet, Thomas is sometimes forced to buy custom made shoes. Though this doesn't really bother him too much, since Thomas has never likes shoes anyway. Though Thomas's limb to torso ratio is slightly off, it all balances out in the end and Thomas is built well.
Thomas has a strong square jaw that leads into a pointed chin. Thomas's face is very square in shape and is slim and long. He's heard the joke "Why the long face" before, though whether it was because his face is actually abnormally long or because he doesn't smile much, he's unsure. His chin is very strong and prominent. His mouth is rather feminine. He has pale lips, but they're plump. His chin, upper lip, and jaw line is covered in a constant stubble. He's tried to shave it, but he looks strange without his shadow. His stubbly beard leads into his small side burns. It varies how much he decides to grow them out. His nose is average size, if not a bit small for his face. His skin is lightly tanned from his constant time outside. His ears are small and pixie-like, though he doesn't take much notice to this.
Sitting on either side of his nose are his thin, long eyes. They are almost shaped are rather squinty, as though he's always taring into the sun. His eyelashes are thin and short and are dark in color. His irises are just as dark. They are pure black and there is no difference between his pupil and his irises. This is one trait he's inherited from his father, since his mother had blue eyes. His eyes are startling to look at at first, because you feel like you're staring into a black hole. But after you look at them for a while, you start to warm up to them and almost crave that empty blackness that they offer. His eyebrows are dark, bushy, and often knit together.
Thomas's hair is dark and a mixture between his mother's curly hair and his father's straight hair. Though it isn't an easy mixture. If left unattended and unstyled, his hair is wild and unruly. Though it doesn't take him long to tame his hair. All he has to do it coat it in a light layer of gel. He'll choose to either slick it back or have it spiked. Usually he'll do a combination of the two. His hair is dark in color, like both of his parents'. It is dark brown or could be classified as black. When the sun hits it, you really see the brown tints to its color. Thomas keeps his hair shortly cropped so it's easier to manage. He never lets it pass his ears in length.
Thomas doesn't really have a particular style. His clothing choice is just simple. He doesn't really like bright colors or bold patterns, since he'd rather blend into a crowd than stand out. He likes jeans a plain shirts. Though his shirts usually consists of colors like black, gray, blue, brown and crimson. All in all, Thomas has a very rugged, rebel-like appearance. Or, as some girls call it, the "bad boy" look.

    "I'm not really all that outspoken. I prefer to stay hidden in the crowd, as opposed to standing out. I'm calm most of the time, since there's very few things that make me angry enough to do or say anything. I guess I'm a nice person...or I try to be at least. Whether or not I succeed isn't exactly up for me to decide."
Thomas is a giver. He cares more about others than himself. He would, without any question, do anything that his friends, or even perspective friends, as him to do. He would put his own self-being, his own health, or even his own life on the line to save one of his friends. "My friends are my whole world" he admits when asked about his priorities. Since Thomas doesn't have any known living family, other than his father, he puts all of the love you are supposed to have for your family towards his friends. And since Thomas isn't particularly social and doesn't have a large group of friends, those caring feelings and need to please goes to the few that he does have.
He likes to have a little fun, without breaking any laws. He's a very strict rule follower, which he got from his mother, but he doesn't mind having a little fun every now and again, which he got from his father. He's very determined, like his mother, and can accomplish anything that he puts his mind to. It's actually putting his mind to it that's the issue. Since Thomas sacrifices himself for his friends and those he cares about, he doesn't ever have a lot of time for himself. Because of this, he has yet to really accomplish anything great. It often depresses him that he's yet to do great things like his mother did, but it's not something that he likes to dwell on.
He doesn't like being messed with. When provoked far enough, he will explode, though he doesn't have a short temper. He can endure a lot before he'll show any kind of emotion. (One of the many things he developed from his father.) Thomas believes that he has to remain strong. How can he comfort his friends and help them through their tough times if he's having issues of his own? Therefore, Thomas keeps his problems and emotions bottled up. And when Thomas bottles something up, he shoves it away into the back of his mind. Due to his parentage, this can be very dangerous. This can cause hatred to grow, just like it did for his father when he was cast away by his mother Aphrodite. Thomas, knowing that this could be an issue, tries to let out his feelings by training or exerting energy.
Thomas isn't one to put himself out there and let himself be heard, though depending on the person, he might take requests. He doesn't really like to be the center of attention. In fact, it makes him quite uncomfortable. He doesn't want attention, he doesn't want a spotlight. And for that reason, he's very humble. Almost annoyingly humble. He won't take complete credit for anything, even if he was the one who did most of the accomplishing. He'll pass the glory and credit on to someone else, rather than keeping it for himself. Thomas will simply enjoy the fact that someone else has their moment and he'll remain in the background. He'll remain a wallflower.
The son of Dinlas does have a surprising sense of humor, but doesn't joke around often, which makes the times he causes you to laugh rare and eventful. He has a very dry sense of humor that takes people a minute to realize that what he just said was actually funny. It's a subtle sarcasm of sorts that's hard to pick up on.
With a low self esteem, Thomas is a runner. He runs from problems instead of sticking through things. He doesn't have much faith in himself or his abilities as a person, a demigod, or anything. He'll avoid difficult situations where he'll have to impress or do well like the plague, for he fears that he'll let someone down. And letting down someone he cares for is something that Thomas simply can't handle.
Commitment frightens him, and he doesn't enjoy the thought of settling down with anyone but Maya, whom he practically worships. He doesn't think he'd be good enough for anyone. He doesn't believe he's good enough for Maya either, but he's so in love with her that that doesn't even cross his mind. Besides, he doesn't ever believe that anything will some out of this infatuation, this obsession with the daughter of Khione. He especially knows it because he's too afraid to say anything to her. How could someone so wonderfully perfect, so beautiful, and so amazing ever love someone like him? A son of the god of hatred, a streetrat, could never be loved by someone like her.

Fatal Flaw:
    "Every hero has a fatal flaw. Whatever mine is, I'm not sure. I've done some research as to what it might be, but we're not supposed to know. If we know, then it wouldn't really be our downfall. But I believe that these fatal flaws can be both good things and bad things. "
Personal loyalty, which is destined to be the end of him. He would give himself away and die protecting the person that he cares for the most. He will put his own life on the line to save those he cares for rather than ever thinking of himself. He's going to die protecting Maya, while Maya is destined to die from her curses. Though he doesn't know of it yet, their destinies are intertwined.

    "I have a horse who's been by my side for my entire time at Camp Half-Blood. He's loyal and trusting and I named him Charlie's Bullet, after my best friend back in the day. But I just call him "CB" for short. "
Thomas has a chocolaty brown horse named Charlie's Bullet, or CB for short, because his best friend in France's name was Charlie. He's a rich shade of brown with a brown mane and a white spot o his forehead. He has a white tail with a brown tip that looks like it was dipped in chocolate.

    "I don't really have any talents. At least not powers wise. I'm good with a sword, but that's about it. I guess when your father is such a minor god, you don't really get special powers. Which I'm fine with, really. "
The person Thomas cares the most for shall always be cursed. His only talent, if you would call that a talent, comes from the fact that his father is the god of hate. His power would obviously be the thing he hates the most. Being a trouble for someone he loves. Thomas will lead to Maya's demise, as she will lead to his. It's a curse of sorts that doesn't have much information behind it just yet, since Thomas remains unaware of it. He simply believes that he has no special abilities.

Thomas owns a Stygian Iron sword which his father got carved for him. Dinlas was raised by Hades, and has connections in the underworld. Thomas is secretly afraid of his sword, but he would never openly admit that. Though it turns into reigns for Charlie's Bullet, that's Thomas get's shivers just touching it, and often chooses not to use reigns when riding.

Year-Round or Summer:
He is in love with Maya, though she doesn't know how she feels. His color is darkslateblue. Not open for dibs. Adopted from Angel (:

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:09 pm

"Angelus" Thalia Jenkins
Angelus, Angel, Taya
24th of August
God Parent:
Thanatos, God/Spirit of Death and Mortality. She is also a direct descendant of Atropos, The Severer of the Life Thread.
In many ways, yes. But then others would say no.
Mortal Family:

Evangalina's Family;

Mother (Beroe): Beroe was the poor Daughter of an old soldier. He was quite rich, but had many sordid relationships with servants and such, and that was how she was born. Never claimed by her Father, Beroe's Mother raised her with what she had, and kept her safe. She chose to leave when she was sixteen, because she had met Thanatos. They married, and soon she was pregnant with Evangalina Cylene, his first half-blood child. She cared for her Daughter as best she could, loving and caring for her with all her heart until the day she died. Thanatos had returned three years before, older, darker, but nearly more handsome. They had Beroe Clio, who unlike Evengalina, he had not named. When Beroe died, she watched on with horror and pain at what her eldest did, but still protected her from the slander people shouted. She had done what she had thought was right at the time, and despite everything, Beroe was glad to have a second chance at life.
She watched on as her Baby girl died at age eighteen, from an early form of Typhoid. Beroe lived another ten years after that, always in pain from losing both her children, and always waiting for that final day. She saw Thanatos again, when he took his first love to the Underworld.

    'My Mom? I.. I loved her, yeah. She always cared for me and stuff, always being kind, and never leaving me alone. I remember her really clearly... she had dark brown hair, with pretty emerald eyes. She was tall, and everyone marveled at that. People in the village where I lived... they were scared of being around her, and they had good reason. Most thought she was a witch, and that she was someone who you should be ashamed to see around or talk to. Mostly because she had two children with no man in sight. That was frowned upon in them days...'

Sister (Beroe Clio) : Evengalina's Sister, she was three years old when she was handed over in exchange of her Mother. Beroe Clio had an air around her that made people stay away. She always smelled of death, always scared the other children. The day she died, she understood what was going on more than others did. She understood, and she also knew it wasn't the end for her.

    'Beroe Clio was a beautiful Baby girl. I remember when she came... I had never seen my Mama with any Man, and when she came, I finally felt like I had someone just like me. But she was, well she was much like me, but also so different. No-one wanted to be around her. They could put up with me, but she seemed to have this Aura, this thing that made people scared. When my Mom... d-died, I did the wrong thing. I-I chose the wrong path, and I'm being punished for it... Can we please stop talking about Beroe Clio?'

Thalia's Family;

Mother (Beatrix Pratt Ne.Jenkins): Born into a rich family, she was always that little bit different. An only child, many stayed away from her while playing in the yard. An air around her, something like death, or the end. This was because she was yet again the reincarnation of Beroe, Evangalina's Mother, and the first life had come to pass again. Given the form of an unclaimed half-blood Daughter of Atropos. She met Thanatos, sure of herself when he fell in love with her. Soon they had a beautiful baby girl, named Thalia Jenkins.

    'My Mom in this life. She's amazing. Everything was different for her, because of who her Mom was. She had the same air as Beroe did... and she was always alone because of it. William was the only man I had ever seen love her and not care about the type of girl she was. And their wedding was so sweet. Until Chiron came of course, and he was a little scared. I haven't really spoke to her since...'

Step-Father (William Pratt): Born into an old English family, he is a crisp, upper class gentleman. After seeing Beatrix outside with her Daughter, he tried to work up the courage to ask her out. They soon fell head over heels, with so much in common it was nearly criminal. Soon an engagement was in order, then a marriage. That was ruined by the fact Chiron turned up and took away Thalia. He was quite... well shocked to be told about his Step-Daughter, but stuck by his Wife.

    'He's great I suppose. I mean, I don't exactly like him, but he's perfect for my Mom. Kind, and a perfect gentleman. While I suppose he must be pretty mortal, he seems almost inhuman cheering her up. I've seen him look at her, and know when I leave he'll be the best to stay with her. No matter what, I guess he'll be there, because now I can't imagine him not.'

