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 My problems, okei.

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PostSubject: My problems, okei.   Mon Jun 18, 2012 9:30 pm

So. Angry.

Alright, so, I roleplay on Tumblr.
Lately, An amazing girl, Moo, suggested my Charector, Juliet, gets pregnant.
So, going through with that plot, she's now possibly pregnant.

Earlier in the rp, before I went through with the plot, I told it to another role-player, Charlotte.
She said she also wanted her charector to get pregnant, and I told her it would be adorable if they got pregnant at the same time.

She never replied, so a few days ago I went along with the plot of just mine getting pregnant.

She also let me in on another blog rp she was starting. One of the other admin's, out of the three already on there, had chosen a charector before it was made.
Under the "taken charector's" section, I wrote down "I might apply for The Crystal reed fc once it's up". I got no response, so I've been waiting.

Today, she must have finally read about Jules getting pregnant, and decides to come yelling at me about how "her charector will never be able to get pregnant without everyone else in the rp thinking that she copied me."

And I said, To like, Assure her they wouldn't, "Well, my charector might miscarriage or something like that, so your charector can have one if you feel like it."

she then says "then everyone will feel bad for Juliet and she'll be more popular than she already is."

She sends me this:

Like, I didn't know what to do!
Apparently I'm "taking over the rp".

I'm so frustrated, I'm seriously about to cry.
She's not coming onto the rp thanks to me.

rant over.

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My problems, okei.
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