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 Jason Westbrook(My second charrie needs acceptance)

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Ryan McHale


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PostSubject: Jason Westbrook(My second charrie needs acceptance)   Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:19 pm

Name:Jason Westbrook
God Parent:Apollo
Mortal Family:Maurice Westbrook(Mother)
Years in Camp:1
Brief History:Jason was born in Oklahoma and left after the school got shut down because of a freak accident.Jason and his mom moved to new york and bought a house in upper auburn where is was peaceful that was until a man came and offered Jason's mother help she rejected and told the guy she was fine.Jason's mom met a man and he would soon turn into Jason's step dad he was cool and arrogant like Jason.They had good times together until one day a old ancient creature attacked Jason and forced him into hiding for a whole week.A teen came but he had goat legs and a man's body and told Jason to come on.They walked all the way there and met a man named Mr.D was the director and told Jason to settle down.Almost as quick as a cheetah at the camp fire Jason got claimed as a son of Apollo and got a lot of attention.When he was younger he liked fixing bikes and cars.
Physical Appearance:Jason is described as a cute and short teen with sandy hair and a cocky smile.He has outdoorsy good looks and he has dimples.He is skinny and has no type of muscles.He wears a camp shirt and black pair of jeans.He wears converse and has a deep glare that you can't look at for to long.
Personality:Jason is a laid back person and is arrogant.He is a Sloth keeping life comfortable and decision-free.Jason does not take things seriously and thinks everything is a joke.Jason does whatever and does not really think about his actions.He loves fixing bikes and cars which is weird for a child of Apollo.
Fatal Flaw:Jason is a peacemaker making life easy and decision-free which may cause a lot of trouble while in trouble.The good part is that he makes everyone change and want to have fun.
Talents:Cooking and playing basketball,Sleeping,Watching t.v,Fixing bikes and cars.
Year-Round or Summer:Summer
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Jason Westbrook(My second charrie needs acceptance)
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