Unborn Baby (UNKNOWN): Beatrix recently cheated on her loving Husband, with the handsome Thanatos. Baby was conceived, and Thalia has yet to know about her soon to be born Sibling.

Years in Camp:
Two Years, Nearly Three.

Brief History:

    'I don't really want to t-talk about my past. I mean, I don't have a problem with it, but its hard to know what past. Like, I've had so many that you wouldn't have enough time to listen. Many of them ended badly. As far as I can remember, and yeah, I have a great memory, only about three of them ended in old age and marriage. And in only one did I have a Daughter. So yeah. Basic if you don't count I should be dead for a few hundred years. Okay. Maybe a few thousand. But it doesn't make that mush of a difference. I still should be dead.
    My Mom, my original one, I think she died disappointed in me. After... Beroe Clio... well I don't think she loved me anymore. And right she was. I don't deserve that love. I deserve instead the punishment the Gods have given me.'

Thalia was born more than 2’000 years ago, at about the middle of the Greek Reign. It doesn’t make sense you say? It soon will…

Thanatos watched the woman he loved. Her soft brown eyes were scared… and who could blame her. The doctor was coming… and the Baby was to be born soon.
‘My love! I cannot do this!’ she breathed, lying on the dirty bed.
She spoke in the Ancient tongue, her words foreign and strange. But he was able to understand them perfectly.
‘You must Beroe. For how will you back out now? The babe will be born tonight, of that I am sure,’ the dark-haired man replied, holding her hand tightly within his own.
‘How can you be sure?! You know not of the Gods wishes,’ she cried, in pain.
‘I know enough to know of this…’ he replied softly, stroking her head.
She cried out again, and looked at him wildly. She knew something was not right about her Husband. And she knew now that he was different.
‘You must never tell the words I shall utter to anyone Beroe. That is of vital importance. If anyone was to know, then the babe would be hunted, used, hurt,’ he said, looking into her eyes once more, with the deepest sincerity.
‘I shall not my love. I shall never utter what is about to be said under this roof. By the King of the Heavens Zeus, I swear it,’ she managed to gasp, the pain coming quicker now.
‘Swear not by Zeus, and his inconstant ways. Swear by the dark waters of the River Styx, which holds the secrets of the Underworld, and the domain of Hades.’
She stared at her love, shocked he would invoke the God of the Underworlds name when new life was to be born. Shocked that the River Styx was to be sworn upon. But she nodded hard, and spoke the words with such sweet determination, that even Thanatos felt the pain behind them.
‘I swear upon the River Styx. For my child will always be loved, no matter what is spoken of her in this dark hovel.’
He blinked away his own few tears, and took a deep breath, before saying what had been held back for almost two years.
‘She is but a demigod. A hero. Destined for such trials I cannot fathom. For my love, Beroe, I am not a poor shepherd. I am Thanatos, and she is my Daughter. She is my Child, and I claim her at this moment. Whatever else happens in these terrible years, she will know love and adoration. For she is Evangalina Cylene, two names which mean beauty and angel.’
His wife cried out, and he knew if she was in the position, she would have bowed. Many people had heard the stories of Godly children, and had even tried to track them. But it was another to wait until one came to your small village, or even a faker. It was another to be told that you had carried one for eight months, and loved one.
‘You lie Tomas! You lie horribly to your poor wife! A babe on the way, and it is said that I am in the presence of an Immortal? Bite your tongue for cursing our child on this terrible night!’
She was in denial. And rightly so. For if it had been him, and then he would two.
‘But my love, I do not lie. How could I ever lie to the face that holds so much beauty? She is of Godly blood, and she is destined for great things. Many would make others turn away in disgust. But she will have courage, if only one person believes in her. She is my first child. My first hero. And she will bring me honour, just as she will never forget who matters most!’
She looked at him with a hard, cold stare. And there they stayed for a few minutes, her crying in pain at times, but her eyes never straying from his.
‘She is your child? And you are in truth an Immortal? A God among men? She is your first Daughter?’ she finally asked.
'Yes. She is my first demi-god child. Many more will come, but she is the first. And I am not so much as a God as the almighty Zeus and Poseidon, or my Master Hades.’
Beroe’s eyes softened and a smile fell on her cracked lips.
‘Then she will be loved. If I know you are there, somewhere, then I will never let her forget who she is.'
With that, her Husband stood.
‘The doctor is here. And with his arrival, I leave you… I am sorry my love. But she will never know me.’
And with a light kiss to her forehead, and her pleas behind him, he turned melting into the shadows.

When the doctor left, she was still crying. With her dark-haired baby lying beside her on sheets ragged and prickly, Beroe cried for Evangalina Cylene. Of the fate that Thanatos had warned at. For she wanted that to be gone. She did not wish for her child to be hurt.

As Beroe finally slept, the tall, hard eyed man crept inside. Or well, he melted back from the shadows. Thanatos looked different, much older, and much more tired looking, but he crept to the side of his wife.
Picking up the tiny premature baby, he held her close, stroking one of her dark curls.
She blinked at him with dazed eyes, awake still, but not crying. And his true essence, the essence of death did not bother her. She seemed to relax into his arms, keeping her eyes on this strange man.
‘Evangalina Cylene. My Daughter. Whatever happens in these hard years, whatever trials are thrown your way, then keep that in your mind. You are mine,’ he whispered, lowering his head and kissing the top of her head.
Placing her onto the covers, he summoned a small little figure, a wooden doll. Blackwood made its body and such, with a simple covering of primitive paint making it colourful, in a faded way. The doll had been formed from the shadows, and was made to last but one hour.
‘Goodbye Angel. Things will go wrong. Beroe will not be the person she was made out to be. But you will prevail, if you have but one person who stands by you. Because when the darkness threatens, and the whole world is against you, just turn on a light. It will guide you to the future that is yours.’
He turned then, and melted back into the place he had come from, muttering one last thing to himself.
'Born to early… Born too early…'

Evangalina grew into a strong willed, pretty toddler. Her curls grew longer and longer, and her Mother could not bear to part with them. And she was taught the way of life from that time. Everything. The Gods. The Goddess’. Thanatos especially.
But everyone steered clear of the young girl. She has this Aura, this sensation that people sensed around her, that made them leave the poor girl all alone. She sensed things they did not, and she was punished for it.
But she wasn’t attacked. She wasn’t hunter like her Father had warned. Instead, she grew fond of wood land animals. Especially bunnies. They were the only things other than her Mother that had no problem. Instead, they lurked around her.
Then Beroe Clio was born. Evangalina was seven when she was, and was slightly curious on why her Mother had never been seen around someone.
But she cared for her younger sister, until she was three years old.
The darkest day of the year was when the poor Childs life changed for the worst.

For when she returned home at midday, her Mother was dead. Killed in a horrible accident, falling from a stool while hanging meat. Her neck had snapped instantly, and she had been dead for a few hours at the least when Evangalina found her.
Beroe Clio was sitting in the corner, shocked, but also slightly fascinated at the site before her. Much darker than Evangalina herself, she had never been held by anyone but her Mother and Sister. People felt afraid around the child, much more than around Evangalina.

She cried. She howled. But nothing she did made her mother move, or even make the room seem warmer. Everything was different. And she hated those hours.
But then, she shouted something terrible that altered the outcome of the rest of her life. Simple, to a ten year old girl. Almost normal when such pain was being felt. But to the powers that existed then, it was a way to bring her fate to pass.
‘For my Mama’s life, I will willingly give you anything. A single thing that the Gods desire for such a feint, then know that by the River Styx, and the dark void of Tartarus, I swear it will be given! Come Hades, Dark Ruler of the Underworld! If you be as strong, then come and prove it to a poor girl and her small sister!’
She shouldn’t have said the words. She should have accepted fate, and left to find someone else as soon as the body had been found.
But she hadn’t.
A deep mist, with a terrible stench appeared inside the small house, making everything darker, deeper, and scarier.
Hades stepped from that mist. And he knew where to find the girl who had commanded him so surely.
'You do not call upon me with such certainty urchin! I will smite you down, you along with the brat!’
The man scared her. He was tall, with violent features, and terrible robes. But it had worked. Whatever she had said, it had made the God of the myths appear to her.
She stood, pain aching in her body parts from lying on the cold hard floor for so long. But she squared her shoulders, and looked at him with her head held high. Until she knew what she was going to do, then she was not going to cower or bow.
‘My Lord Hades! I offer you a bargain for my Mother’s soul!’ she called to him, aware he could kill her at a moment’s notice.
‘You know what I do to intolerant children like you? I kill them…’ he trailed off, looking into her black eyes.
‘Well well. Evangalina Cylene. Daughter of my servant. I have heard of you, and I have heard of her,’ he gestured towards Beroe Clio, and looked back to the tall child starring at him, ‘The fact you ask for a bargain amuses me, given who your Father is. Your grief and pain was enough that your words were heard by me. So speak child, before I grow less amused and decide to let you meet your Mother again.’
But she wasn’t scared. Evangalina had been so frightened of the people in her village and what they would do, but this man amused HER, and made her want to laugh. She had no fear from the Aura around him.
‘Lord Hades, God of the Underworld, I ask for my Mother’s soul to be given back. To allow her to live again. I ask that you give back her innocence and her beauty, and allow her to breath the air upon this mortal plain again….’ She thought about that for a minute, knowing it wasn’t going to be enough, ‘And I ask you take my soul instead. Take me to the Underworld, and leave me anywhere there where it pleases, be it Punishment or Elysium, or even the dank fields of Asphodel. For with my Mother gone, there is no more purpose for me.’
He seemed to smile, although it was hard to tell. But it became obvious he found it funny when he gave a hearty laugh.
‘Child, that task requires a mighty sacrifice. And I am afraid the simple exchange of your soul would not make me give your Mother back. It was decreed you would offer, and I have been denied taking. But if there was another… another soul that you could exchange. Someone who is neither as innocent as you or your Mother, but with no power other than her fear…’
A two faced man appeared behind Hades, a key in his left hand. Both faces smiled at her, and she had to choose. She knew. There was one choice, and there was another. But the question was which choice to take. Which path to take.
And Evangalina knew what he meant. She knew who he was talking about, and she was disgusted at the words that came to her. She hadn’t even believed it was her saying them until afterwards.
‘Beroe Clio! Come here to meet someone who will bring Mama back to us,’ she called to the three year old huddled in the corner.
Hades smiled now, visible as the chubby toddler walked towards him and her Sister.
‘Galina? The dark man help?’ she asked in her light voice, looking up at him.
Evangalina took her Sister’s hand, and held it tightly, leaning and giving her a kiss on the forehead, and a tight hug.
‘Beroe Clio, you’re helping Mama. And we may not talk again, but you’ll always know that in your soul. And wherever you end up, know that I love you, even if people tell you otherwise.’
The small child looked at her Sister with intelligent eyes, and Evangalina felt terrible when she said her next words.
‘I’m going away?’ she asked.
Her Sister nodded, looking down into her eyes, and then looking back to Hades, who had watched with bewilderment that she would do the thing suggested to her.
‘Lord Hades, I give you Beroe Clio’s soul, my Sister, and someone who is neither as innocent as me or my Mother. Let her rest in peace.’
And she handed the child’s hand to him.
He smiled down at the small babe, and then she was gone in a poof of dark smoke.
‘I suppose your bargain worked after all child. Beroe Clio is at Peace, and your Mother returned to you,’ as he talked, a cough from where Beroe had been lying sounded, dry and raspy, ‘but I am afraid some will not be happy. Actually, the only one who I sense isn’t is your Father, even though his Daughter was just killed. But anyway child. You will pay dearly for this, I am afraid. Until next time.’
And then he was gone, and sensing the danger, Evangalina turned as a bright light pierced the growing darkness outside and inside.
Then quickly, she fell to her knees beside her Mother, already crying, with it already sinking in what she had done.
‘Mama! Beroe Clio…’ she cried, too scared to touch the crumpled figure coughing on the ground.
Beroe turned around and tears glistened on her face.
‘Child… What did you do? Nothing comes without a price… Nothing….’
Before Evangalina could react, her mother pulled her with shaky arms into a tight hug, almost like how she had hugged Beroe Clio in those final moments.
She didn’t seem sad. Or angry. Or anything else. She just cried on her Daughter’s shoulder, knowing that one child was gone, and the other doomed.

Evangalina had brought her Mother back. But at a terrible, fatal mistake of her own. While Beroe Clio had always been destined to be given up in that moment, Evangalina was broken.

Zeus and the 12 Olympian council had watched the whole thing. Hades had been on Olympus until that moment, so it was hard not to.
Now Thanatos was called to the Council. Janus was called.
And the group took a vote. The child was a threat, and a liability. If her pain and rage had made it she was able to talk to Hades, then all of that power was locked inside her, and she would make a useful hero. At one time, they even thought she might be the hero to fight against the Giants and Gaia. But she had fallen ill of her own choices, and sacrificed a small girl to save someone whose life was spent.
Athena, Hera, Dionysus, Hecate, Hades and Poseidon sided with the girl. A few were uncertain. But the majority said she was dangerous, unpredictable, and needed her punishment. But the Fates had not decreed her to die just yet. She still had a life ahead of her.
So they came to a compromise. She needed to be punished, and she couldn’t be killed just yet. So the young girl was cursed.
She would live for many years. Forever in fact. But she would never be immortal. She had to go through all of the pain, the death, the hardship. And she was always destined that. She would live generations, but never be at rest. Her spirit was to be punished for as long as seen sit, and her life was to be full of pain and trials.
But they mucked it up slightly. Some Gods took pity on her. So when it came to it, she was decreed to remember every life. Every personality. Every name. And that was the downside.
Evangalina was also decreed to be a half-blood in every life. Whichever life was given to her soul, it was a half-blood life. Life of even more pain and sorrow, even more death, a shorter lifespan, the whole nine yards.
But it had its upside because she learned.

She died at age eighteen in Ancient Greece, her Mother beside her, from a terrible disease.
Bu the poor girl was thrown back into life. This time as a wealthy princess, named Cylene.
And she remembered. Every life brought her terrible tragedy.
In her third life, Evangalina became a Daughter of Zeus. None of the Gods were able to exactly track her in every new life. So it was almost a mistake she became what she did.
It became obvious to her. She knew who she was, and when she met Chiron, she told him straight away, because she didn't know what to do. He was worried, and took her where she could be trained in her own powers and such. And he understood. He didn't tell anyone else, and he definitely didn't judge her answers from her first life.
Instead everything actually went right. She lived a long life, made some friends, and kept her identity hidden.
Evangalina died at age 28, with a Husband and a Daughter named Beroe after her Mother.

Her lives seemed to fly by. For about 900 years, Chiron was able to track down the Young Girl at an early age so nothing would tempt her to another terrible fate.
But then when she was reincarnated into a Daughter of Apollo, he lost track of her essence.
So she was on her own. Able to remember proper facts and such, she was able to fight, and to fend for herself.
Her fighting style became solitary and strong.
And she was pretty okay. Understanding why she was cursed meant she understood she needed to stay away from her family. She didn't want to endanger any of them, feeling guilty and sad that her own Sister had been the first person to pop into her mind when she thought of death.

Then the balance of power changed. Nemesis understood Evengalina's deep pain and sadness that rooted in her curse.
So she gave her daughter another chance, for Evangalina had been born in that generation as a Daughter of Nemesis.
So her next life was her strangest and her newest.
Thalia Jenkins was born to Beatrix and Thanatos on a cold winter day. It was the first time since her first life that she had been a Child of Death.
And that was it. They weren't able to kill her. They weren't able to revoke her spirit. The Gods had put her in the same situation as before.
Because Beatrix was the third reincarnation of Beroe, her original Mother.

Total coincidence, but Thalia knew what was going on. Despite Beroe/Beatrix not knowing, she did and kept away from her Mother. She ran away multiple times, but fate brought her back. The cops. The weather. And once, a tall man who had seemed familiar in some way had stopped her and brought her back.
Then Chiron finally found her two years ago, just as her Mother was getting married. They were on Miami Beach, and the wedding was very upper class and rich. He was a wealthy business man, and a little shocked when Chiron explained Thalia needed to leave with him.
But they allowed it, saying if it would mean the strange occurrences would stop, and then they were happy to have their Daughter trained and such.

Thalia went to Camp, but she didn't exactly like it. She preferred to train herself, and after an amazingly long time as a solitary person, being at Camp made her retract.
After so many years as a confident, cocky girl, she was back to her old life. The only thing different was the names...
She knew it. But no one else did.

Physical Appearance:

    'M-My appearance? Well I have blonde hair. Pretty curly I suppose... and green eyes. I don't know the exact color. Maybe hazel? N-No? Just green, okay. I'm tall I suppose. Or well, not taller than like, many others. And my style is like, light colors. I have a tattoo. Yeah. Its em, on my wrist. A small star. I've had it tattooed in the same place for the last two of my lives...'

Thalia stands at 5'2". Not really tall, but also not small. She can handle herself pretty well. She never had much upper body strength, but as soon as she arrived at Camp, it all sorta changed. Because she had to be around people, she used it to her advantage in the way she trained with the Ares Camper's a lot. They would try to fight her, or the other way around. It gave Thalia an understanding of the sword which she made a habit of using, and enough muscle that she could lift most weapons. Her waist is pretty skinny, after suffering from anorexia for a year of her life. She wasn't as bad as some, but Thalia has been unable to gain that wait back. Her hands are small and dainty, slightly hardened from holding the hilt of a sword. She has long fingers, and is always fidgeting with something small.
Thalia has a small face, with pixie features. She has a pointed chin, that fits in with the rest of her appearance perfectly. Her lips are pale, but full. They are framed by two dimples, that only really appear when she smiles wide. Her teeth are a pretty white, slightly uneven.
Thalia's eyes are a light green, sparkling with all of her intelligence. They are framed by her dark eyelashes, which are usually lined with mascara.
Thalia has a slightly tanned complexion. She has no freckles, not even able to freckle.
Her ears are slightly elfin, with pointed tips, but only slightly.
Thalia's hair is long and blonde. It is curly, and she usually wears it loosely around her face. She has visible brown roots, because yes, she is a natural brunette. A golden blonde, it is her usual color. She dyes it every so often, and no-one at Camp has ever seen her fully brown. Her eyebrows are brown, and perfectly plucked by the beauty stylist person.
Her style is light colors. She is not exactly a clothes conscious person, instead more into doing her nails and such. Baggy tops and jumpers, with jeans or sweat pants. Her shoes are usually a pair of worn converse. Thalia doesn't wear mush jewelry, but a silver cross and bracelet set. Her ears are pierced, but other than the occasional pair of hoops, she wears small studs in a variety of colors.
She has three tattoo's, gotten at separate times the end of last year, beginning of this one. The only one she shows to people is the small black star on her wrist. As Thalia said, she has had it tattooed in the same place for the last two of her lives. It is slightly faded, as the tattoo was the first one she got in this life.
Her second is a black Japanese Symbol for Wisdom. It is just behind her ear, down a little. Not as small as the star, it can be noticed on the rare occasion she laughs or when she shifts her head slightly.
The third is the most recent, and currently bandaged. On her ankle, it got infected a few days after getting it, and she was in agony for hours before being brought to the hospital. Nearly better now, she uses the crutches given to her only when she is having a bad day. She feels they give her much unwanted attention, and she hates using them, preferring instead to bare with the pain. It is yet another Japanese symbol, this time for Life. She was trying to show her difference to death in every way that she could, and the Life symbol was the best she could think of.
Thalia is thinking of one more tattoo on her waist, for Faith. She has yet to decide though, after being told wait at the very least a month before getting a new one.


    'M-Me? Well I suppose I'm nice... I mean, I'm not exactly mean. I just prefer my own company. Maybe I'm sarcastic at times. And I'm quiet I suppose. I like the shadows. M-Maybe you could just talk to me and find out. I don't like talking a-about me anyway. I was told by a d-doctor I have a stutter because I get too nervous around people. But o-other than that, not much to say about me...'

Thalia is kind. She has learned so much compassion for every person and every thing in her long sad life that she knows no boundary's when she shows her kindness. She would give up everything, every piece of material wealth, even her life, to save or help her friends, potential friends, or her family. They mean the world to her, because after being a part of so many, she has learned such strong family values.
That's another thing about her. She is a strong person. Maybe not brave or anything, but no-one could be brave after what she has seen and done. So many years full of pain and sorrow, she isn't able to get it from her mind. Its stuck there, and she has learned from that. But she isn't strong when it comes to her past lives. Even thinking about them makes her stutter worse and she clams up.
As my darling said, she was diagnosed with a nervous stutter. She warms to people easy, and that stops it at points, and also when she's on a role, but the fact that its there makes her seem slightly strange and weak.
While she is a very strong, intelligent voice to have around, it takes her a while to think through her sentences and such. Her opinion may be valued, but most Camper's know not to ask her, because she will just get to nervous.
Large crowds make her even more nervous than usual, and she can't stand to be near more than ten people.
As she said, she can be quite a bit sarcastic. Or more accurate, it comes without her realizing it. When she was Lily, she was a cocky blonde girl, who knew how to use her looks, and was terribly sarcastic. It seems to come out in her at times, when she is angry, or scared.
Thalia also has a good enough sense of humor. Many don't realize it, because she doesn't really talk, but she can take a joke pretty well, and had even pulled a few pranks in her few thousand years.
She has a very short attention span, and is terribly flighty. Having no qualms over killing, etc, its a strange trait for her to have, but that's Thalia. She doesn't follow stereotypes.
She is also been known to be a sort of rebel. Again, you wouldn't really notice it, if you didn't know her well. But she has never been one to back away from a fight, or to follow rules. Its a family trait from her first life, and seems to have been mirrored in every life since.
Thalia is also very intelligent. Maybe its her memory. Maybe her curse has a proper upside. But she is a great strategist when she actually puts her mind down to it, and can memorize poems and massive paragraphs from books.
She has a slight need to prove herself. The one thing she wants is to meet her Father, and to ask Zeus how she can redeem herself.
It has almost become an obsession for her to do something to show the Gods she can be good. But she has yet to show it in any life, or maybe she has and they just weren't watching that day.

Fatal Flaw:

    'I was told by Chiron many years ago that everyone... or at least every hero had a fatal flaw. I don't really know what mine is. Maybe because its fatal. I don't think I'm supposed to know what my flaw is just yet I mean. Maybe in a few years time, maybe in another few lives, I'll know what it is if I'm lucky. But until then... well maybe not. My fatal flaw may be something really simple, seeing as though its probably killed me about ten times. But I don't like to dwell on each death. Because I don't have the strength to. Every piece of pain blots out how I died. All I know is I did. Maybe that's my flaw. The fact I have no strength to deal with pain and suffering. Or maybe that's because I've died so many times, been hurt so many times. Every life is full of pain. It could be my curse that is my fatal flaw. Its the reason I can remember every single life after all. I sacrificed Beroe... well I killed someone to save my Mom. That little thing cursed me into this life, where I have no idea which life will be my last. All I know is I have flaws. And each of them mean my death in the end.'

Thalia's fatal flaw is her strong personal loyalty. She would sacrifice anything, even her own life to save her loved ones. They come first for her, and she would never leave them to be hurt, or allow them to be hurt.
She also has another flaw. It contradicts her first one in so many ways, but that was always the way with Thalia. Even when she was Evangalina. Thalia knows right from wrong. And when it means saving the world, or even just one person dear to her, she will do what needs to be done. While her other flaw points towards she would never allow someone dear to her be hurt, she also knows what has to be done. If given the choice to save the world by killing a love one, or watching as they whole wide world died, she would do what needed to be done, by sacrificing the loved one.


    'William... he never liked pets, so I wasn't allowed to get one. As for the mouse... well that was something Mom told me not to speak about. But I was thinking of g-getting one...'

None. But as darling Thalia said, she's thinking of getting one. Its just the matter of finding the right pet for her.


    'W-Well I'm good at sword fighting I suppose. I've had so many years that I can perfect fighting skills and stuff, but I prefer fighting with a long range weapon. It gives more space to get around an opponant and stuff. I guess I like fighting with a knife, and I'm okay with a Bow and Arrow, but yeah. Not really an all rounder like say the Hermes children. I was a Daughter of Hermes a few times actually, some to think of it...'

Sword Fighting: Well as Thalia said, she's a very talented sword fighter. Probably her best non-Godly Parent ability, she has had so many years to perfect it that she barely needs to think about it anymore. She almost always has her sword by her side, and can be found training in a dark corner of the arena nearly every day.

Photographic Memory: As it says. She has a photographic memory. Maybe that's how she can tell you intimate details about every one of her lives. She could tell you how the Salem Witch Trials actually started. And how she was convicted because she was a Daughter of Hecate. She could tell you what Dionysus looked like as a human. What Chiron looked like back in his day. Everything is stored inside of her mind.

Shadow Manipulation: She can manipulate shadow to form different things, and to cover items completely. It takes her concentration, but she has grown pretty strong at doing this certain thing.

Sinking Into Shadows: The most basic of abilities. She can sink into the shadows, and have them hide her from view completely. It is actually the only one that requires no concentration.

Shadow Travel: This has the terribly negative effect of either making her collapse or making her have a fit. It takes much to energy from Thalia that she uses it only in emergency's. It was a power she came across when she was on her way to Camp with Chiron. She sunk into the shadows, but thought about going to the Pine Tree. Her wishes brought her to the said Pine Tree, which was only about a mile away anyway, but she collapsed and wasn't able to move for three days.

Death Sense: This is especially strong, because it comes from both Thanatos and Atropos. Thalia is able to sense someone who is dying, or who's time is coming. She can see their life force drain away, and it scares her. She knows about this because when she was seven, Thalia watched her Grandmother die, and watched as her essence drained. For three days beforehand, she had sensed something wasn't right about her Grandmother, which she only realized years later was her death coming closer.

Death Bringer: This is the most dangerous, controversial thing going in here. I may just get rid of this entirely, because I have no idea will I ever try this in a story line.
Basically, she can sacrifice half/all of her life essence to bring back a loved one. Not much to say with this one, because Shush, its a secret twist for my darling Thalia. To bring her redemption maybe.

Revive: She once brought a mouse back to life. It was lying dead in her front garden, and a three year old Thalia was poking it for quite a while. And yes, it was definitely dead. But after about ten minutes, the mouse seemed to wake up from a pleasant sleep, and ran away. She has never forgotten that, but has never been able to do it again.
That day, she had to sleep for hours, and the next day. It drained the energetic little girl to bring back something as small as a mouse.

Easy Access To The Underworld: Not something she has ever tried, but its a little common for a Child of Thanatos. She is able to access the Underworld easy, and able to exit as long as she eats nothing without to much hassle. Of course, she still needs to pay Charon if she goes through DA Recording Studios, but she has the added bonus of a 20% discount.

Underworld Sense: [Couldn't think about a cool name] She can sense open entrances to the Underworld. This is something that requires concentration, but it works. She has sensed at least three entrances in her lifetime, and a certain pull is about them. Almost like she's going home.

Aura: She has a very dark aura. Not much really, but even though people cannot see it, her aura exudes this terror from it. A weak version of what Thanatos can do, she makes people scared to be around her. Even mortals can sense her aura, and even they are frightened of her. This happens more if she is angry, scared or upset.

Mist Control: Weak, and still something she could develop on. But in the last four of her lives, she has been learning this nifty little trick. It comes in handy, because while she sticks to the shadows, she has a nasty habit of showing her sword, or letting something slip.

Other: [Again, couldn't think of a name] The one time her pain and rage grew to boiling point, and she allowed it to get the better of her, she was heard by the Gods. Not exactly a power or ability. But she was heard by Hades when she offered an exchange, because of her grief.


Thalia has a pitch black Stygian Iron sword. Given to her by Chiron when he found her in this life, she had it for many lives at the beginning of her curse. Apparently given to her by her Father, who has strong connections in the Underworld, it transforms into her silver bracelet, with four charms. The other three were only recently added in these last few years. Charm one is the Omega Symbol, and is her original sword. Charm Two is a black Scythe, which transforms into you guessed it, a different form of her sword, a Scythe version. Charm three is a simple knife, which transforms into again another version of her sword, a plain knife. The Fourth Charm is a small flower, a Lily, in honor of her last life when she was named Lily. It transforms into a shield, and the only other charm on the bracelet that is an original weapon.
She need only tap one of the charms to get her weapon, and each has been a faithful weapon for many years.

Year-Rounder or Summer:


Other: Her color is LightSeaGreen.

luctor et emergo

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17. son of psyche. quiet. sweet.

James has had a violent past. His mother gave birth to him and immediately after left his father. Why they did not know at that time. His father had been so entranced by his mother that he couldn't let go. He stayed up in his office until all hours of the night not caring about James. The only reason James is still alive is because James's father Martin decided to get a nanny because James cried too much. His nanny was a lovely old, plump woman who loved James like her own son. When James was 11, Martin fired the nanny and turned to alcohol. He drank and drank and all James could do was hide in his bedroom whenever his father was angry. James had never gone to school and didn't know how to read or write properly other than what his nanny taught him when Martin wasn't looking. As the boy grew up he became strong. You didn't see it very clearly but soon enough he was able to overpower his father which came in handy when his father was drunk again. At the age of 15 he'd had enough of Martin and he ran away. Many thing chased him yet James never really saw what they were.

After three weeks of dwelling in Chicago's streets he was found by an older demigod who was around 25. He took James with him to New York City where they went to Long Island. When they got there his mother claimed him pretty quickly. He was presented before Mr. D and Chiron. Chiron wanted to put him in a cabin but James refused and ran away. He built a hut in a tree that wasn't huge nor had anything in it other than a mattress, some blankets, a torch hanging from the roof for light and some clothes. James rarely leaves the forest, let alone the Camp. The reason behind that lies within his powers and the 'gifts' his mother gave him.

James is a very handsome boy but not the shining type that stands out in a crowd. He has this eery, handsome look with a pale skin and cool grey eyes that have this sad look in them that seems to strike you right in your soul. He is skinny but has muscles and is quite strong. Surprisingly strong even for someone which his body. He is about 6'2'' which is average for a guy really. He has shaggy, curly brown hair that are nearly untamable.
James is very shy and doesn't try to stand out. He wears casual clothes, jeans and shirts and sometimes shorts. Most of his clothes come from American Eagle, the one shop he truly loves and buys everything he can from. He has very small feet for someone his size, size 10 only, and can nearly buy any type of shoe since most brands make at least 100 pairs in those sizes. However he mostly just wears sneakers or trainers. Never open shoes, he cannot stand them. His favourite shoes are a pair of old Adidas running shoes that he's had over the last 3 years and they are so broken and dead they should just fall apart. Yet they don't and James continues to wear them even though he has a couple of other pairs of shoes.

James is one of those people who has been hurt so badly or so often that he doesn’t really show who he is or was to anyone any more. James is quiet and shy and hides away a lot. He doesn't say much and in company he prefers to be the third wheel. He likes hanging back and not needing to get involved. When James is there you don't notice him that well. He just sit there and stares at a tree waiting patiently until he can leave. When someone speaks to him directly he'll either respond in very short sentences or he will not say anything because most likely he's dreaming and not listening.
James is a very sweet guy when you manage to get past his awkwardness and quietness. He is fair and nice to everyone and loves getting to know someone who he thinks is nice and fairly the same as him. He is very supportive and cares a lot about the people who actually bother sticking with him even though he is so quiet. He mostly befriends women because they're calmer and don't mind his silence as much. Some even think of him as their gay best friend which he has no problem with being other than that he does date women.

James's powers aren't anything that affects someone else in any way really. It just affects James and sometimes scares him. His mother Psyche is Goddess of the Soul. Meaning he is able to see someone's aura and from there judge what they're feeling and how they're feeling. If they're sick or healthy, angry or happy. Sometimes the thoughts he can see through the aura's scare him so bad they make him hide away from the world in attempt to drown out the images.

coded by jules @ caution 2.0.

Adopted from Dean <3

Skyla Alex Stars-SilverFox

Aged 16. Sweet. Innocent. Random. Soon-To-Be-Evil

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed eleifend sapien aliquam massa luctus laoreet. Fusce elementum, mauris id placerat pretium, leo metus egestas nisl, condimentum laoreet lectus dolor ac nisl. Nulla interdum sollicitudin accumsan. Maecenas placerat ipsum consectetur risus pulvinar a pellentesque nisl fringilla. Phasellus non orci felis. Donec sodales malesuada libero, nec congue metus vulputate sit amet. Vestibulum egestas pretium aliquam.

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coded by jules @ caution 2.0.

luctor et emergo

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The Amazing Miss.Thalia Jenkins is Ready and Waiting for Acceptance.

luctor et emergo

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I'm so nice :)
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Serenity "Marli" Arrington
Marli, Faye
24th of August
God Parent:
Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death. Almost like Thanatos, only more subtle and soft.
Many years ago, yes. But right now, not so much.
Mortal Family:

Father (Edward Arrington): Born in late 1200 England, he was a rich, upper class man, who had so much money it was hard to know what to do with himself. A house with servants, and all of the necessities he needed, there wasn’t much he ever asked for. Except love. His parents were hard, cruel people, who cared for nothing but money and power. Which they had so much of it was almost criminal. They cared not for their Son, or what he did in his free time, as long as when it came to it, he married a rich girl and collected a large dowry. They were then disappointed when he fell afoul of a “Servant” girl, working in their house. Soon two Babies were born, twins which were a rare occurrence in those days. He was left by the “Servant” girl on the eve of their wedding, never to see her again. The twins were left to their cruel Father and Grandparents, alone until he finally found a compliant woman to marry.

    ‘Wow. Dad was… mean. I suppose. Not one for small talks anyway. He hated me and Mercy. We were the gristle in his teeth, the thorn in his side. He never loved my Mother. She was just one of his much affection, who he turned on soon after. But you see, Mom was different. She wasn’t one to take that crap. I mean, sure, she was okay, and much kinder than some Death Gods, but she was the Daughter of Hades, and if someone was leaving her, well she wasn’t lying down and taking it. Mom left me and Mercy on his doorstep, and he “tracked” her down to make an honest woman of her. Pfft. She wanted to be found. On the eve of their wedding, Mom left him, giving him a taste of his own medicine. And of course Grandmamma wasn’t happy about that. But oh well. Their dead for nearly 1000 years. Give or take a few in either direction.'

Step-Mother (Elizabeth Arrington Ne.Fitzgerald): A descendant of the King, she was a Scottish lass. Born in the highlands beside Loch Ness, she was taught from a young age to be a proper Lady and a proper Wife. Her Father soon found her a Husband when she was only sixteen, in the form of English man, Edward Arrington. Married a fortnight later, she moved into his stately home to care for him and his two young Daughters’. But she was anything but the horrible step-mother to them. Her Husband had never been one to care, and the girls had simply gone by Babies for three months of their lives. So she gave them the names Serenity, for the eldest, and Mercy for the youngest, because as the Lady said “When you offer Mercy, and it is accepted, Serenity soon comes.” She loved the girls with all of her heart, and was a Mother to them for their whole lives.

    ‘Oh I liked Eliza. She was nice. I mean, she was more of a Mom than anyone else had been. And she gave me and my Sister our names, because if she hadn’t we would have been stuck with Baby for our whole lives. You know. I typical Mom, or at least as much as you could get to one in those days. Nice. Kind. Okay. She was just Elizabeth. Nothing else mattered when she was around.’

Sister (Mercy Arrington): A bouncing baby girl, she was the youngest of the twins. But that was not the strange thing about her. Nor was it she was the Daughter of Macaria like her Sister. The strangest thing about Mercy was that she was one of the many lives of Thalia Jenkins/Evangalina Cylene. Never destined to be in a family with another Daughter, she remembers this life barely, but for she loved her Sister Serenity more than words could say. Evangalina forgot a few lives later; given the fact she was made. In this life, she came very close to redemption, and the Gods said at the time it was not her place yet to leave the curse. So she was made forget about her Sister, but not the love she felt for someone on that life.

    ‘Well… when I left, Mercy drowned. About three days after actually. She was my Best Friend. My only friend, because not many people wanted to be around me. She was… different. Yeah. That’s the word. And she told me how, but I promised I would never tell. My last promise to my little Sister. I cared for her with all of my heart. She… was an amazing person. She’s perfect… I mean, she was perfect.’

Half-Sister (Victoria Arrington): Born to Edward and Elizabeth, she died as an infant, after an accident. Left to play in a top floor bedroom while the rest of the Family played piano on a lower floor, she fell from the balcony.

    ‘She wasn’t really allowed around me or Mercy. Not by Elizabeth! No. It was Dad that hated her being around me and my Sister. He told us if we were found anywhere near her, then we would be left in the cellar for as long as he saw fit without food. And we believed him. Hell yes. Dad threatened you, you didn’t do the crime. Many a time I took a punishment for Mercy because I wasn’t going to stand there and let her take it. He didn’t care who broke the rule. He just wanted his punishment.’

Grandmother (Mary Arrington Ne.Adair): Mother of Edward, she was a cruel, hard woman, who treated everyone as she would never be treated by someone. Everyone was beneath her, and she had no time for her Grandchildren, only Victoria. Having a child with a servant was unheard of in those days, never mind two, so she came up with the lie that Edwards hidden Wife had died in child birth, leaving him to care for his children alone.

    ‘Oooo. Grandmamma. She was hard. A cold, cruel woman, who cared nothing for us. She wanted her and Grand-papa’s money, and that was it. Me and Mercy, we stayed well away from her. Even Elizabeth was scared of Mary. She was like a gremlin.’

Grandfather (Charles Arrington): Father of Edward, he was much softer than his Wife. She wore the trousers in that Family, so to speak, and was able to steam roll her Husband to do anything she wished. He loved every one of his Grandchildren, even though they were not all legit.

    ‘I suppose he was okay. Not as bad as Mary anyway. He seemed to like us… maybe not all of the time, but he liked to defy his wife. And the best way to do that I suppose was to like, love us.’

Years in Camp:

Three Years, but she is always out, so many don’t even know her face.

Brief History:

    'Well I was born around 950 years ago. Oh yeah, put it this way. I look good for my age. Born to Edward Arrington, and Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death. Don’t know how death is ever blessed, but there you go. Anyway. I was born a few miles north of Camelot, in a small little village that only time knows the name of now. All I remember was that it was basically owned by my Family. Mortal now. I don’t think I ever met King Arthur, no. Maybe my Dad did at some point, but wasn’t that like, a few hundred years before my time? Forget that anyway. I had a twin. Her name was Mercy, and she was amazing. And I mean that. Perfect, or at least to me. My younger Sister, I loved her so much. So we lived in a fairly stable home. I mean, there were a few strange things, like no other children wanted to talk to me and Mercy, or play, but we were okay on our own. Then when I was twelve, I met Henry. A stable boy, he was saving to leave for an unknown land, which by the way is America nowadays. Really, he was trying to get to India, but you can’t have what you want. I suppose you could say I fell in love with him. And he promised to bring me with him. Then a few days after mine and Mercy’s thirteenth birthday, he came to me in the night, and brought me with him. Mercy wasn’t there in time to come.’

[Thanks for summing it up Serenity]

Serenity Arrington was born approximately 957 years ago, on a crisp Autumn day to Macaria and Edward.
A wealthy man, it was a disgusting thing for a man to be found having a sordid affair with a servant. Especially when the servant became pregnant and gave birth to twins. He tried to wriggle out of the trouble he had gotten himself in. Oh yeah. But it didn’t work. He tried to pay her off. That didn’t work either. So finally he decided to marry her under the pretence she was a rich woman in exile from her country.
And they were to be married. Until Macaria had her own back on this man who cared not for his children.
She left him on the eve of their wedding, returning to her home in the Underworld, and leaving her small children in the care of their Father. This was pretty much the worst thing that could happen, as no-one was able to find he beautiful maiden. So Mary, Edward’s Mother, came up with the lie her Grandchildren’s Mother had died in child birth.
And the hunt began to find the handsome young man a suitable wife. Someone who was rich, and who had many jewels. Someone like Elizabeth Fitzgerald, a descendant of the King, and a Scottish Lady.
She was kind. And she wed her husband straight after arriving, two weeks after their first meeting.
She was horrified to find the two babes so small, with no names but their last. Beautiful as they were, no one cared for them as long as they were what they were, and it wasn’t like they could stop.
So she thought up an old saying of her own creation, and after a few tweaks, gave the babes the name’s Serenity and Mercy.
“When you offer Mercy, and it is accepted, Serenity soon comes.”
The perfect names for the young girls, and they lived in an uneasy balance for two years.
Then Elizabeth fell pregnant with her own child, and fell so ill for the duration that she was confined to bed.
The girls were terrified their “Mother” was going to die, and prayed to the Lord to spare her soul.
Maybe Hades was listening, or maybe it was just a coincidence, but Victoria was born on the 21st of May nonetheless with nothing more than a few tears from either part.
And Elizabeth never changed. She loved each of her children equally, and didn’t play favourites. A sweet harmony was created, where the small girls were neither allowed near Victoria nor allowed near her wing of the House.
It didn’t mean they cared though. Instead they made up their own games, with many a day spent in the forest, nearly living in the trees and shadows. Animals never really liked them, but they tried. They spent hours chasing their steeds and rabbits, chasing mice and deer.
Then that faithful day came.
Charles was a talented piano player. And he had spent many hours trying to teach his little grandchildren how to play a note worthy of Apollo.
They weren’t exactly the most toned children, preferring to play instead of sit and learn. So they naturally messed. But still, they were not allowed near Victoria, who played alone in a top floor room, with a balcony overlooking the grounds.
Everything seemed a little different that day. Mary laughed as they played with Charles. Elizabeth and Edward actually looked like they were in love. It was odd, and they should have known then it was the peaceful calm before the storm. A thud at the front of the home made the adults rush to the front door, and Elizabeth scream before collapsing. Edward cried. And the Grandparents stood shocked at the sight of the small babe, who had been walking a few months at that point, lying crumpled on the front lawn.

Elizabeth retracted into herself. She didn’t talk. She barely ate. She just lied in bed, staring out of the window, dead in more ways than one.

‘Mama?’ the small child’s voice pierced that air of the eerie room.
Serenity was scared of what Elizabeth had become. She didn’t look nice anymore. She looked haughty and scary, with bones that jutted out, and eyes that were sunken into her face. Nearly a year had passed since Victoria had fallen, and her Mama was slowly starving.
‘Mama? Mercy is sad. And you are sad too,’ she said, walking slowly forwards, before stopping at the end of the bed. Her Mama had not been out of this room in a very long time. And Serenity and Mercy had not been onside it in a very long time.
‘Mama? Papa is sad too…’ she trailed off then, because he was no such thing.
Edward seemed the same as he had been a year ago, except for the fact people had seen him cry once.
‘Do not lie to me child. He is anything but,’ Elizabeth said in a cracked, broken voice.
It was the first time in months Serenity had heard her talk.
She moved closer to the woman she loved, holding out her hand, before pulling it back sharply. She was still scary.
Elizabeth blinked musty eyes, looking to the babe in front of her.
‘You are scared of me? Of your Mama? That is a twist no-one saw,’ she said in that low voice.
‘You would be scared of you too Mama if you had looked. Your hair is very messy,’ Serenity laughed slightly, and moved in to sit at the edge of the bed.
‘And your Papa allows you to be here? He has allowed you here?’
‘Not that he knows my Lady. He thinks I am caring for Mercy, and then preparing for my lesson. But he forgot to lock the door,’ she smiled, knowing full well she had picked the lock to get here.
‘What is wrong with Mercy?’ Elizabeth asked, looking slightly alive for the first time in months.
‘She fell from a tree seven nights ago, and broke her leg. She has been told to stay off it and rest if she wants it to heal.’
She raised her eyebrows at her Mama, and smiled slightly.
‘Come here Babe,’ Elizabeth croaked, holding out her arms to her surrogate Daughter.
Serenity cuddled into her Mama, stroking a lock of dark brown hair and breathing heavily.
They lay there for hours. Who would have known how long?
And Serenity fell asleep snuggled into her arms, thinking maybe it was nearly time for Eliza to come back.

She did come back. She came back, but never exactly the same.

Nothing else really eventful happened. Mercy’s leg healed, with a few problems. She was unable to climb trees, because it was stiff to bend, and she had to use a cane for walking. But the two sisters just became closer, and Serenity even tried to make a way for Mercy to climb still.
The two young girls turned into two beautiful teenagers, with many suitors. Men lined up for the chance to ask for their hand in marriage, but Edward was waiting for his girls to mature fully before choosing. And anyway. They were not as wealthy as he hoped.
Then when Serenity and Mercy turned twelve, a stable boy named Henry caught the eye of his Master’s Daughter. A handsome blonde boy, he was saving to buy his ticket to America.
And Serenity fell in love with him. They spent night upon night watching the stars, reading, and running. Sometimes they just sat there talking. And he promised to take her with him. Her and her Sister, who he had some fondness of.
They each planned it perfectly. When he had enough, Henry would come to them in the night, taking them with him, and smuggling them onto the ship.
It was the best plan they had.
And it came into effect about five days after the girls thirteenth birthday. He came in the night, taking Serenity. But Mercy wasn’t able to get back. Because she had been brought to London to see another Doctor about her childhood injury, and if there was any more that could be done about it.
Serenity left a message for her Sister, telling her another boat was leaving in four days time, and she would be able to get that. She and Henry would wait in the new land for her.
The plan did not go through.
Because three days after Serenity left with her love, Mercy drowned a mile away from the village in a twist of fate.
Meanwhile, a few long months later, the two lovers arrived in the new world. Unknown to them, it wasn’t India, instead America. And they waited. And waited. And waited. But Mercy never came. On the next ship. Or the next ship.
They decided to move on, travelling in the night, as far as they could each time in this strange barren land.
And they, after a long while came across a strange building. Mirroring what Serenity’s house looked like back in England, they entered, and joined in the strange rituals and such inside.
For some reason, Henry and Serenity grew apart over a few days. And then he was gone. No warning. No letter. Nothing to say that he was leaving. He just… disappeared. And the building changed.
It became bigger, added new “Technology” more perks, more items. And she seemed to be in heaven. Things no-one would have believed in her old life appeared, games, guns, Sims, everything.
And then one day, she heard a voice.

‘Serenity…’ the voice from earlier said again, making me look up from an ingenious game involving little “Avatars” and “Sims”.
‘Who is speaking?’ I asked, slightly dazed, looking around.
The “Hotel” had grown so much. It now had a “Water Slide” and many more things which would have been classed as witchcraft in her life in England.
‘What are you on about dude?’ and boy asked from the game beside her, not even looking up.
‘I thought I heard something…’ she said, before turning back to her game.

A few hours later, her room was spinning and she smiled at the “Television”. Mini People… they were on it. And they were talking about horses, which she wasn’t too sad about.
‘Serenity…’ the voice said again, and this tome she was sure she heard it.
‘WHAT?’ she shouted, trying to concentrate.
A knock at the door brought her out of a daze and she stood, already thinking of going back to her game.
A tall woman stood at the door, and she smiled at the young girl.
‘Hello honey. May I come in?’ she asked, actually pushing past anyway.
She let her pass, and sat back on her bed, watching the TV and waiting for this lady to leave.
‘Serenity?’ the woman asked, standing at the edge of the bed.
‘Mmhmm,’ she replied, trying to look past her.
‘My child.’
That snapped the blonde girl from her show, and looked at the lady.
‘What?’ she asked confused now.
‘I don’t have much time, okay? My Father has a curfew for me too. But listen. Leave here. Get to about one mile south, and then you will be safe.’
‘Why? I’ve been here about a month, and everything just keeps getting better. Why would I want to leave?’
The lady smiled sadly, and shook her head.
‘Leave. While you still have some chance to. Please.’
Serenity stood, and almost ran to the door, wanting to get away from there.
‘My Daughter!’ the woman almost cried, pulling her back.
‘I don’t want to hear this. I don’t want to hear this,’ Serenity shouted, holding her hands to her ears.
‘Serenity! Leave! Just leave while you can my daughter.’
‘Momma?’ she asked, slightly taken aback.
‘You know in your heart. It hasn’t been a month. Not at all. You know it’s been longer,’ the woman had ignored her question, but there was no doubt.
This woman was her Mother.
‘Why do I have to leave?’ she asked, a little shocked, because for the first time in a month, she wasn’t thinking about the games.
‘Goodbye Serenity. It will all come clear soon.’
The woman touched the girl’s forehead, and next thing she knew, she was lying on soft, mossy grass with her head slightly woozy.
‘Willow! Heather! There’s someone here! And she smells like death..’ a voice from the shadows called, and two girls suddenly appeared seemingly from the foliage.
‘Guys, she seems a little disorientated…’ the brown haired one said softly, kneeling beside Serenity.
‘She smells like half-blood,’ a boy came from the shadows to her left, but he wasn’t a boy that she had seen before.
With the lower half of a goat, and a small goatee, he knelt beside the girl, and lifted her up to her elbows.
‘Your name girly?’ he asked.
'.. Serenity. Serenity Arrington,' she replied in a small voice.
The girls smiled at each other, and stepped forward.
'I'm Willow Hale, Nymph Daughter of Aglaia,' the brown haired girl said, bowing slightly.
'And I'm Amber Benson, Demi-god Daughter of Apollo,' the red haired girl said, laughing.
The goat boy stood, and pulled Serenity up.
'Don't forget me, Douglas Petrie, Satyr. And I'm putting a lot of faith in my nose with you, so I hope you’re a demi-god,' he laughed with the girl... Amber.
And she smiled. Serenity soon was recovered enough to walk with them to a "Bus Station" and get to Camp in a metal monster.

On the way to Camp, the four teens were attacked by three monsters. A Hell-hound, an Empuosa, and a Manticore.
Douglas and Amber kept the monsters at bay long enough for Willow to tell Serenity which way to go, and then the fight started.
It lasted a long while, and Serenity watched from the side, too scared to help, but too scared to run. She watched as Douglas was ripped apart.
The other two girls managed to run, dragging a shocked Serenity, and reached the base of the hill without much hassle, except for the fact they knew the monsters were still there somewhere.
And there they were. Amber took her last stand at the foot of the hill, and Willow was able to get their ward inside the barrier.
Serenity was given one look by Chiron, and then sent to the Hera Cabin, to be told what world she was in, and how much everything had changed.
After a few months, Serenity became so used to the technology and such, she tried to track down records on her Sister, Mercy. What she found put her into shock for two months, because she saw the records of her Sister's death.

She spent the next few months, and years living on and off in the real world. Learning more about this strange world distracted her from more serious matters, and she was happy to trek places, fighting when she needed to, and sleeping when she had to.

Physical Appearance:

    'Well I have green eyes. And straight blonde hair. And a tattoo going down from my neck to about the middle of my back. It reads "Live life to the full" in Japanese symbols. Yeah, I got it when I was in New Orleans about two months ago. Hurt like hell, but then again, there would have been more pain of it was in my time. And yeah. I look good. Not Queen of England good, but good. I mean, the Queen in my time. Not the Queen now. She's old.'

Serenity is actually average. 5'3", she has a lot of upper body strength. Her style are quick jabs, pivot's, and pretty much relentless, in fighting and training. Ares Camper's are her biggest opponents, because she can keep up with them in any type of fight, with nearly any weapon. She has a great understanding of the sword, maybe a little too much, and hates any weapon that doesn't have a blade. She is skinny, mostly because of her intense training, not for lack of food consumption. Her hands are small, and dainty with callouses from gripping weapons and working wherever she can.
Serenity has a small face, with pixie features. She has a pointed chin, that fits in with the rest of her appearance perfectly. Her lips are pale, but full. They are framed by two dimples, that only really appear when she smiles wide. Her teeth are a pretty white, slightly uneven.
Serenity's eyes are a light green, sparkling with all of her intelligence. They are framed by her dark eyelashes, which are usually lined with mascara.
She doesn't really have a set style, wearing whatever is comfortable at the time. She does have a preference to dark colors though, and owns a lot of muted greens and greys. Her shoes are a pair of worn converse or just plain sneakers. Her biggest fashion statement would have to be the amount of Jewelry she owns. Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings. Never gold though, instead sticking with silver.
Her tattoo was gotten a few months ago, in a seedy tattoo parlor. Black ink, the symbols form the words "Live life to the full", from the top of her neck to the middle of her back.
She also has a small piercing at the top of her ear. Just on the arc, she wears a small stud there for the most part.
Serenity's hair is long, and colored blonde. A natural brunette, she prefers her color now. Very straight, it curls every so often, but she tries to stick to the same all the time. It falls loosely around her small face, a golden color fitting perfectly with her style.
Serenity has a slightly tanned complexion. She has no freckles, not even able to freckle.
Her ears are slightly elfin, with pointed tips, but only slightly.


    'Well I don't like the talk to people I don't know. Does that help? Staying alone is like, better when your like, alone so yeah. I can be quite old fashioned I suppose. But given the fact I should be dead, well I think I've settled in pretty well, don't you? I love the outside, which is pretty much common knowledge. Yeah, I like to climb trees and swim. Not much really about me...'

Serenity could be described in one word as a rebel. Always has been, probably always will be, she makes her own rules, and doesn't even follow them. Maybe not to bad if she was from this time, but she's fit in a little too much into the 21st Century.
Her whole persona is basically "I don't care", and she doesn't. With nothing left the live for in this world, she lives for herself, and if people don't like that, then its you who can leave.
She's sarcastic, and loud, with strong opinions that she likes to get out. She don't like you? Well she's not going to grin and bear your talking and acting like your friends. She'll tell you, or just walk away. Everything is slightly beneath her, and she is just a loud mouthed person, who couldn't keep a secret if it was tied around her neck.
But then you see, she contradicts your opinion of her. She is quiet, and secretive, preferring her own company, and keeping it. She can be quite a good liar actually, able to convince people something she really wants them to believe. Not even near the power of charm-speak or silver-tongue, but there you go.
She can be nice, and is actually very loving when it comes to her friends.
She can adapt pretty well to many different things, many times and many places. And she has a great memory, things caught in her mind all day.
Serenity is a natural born planner, able to plan good enough battle strategies and such.
She is also the bigger person at times, walking away from a fight if its pointless. Able to calm down people at times to, she is what would be called a people person.
She is smart, maybe not seeming it, but its there. She knows things others wouldn't, and she knows things that others would forget.
A serious person, she's much more grown up then people give her credit for, but she just doesn't really act on her thoughts.
She needs to prove herself. A family trait, she doesn't even know it yet, but she thirsts to be noticed and to be cared for.
She can be very old fashioned. Sure, she's grown used to these customs and words, but she's still the English Lady she was raised to be. When she's angry or scared, her English accent and English words come out, and get put into overdrive.

Fatal Flaw:

    'I learned a long time ago about fatal flaws. Common knowledge back in the day. But just like now, no-one knew what their's was until it was much to late. Sure. I know I have trust issues. But that doesn't come under the fatal heading. I think.
    People always think they know. They know the thing they will die from. That they know enough to rise above their flaw. Some even think they know enough that they would notice their flaw, and stop it before it was to late. No. No-one can know how there gonna die. No-one knows whats gonna make them die. Its nothing you can know.'

Serenity has many flaws, many of which could be called fatal if caught in the wrong moment, but she is aware of a lot of them.
Her Fatal Flaw is Personal Loyalty. Not aware of her Sister being in Camp, if she was it could be disastrous. She would never want to lose her Sister again, protecting her with her very last breath. As it is, she protects her friends, and even people she barely knows until the last. It could be her downfall.
As she said, she has trust issues. Not the biggest threat considering she's able to handle herself, but when it comes down to it, she has no-one to watch her back. She may be a vicious opponent, but she is still just a little girl who had to grow up much to fast.


    'Me? With a pet? As in, one I would have to care for and like, feed and stuff? Seriously, it would be dead within the hour.'

Not one for animals, Serenity. She loves them, but they don't like being around her. The whole Death Aura is enough to make sure of that.
She's trying to find herself a pet, but it comes down to the fact she needs one who won't run away from her.


    'Well I'm good with a sword. And I like to run. Its a talent, or at least I think it is. I also love to climb. Anything really. Trees. Buildings. Climbing Wall.
    I'm not to good with anything else. I mean, yeah. I'm good enough at other things. Scrabble and Monopoly being two of them. But their like, material things. I don't really have any other talents.'

Sword Fighting: Well as Serenity said, she's a very talented sword fighter. Probably her best non-Godly Parent ability, she has had so many years to perfect it that she barely needs to think about it anymore. She almost always has her sword by her side, and can be found training in a dark corner of the arena nearly every day.

Photographic Memory: As it says. She has a photographic memory.

Running & Climbing: She learned these from such an early age. She is a fast runner, like a gazelle. And her climbing is very potent, as she's able to find grips in the most unnatural places.

Shadow Manipulation: She can manipulate shadow to form different things, and to cover items completely. It takes her concentration, but she has grown pretty strong at doing this certain thing.

Sinking Into Shadows: The most basic of abilities. She can sink into the shadows, and have them hide her from view completely. It is actually the only one that requires no concentration.

Shadow Travel: This has the terribly negative effect of either making her collapse or making her have a fit. It takes much to energy from Serenity that she uses it only in emergency's.

Death Sense: This is especially strong, because it comes from Macaria, Daughter if Hades. Serenity is able to sense someone who is dying, or who's time is coming. She can see their life force drain away.

Death Bringer: This is the most dangerous, controversial thing going in here. I may just get rid of this entirely, because I have no idea will I ever try this in a story line.
Basically, she can sacrifice half/all of her life essence to bring back a loved one. Not much to say with this one, because Shush, its a secret twist for my darling's Serenity and Thalia. To bring Thalia's redemption maybe.

Easy Access To The Underworld: Not something she has ever tried, but its a little common for a Child of Thanatos. She is able to access the Underworld easy, and able to exit as long as she eats nothing without to much hassle. Of course, she still needs to pay Charon if she goes through DA Recording Studios, but she has the added bonus of a 50% discount.

Underworld Sense: [Couldn't think about a cool name] She can sense open entrances to the Underworld. This is something that requires concentration, but it works. She has sensed at least three entrances in her lifetime, and a certain pull is about them. Almost like she's going home.

Aura: She has a very dark aura. Not much really, but even though people cannot see it, her aura exudes this terror from it. A weak version of what Macaria can do, she makes people scared to be around her. Even mortals can sense her aura, and even they are frightened of her. This happens more if she is angry, scared or upset.

Mist Control: Maybe one of her strongest talents. Serenity is able to manipulate the Mist. She's spent many a day in the Mortal World, so Chiron taught her himself how to use this nifty ability.


Serenity has a Stygian Iron sword, that has been by her side from her first day at Camp. She entered the Hera Cabin to find it lying on the bed assigned to her.
Okay, maybe not the actual sword. A silver necklace nestled in a raven black box, the pendant was a pair of pitch black wings. She touched it, and the whole thing shifted and changed until she held her sword. A gift from Macaria, she is skilled with it.
Serenity also has a small Celestial Bronze dagger, that she keeps in a holster to the side of her leg. Its her least used weapon, but there in case she ever needs it.
She rarely uses a shield.

Year-Rounder or Summer:


Other: Her color is DarkCyan

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:14 am

The Beautiful Miss.Serenity Arrington is Ready and Awaiting Acceptance!

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Mon Aug 27, 2012 8:53 am

* accepted!
-----------Very awesome character! :)
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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Wed Aug 29, 2012 2:25 pm

Curiosity "Zee" Dean Temperance [Originally Aphrodesia Aura Laws]

Zee, City, Aura
30th of March
God Parent:
Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty [Yes, an evil Aphrodite Camper. Bask in her glory]
Mortal Family:

Father (Hunter Law): A wealthy business man, Hunter was the top of everything. Pristine and orderly, he followed rules that hadn't even been made yet. Of course, it meant he attracted a lot of attention from fame seeking, rich snobs. People who had no idea who he really was. It wasn't like they didn't care what he was like, but when someone that rich walks into the bar, people generally made a pass at him. Then that day came. The day he met the Goddess who changed his life. Aphrodite. And a one night stand led to a Baby on his doorstep nine months later.

    'My Dad? I don't really remember him. I remember his money, and shopping sprees that servants, sorry, staff brought me on. I remember that day when he let them send me away. He hurt me so bad. But then again, Mom hurt him, so oh well. She was the one person who never came back. And that annoyed him. He also hated me. Oh yeah, Zee was the girl he hated, while little Madison was the one who was loved more than anything.'

Madison Laws (Half-Sister): Zee's Sister, she was the child most cared for. Despite the small feeling of love she feel's to her Sister, Zee disregards that, and cares none for where or what she is. Feeling that Madison was to much like her Father, Zee feels like she shouldn't go near her, or get in touch with her. Madison has no idea where Zee was brought on her Fifth Birthday, and has been led to believe she was simply let live with her Mother.

    'Madison? I don't really remember her... Okay so I do. She was a pretty Baby. Not like, really pretty, but a lot prettier than oh say Babies that sit and sleep all day. She wasn't my style though. Too whiny, I disliked her a load. I mean, I suppose I love her a little. She's my Little Sister at the end of the day. That's why I refuse to see her, because I wouldn't be responsible for what I do.'

Years in Camp:
Three Years, Give Or Take

Brief History:

    'My History? Not much to say. I was born. And given a name. Aphrodesia Aura Laws. And then about two years later Madison was born. And then on my fifth Birthday I was brought... well I was brought somewhere. And it was unpleasant for a long time, till I worked out how to cheat the system. Then it was even harder in a lot of ways. But soon I was out. And when the Satyr's found me, I was ready to go to Camp, and here I've been since. Yes, I know I skipped bits. But you don't need to know them...'

Born in 1997, Zee was born Aphrodesia Aura Laws by her rich, uncaring Dad.
Hunter had been a very successful business man. And he had been much more than that. A con-artist, fake document expert, seducer. Her had been everything, and nothing. Moving from business to business, but only to ones that provided a LOT of money to him. So he had it all. A large stately home just outside Miami. A car that had its very own driver… x6. So much money and holiday homes that he didn’t have any worries or needs. Except for love. The love of a Woman. Hunter had lived so long on his own, he had become without realizing… reclusive. The man who was revered among many criminals and innocents alike, had no-one to show his love to.
So the day he was found by Aphrodite, he couldn’t believe his luck. A rich, upper class “pub”, he was sitting at the bar when a pretty, caramel skinned Woman had sat beside him. She seemed the Woman of his dreams. Long, luscious brown hair, eyes so blue they looked like the sky, and a face to subtly perfect she was a natural beauty.
Not Aphrodite’s usual look, granted. She liked to be stylish, beautiful and all done up. But that night she hadn’t been expecting to meet this man who she actually did like.
She was interested in him, most definitely.
A fleeting one night stand and eight and a half months later, a knock at the large oak doors of his home made Hunter jolt awake and caught his undivided attention. He had almost forgotten about the girl. Almost, but not quite.
So the knock in the middle of a torrential storm meant he was, despite his charm, scared.
Silently, he had stood, walking slowly to the front door and carefully opening it. Rain and wind had nearly blew him back, and he looked around, wondering how on earth someone had made it to the door in this weather.
For a few moments, Hunter had thought it had been a trick of the storm. But just as he fought against the wound to turn and close the door, a small bundle on his doorstep caught his eye.
Picking it up, a shrill cry rang out, piercing the air as another slap of thunder and a fork of lightning lit the sky.
A Baby. Tiny, with such inquisitive grey blue eyes. She was wrapped tightly in a scarf that smelt faintly of perfume, a small pink teddy and a note clutched in her chubby Baby hands.

Dear Hunter Laws,
Our Baby. She must be cared for. Her fate has been woven, and I can only hope it is a mistake. Born in the heavens, in the middle of a storm, it does not bode well for her life after today. Care for her Hunter. She can only be gotten through what is to come with the love of a Family behind her.
Keep her close,
Aphrodesia XxX

Hunter came to the conclusion that this Woman was a raving Looney. And he also had doubts the Baby was his.
But looking into the Baby’s eyes, he knew it was true. So naming her after her Mother, Hunter tried his best.
A new Baby came just two years after Aphrodesia. But it was evident she was loved more. Madison Laws, Maddie for short was the perfect child. And his best…. He tried again.

His best just wasn’t enough. He believed there was something different about his children. Aphrodesia, or Aura, especially. Hunter spoiled his Daughter’s, bought them everything a child could want. But he wasn’t able to care for Aura. Maddie, sure. But Aura was something else entirely. His affections were shown through long shopping sprees, not by hugs and kisses. Hunter hired cooks, maids, nannies, the whole staff was replaced to cater for his Daughter’s.
None of it worked. He couldn’t convince himself that his eldest was a normal, happy-go-lucky child.
So on her fifth Birthday, Aphrodesia was left on the doorstep of an Asylum in New Orleans. Excuses were made in a letter, forged by the con-artist himself, and even though she looked so normal… the Doctors, Nurses, and Matron believed the lies.
The timid black haired girl could not get up the nerve to fight. Rejected by her own Father meant that the girl put up with the abuse, put up with everything, just because she didn’t like to speak out.
Because no name had been given for her, the Matron named her Curiosity, because when she wasn’t quiet, all she did was ask questions.
Five years, lots of drugs and an awareness on just how strange she was later, “Zee” stood blinking in sunlight she had only seen through musty windows for half her life.
Finally, she had “Asked” the Matron if she could leave, just for a little while. And despite how strange she had become, the Matron agreed because of talents Zee didn’t know about.
But Aphrodesia Aura Laws had changed. She had steadily gone downhill, to the point the lies in a letter so long ago were quiet true.
Taking on the name Curiosity Dean Temperance, the small ten year old ran.
She ran until she couldn’t breath, and kept running.
Until finally, she was deep in New York City, after travelling nine days straight. It was dark, scary, and Zee was happy. At least she was out.
Breathing heavily, she had come across a “Tattoo” Bar, that offered illegal piercing.
And because she had no idea what she was walking into, Zee got her first piercing’s. A stud on the bone of her ear, and two studs in her earlobes.
Leaving there, woozy and sick, with so much pain she could barely stand, Zee was found by the first Satyr.
Named Luke, he had been tracking Zee for some time. Mostly because of the fact she had been let out of a Mental Hospital that he had been working in.
So he tried to talk to the young girl. Just Zee was scared of him, so scared that she picked up a broken bottle and threw it.
Luke died, breaking into Golden Dust, and Zee ran, trying to get away from the “Monster”.
It wasn’t long before she was found again, by none other than a Satyr called Wood. He took no nonsense, and held her down, making her listen.
When she was allowed up, Zee was timid again, and simply asked to be brought to the Camp had talked about.
Which is how she arrived at Camp Half-Blood. And Chiron, having heard about this girl before, sent word to her Father she was here.
Zee was in awe of the Camp, not caring that she was away from her safe place, or that she wasn’t claimed in the traditional way. She was put straight into the Aphrodite Cabin, and as soon as her foot touched the wood, the symbol appeared above her of a white dove.
So she was an Aphrodite Camper. And everyone found it funny, found that this strong girl who they had thought would be Ares, or some other sassy God had been an Aphrodite Child. That was when Zee started to break the mould. She hated the stereotype, and instead tried to break it and show that she wasn’t just someone obsessed with her looks.
Soon, she was allowed out on weekends and trusted enough to actually come back.
And soon, she had a nose stud, a lip stud, and a tongue piercing. One part of her hair died a blue, and her style changing into something that plainly said mess with me and you won’t live long enough to find out what happens,
So there she stayed. Alone, and left that way, Zee trained on her own, ate on her own, and lived for herself and no-one else.
Even when Hunter sent her a Credit Card, hoping to patch something’s up with his estranged Daughter, she didn’t care.
If anything, it made her desire for revenge more acute.

Physical Appearance:

    'What? Me? Oh my looks. I have natural black hair, dyed sometimes blue. I like studs, as seen by my piercing's. Maybe I like fashion. Yeah, I do. And I'm pretty, you know, cause Aphrodite is my Mom. She's the Goddess of Beauty, so yeah. Maybe cause of my Dad too. From what I remember, he was handsome. I'm really thin, and people always tell me I'm anorexic. But I'm not! I like to eat, just because of the amount of training and stuff means that I stay really thin.'

Zee could be described in one word as a pretty black haired girl.
Tanned, she is tall, with strong arms and build. Training has never been a stretch for her, and she barely breaks a sweat in an hour. Incredibly thin, she has been described as a stick more than once in her life. Its not that she doesn’t eat. In fact, she loves to eat. Junk food, good food, anything. Its just with the amount of training, and her own body shape, she doesn’t put on weight easily. Her stomach is flat, and she certainly has curves in the right places. One arms are flawless, except for her left, which has some large scars near her shoulder from an attack of a hellhound. It would have killed her, only an Ares Camper stepped in quickly. While her tan is even, she also gets burned easily, and isn’t one to sit around in the sunlight.
A pretty elfin face, she has strong cheek bones. Her eyes are almond shaped, a beautiful grey/blue, mixing both her Father’s and Mother’s colours. Carefully shaped eyebrows frame her eyes, and she hates them. In a moment of madness she plucked them, and now has to every few days or else their awkward and fuzzy. She has long eyelashes, that are usually lined in black, and her eyelids are also always done up. Zee’s lips are a light pink, that she usually darkens with tint. Her top lip is slightly out of balance to her bottom one. Zee also has a beauty spot, just over the right top lip. Her lip piercing is barely ever in anymore, but it was on the other side of her lip.
Zee’s hair is naturally black haired. A solid colour, its hard to believe when you see her. She alternated between a strip of blue, to her full head dyed two different shades, and its what makes her stand out in a crowd. Long, it falls to about below her shoulders, without any extensions. There’s a nice curl to it when she doesn’t straighten it, one that makes a few big curls instead of loads of small ones. She dislikes her hair for the simple reason it grows to fast and is expensive to dye. Zee also owns at least two beaney hats, her Panda one being worn a lot. She likes wearing the hat when she only has a strip of her hair coloured. This shows, because when she’s got the full hair coloured, she straightens and wears no hat. When she has her natural black with a streak of blue, she wears a hat and likes to keep it curly. A fringe was only recently cut into her hair, and she likes it now despite earlier hatred.
Her style is really anything. Loving stylish, baggy T-Shirts, she likes colours and prints that bring out her curves and looks. Jeans are mostly worn, although she does wear tracksuit bottoms when she’s having a bad day. Even with jeans, they have to be Skinny, even if they barely fit her. While she’s tall, she wears heels a lot of the time, to make her that little taller. She’s the kind of girl who needs everything to be perfect, as in, she would never dream of wearing plastic shoes or fake items. Its either real or nothing. A real designer handbag, a real designer outfit, she charges everything to her Dad’s Credit Card despite not wanting anything to do with him. Zee owns an old collage lettered jacket, that she has had for a very long time, and is barely ever seen without it. While she likes dark colours, blacks and deep purples, she also prefers white T-Shirts and such, because she likes to contrast between her hair and outfit. Jewellery is a big part of Zee’s life, and she has so many piercing and so many studs and such to go with each one. Blue and Purple are usually the ones worn however, and she is seldom seen with a different colour. Her hats are usually knitted, and from Primark. Zee’s style of shoes contradicts everything else about her. She likes worn converse, scuffed and easy to walk in, and she has about seven pairs.
Zee is known a lot for her hair colours and her piercing’s. And the second option equals a lot. She has two earlobes piercing’s, one small and one big. They hurt when she got them, but she never took them out and now wouldn’t be Zee without them. One stud is on the top bone of her ear, a blue that gives her a rebel look. As for her tongue, she has a tongue bar that alternates between luminous colours and blue. She has been asked before to take it out, because of the choking hazard, but if she has her looks, then forget about everything else. She doesn’t care if there’s a hazard to her health and life, as long as she looks hard and grim. Her lip piercing is barely ever worn, because with the appearance of her beauty spot she felt that she didn’t need it. Again, its blue or nothing with this piercing, and she often used to use it for an excuse to goof off. Zee’s final piercing is on her nose, the left side. It’s a small silver stud, that she only recently got.


    'Oh My Gods, what is with these questions? I'm strange I've been told. And I've been told I'm also a little cocky. Maybe I am. Can't you just like talk to me? It would make mine and your life so much simpler. I don't like talking about myself. You know, cause its all annoying getting into detail about my flaws and stuff.'

Zee could be called witty and sly. A strong fighter who knows no boundary’s, she cheats and scams just like her Father to the point she wins. A rebel, nothing makes her happier than to see people’s eyes grow wide when they find out that she’s a Daughter of Aphrodite.
She is also, quite insane. Living in an Asylum for a lot of her life, she grew solitary and reclusive, random and shy. People talk to her, and don’t even realize that her mind completely snapped, because her temperance and the like are perfect.
One of the reasons she has been called strange in her lifetime. Though most know she isn’t like others, no-one has been trusted enough to know about her Daddy and Asylum troubles.
She’s sly in so many ways people think she’s just being weird. Knowing things she shouldn’t, and knowing the people you love is one way she freaks you out, before you realize she holds some degree of power.
While her siblings are interested in hair and make-up, Zee couldn’t care less. She looks good, naturally, but instead cares for fighting and killing.
A vicious opponent, she kills without mercy, and knows just where to hit you.
An artistic person, Zee likes nothing better than to spend hours working on a painting, or a sculpture, or something else to express herself. So what if she express’s herself with blood and gore instead of flowers and pink?
Despite everything said, despite the fact she has a hardy girl exterior, Zee also has a soft side rarely seen.
Quiet, Timid and shy, while she meets new people easy, she also hates being around strangers.
Basically, contradicting herself a lot.
She could be described as the girl who boys are to scared of to get near. In all her life, exactly one boy has been interested in her, a boy named Scott, who broke her heart when he turned out to be leading her on.
Weak minded and easy to manipulate meant she fell for it, and became even worse than she had been.
She has grown a little uncaring about love, thinking it’s a waste of everyone’s valuable time, and she also shows no interest to anyone, despite her likes and dislikes. Family and friends hold no place in her heart, and she would just as soon run them through with a sword than talk to them.
Manipulation comes easy to her, caring for no-one but using words, and her looks to get exactly what she wants from someone. Actually, she’s known for it.
Charm comes easy to her, and carefully thinking through plans is something she is especially good at. Definitely not as smart as some of the Athena Camper’s, but certainly close to their IQ, it develops from one word into millions within seconds.
That’s another thing about her. While she is, for all intensive purposes, uncaring and insane, she knows right from wrong. She is intelligent. She does hold some love. Just she doesn’t show it. Zee prefers her own company, and will quickly retreat if needs be.
Right and wrong. She knows it, but also holds no feeling when she does the wrong thing. A plan is a plan, and so are mistakes.
She doesn’t care about the Satyr she killed, and doesn’t care she took his life.
Zee is the type of girl who flirts endlessly, knows she’s getting somewhere, and doesn’t care if the boy has a girlfriend. She teases, and knows just how to act to get a kiss. This has made her… well a lot of enemies, but she doesn’t care.
She's sarcastic, and loud, with strong opinions that she likes to get out. Everything is slightly beneath her, and she is just a loud mouthed person, who couldn't keep a secret if it was locked into a box and tied to her.
She is able to adapt so well to many different things, and has a great memory.

Fatal Flaw:

    'My Fatal Flaw? Em, aren't they supposed to be things that get you killed? So technically, I shouldn't know what mine is... go figure. You expect me to know mine though. Hm, maybe... I don't know. Find out another day maybe.'

Zee has many flaws. Lots of things that could get her killed.
Her most dangerous one is her own mind. She's not exactly the sanest cookie in the pack. While you can have a conversation with her, hang around with her, and basically think she's exactly like everyone else, she isn't. Her mind is something completely confusing to even her, and thoughts get changed when she tries to much to think them through.
Zee also has problems with her own Confidence. She believes she can kill any monster, deal with any problem, all on her own. Its something that has made her solitary and reclusive, preferring to fight on her own and stay on her own.
Loyalty is another big thing. She has none to anyone, but if she grows close to someone, she would protect them to the very last breath in her Body.
Zee is very manipulative, but easy to manipulate herself. She convinces easy, and while she can get her own way, she can't see through lies that have been spun.



'Me? What other talent do you need but looking good? Oh fine. I'm good with my Knife I suppose. Able to throw it, fight with it, you know, yeah. I suppose I have a good memory to. And I can run fast, and climb good. Just general stuff. My looks though... their good. You know, cause of Aphrodite.'

Empathy: Zee is able to feel and experience the feelings and attitudes of another person. Able to feel their feelings like their her own, she can become overwhelmed with this, and dislikes it. But she knows what people are feeling towards her, and knows how to read their feelings to her advantage. The drawback of this is she is unable to shut off these feelings. They are always there when she walks past people, and she has to feel about 100 feelings at once.

Magic, Related to Love and Beauty: Zee has some strength over magic centered around Love and Beauty. This could be anything from a small Glammer Spell, to a Large Love Spell. The Gods have to be listening for these to work, and she needs the right herbs and such for them to work.

Control Over Jewelry and Makeup: This is insanely handy. Zee is, and only is, able to move things that are centered around things to make you look better. That mascara that's lying across the room? Call Zee if your that lazy. This is difficult though, and she needs to concentrate hard to make it move at all. Headaches and draining occur when used to much, so she rarely does.

Infallible visual acuity

Omnipotent allure

Amokinesis: Amokinesis or Love Magic is ability to control and create strong affection, passion and personal attachment between two individuals. It is a temporary ability, working for at the most an hour, and ties in with Magic Related to Love and Beauty. Zee is able to perform this, by concentrating and carefully thinking about it. Headaches and Draining are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ill affects of this.

Fashionista: A natural fashion expert, she knows just what goes with what. What shouldn't EVER see the light of day. Anything pertaining to Beauty, Zee knows about it.

Love Meter: [Anyone who has seen/watched Twilight should know this XD] Zee is able to sense to bonds and love that people feel/have towards others. Concentrating, this only works on people in a 10 meter radius, and even better when touching one of the subjects this is directed at. Not as draining as it was when she was unaware of herself, it works in two ways. The first is the most straightforward. Just by looking at a person, and focusing, Zee is able to sense if they’re in love. Not who with, but just enough to know the level. The second one is something terribly difficult, not for its drawbacks, but of the level of privacy and guards that are present in the human mind. Better if touching, Zee is able to measure and find out the strength if loyalty and love, that’s felt to the people nearest. Using these two talents, Zee is able to measure how much she can provoke and lie to before others step in. Each of these cause such bad headaches that she often tries to come to her own conclusions though.

Beauty/Temptress: This is actually pretty common in Children of Aphrodite. Their looks are insanely good. As in, the Daughter’s can walk past someone, making them weak at the knees. Zee has been known to use her looks to her advantage, and knows just how to play people who are weak.

Fluent French: Zee is able to speak and understand French, the Language of love. She is able to speak it fluently, and at random times starts speaking it, just to annoy.

Knife Throwing and Fighting: Zee’s strongest and easiest attack, which thank be the Gods doesn’t hold any major drawbacks but her own. A good aim, she is a vicious and strong fighter. Breaking the mould for Aphrodite Children was what she always tried to do without meaning to, and she has never stopped.

Photographic Memory: Does what it says. Zee is one of only a few who have a photographic memory, able to remember so much stuff that happened years ago it’s scary. Maybe that’s how she knows what her Father looks like, how her Sister looked like, and she still holds grudges.

Socialite: Zee is, actually pretty good at being around people. It’s her own issues that mean she isn’t the popular, cool one. Instead, she’s the freak everyone avoids but knows.


    'I like weapon fighting. I mean, everyone expects me to be like, a girl who sits on the sidelines and lets everyone else do the hard work. That's not true though. Some Aphrodite Camper's are better than others. Hint, the better ones are the ones who actually do work. But then again, I suppose each to their own. Just why would you like, not want to know how to fight? It could be the key to your survival.'

Zee, despite her parentage is talented with exactly three weapons. Knives, Bow and Arrow, and a Crossbow.
Her Knife was the first weapon she owned, a violent, curved thing. It is Celestial Bronze, with a break that nearly snaps the whole thing in two down the middle. A heavy black and red handle holds the blade. Zee was given it when she arrived at Camp, and it transforms into a silver ring barely noticeable on her right hand.
Her Crossbow was something she got herself. Wooden, its bulky and heavy. Mahogany and black, its a good weapon to have, with its Celestial Bronze tipped arrows. While it shoots arrows better, it also can shoot wooden bolts.
Her Bow and Arrow is a basic brown structure, with the same kinda arrows and tips. The string was recently snapped, and Zee is waiting for the Hephaestus kids to fix it.


Year-Round or Summer:
Mostly a Year-Rounder...
Zee's color is SteelBlue. Her Sister, Madison Laws, is the character of Manda/Purple/My Sister

luctor et emergo

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PostSubject: Re: Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]   Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:02 pm

The Lovely Zee is Ready And Waiting Acceptance!

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Understand We'll Go Hand In Hand, But We'll Walk Alone In Fear [Characters XD]
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