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 Anime Rosalie's Epic Role Playing Gang (Check us out, we need approval!)

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PostSubject: Anime Rosalie's Epic Role Playing Gang (Check us out, we need approval!)   Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:06 am

Name: Kiku Nakamura

Age/Birthday: 14; June 9th, 1998

Gender: Female

God Parent: Lethe

Claimed: Yes; Her father Satoshi told her and she was claimed during a volleyball match.

Mortal Family: Her father Satoshi Nakamura and he's a software designer. Satoshi got Lethe's attention because he was one of the rare few who could never forget anything (superior autobiographical memory). Her Step-mother Cassidy Blake, a professional photographer. Cassidy loves both of her daughters, Kiku and Ami, despite the fact that Kiku isn't hers biologically. Ami is Kiku's 8 year-old sister, and is starting the third grade in the fall.

Years in Camp: This is her second year.

Brief History: Kiku was an odd child. Satoshi originally thought she had autism or something, because she couldn't speak, yet she had perfect motor functions for her age. After having to call a babysitter to watch Kiku, the babysitter, Amanda, turned on the TV to watch Angel, and suddenly Kiku started talking in complete sentences. Amanda freaked and called Satoshi, especially when Kiku started talking about angels, demons, and vampires. Satoshi rushes to get home and puts the TV on mute, so he can ask Amanda about what happened. Kiku started reading the words on the TV screen out loud, which caused Satoshi to pass out. After recovering from his faint, Satoshi and Amanda went to the hospital, just to make sure they both weren't hallucinating. Several hours later, both Satoshi and Amanda were declared sane and Kiku was found to have no short-term memory whatsoever, but an Eidetic/photographic memory that was triggered by visual actions.

It was later discovered that Kiku could memorize anything that was written down, either printed or hand written. So Kiku became obsessed with writing down any thing that seemed important, like birthdays or names, in the composition book that she had taken to carrying around with her. The things that annoy her the most are dead ink pens and running out of something (paper, tissues, and even skin) to write on.

Physical Appearance: Kiku is Japanese-American on her mortal side. She's rather tall and slim at 5' 6". Her eyes are the color of almonds and her dark chocolate hip-length hair is always in a messy bun, usually with a pen or two sticking out of it. Her bangs are almost long enough to be in her eyes.

Personality: Kiku is rather quiet and reserved, she'd rather observe and take notes than be the center of attention. Kiku has an Anime/Manga obsession and a fiction/fantasty obsession. Bringing up either topic and Kiku becomes a crazy Otaku or fangirl,which is how Kiku can come off as being hyper and crazy. Kiku is also a smart-alec as well as sarcastic, when ever the mood hits--which truely depends on the other person.

Fatal Flaw: Athazagoraphobia, fear of forgetting. Kiku is absolutely terrified of forgetting something she hasn't written down, so she compulsively writes down anything she deems important, which causes problems during fights and relationships.

Pets: An orange-red Shiba Inu named Sienna. Kiku goes practically everywhere with Sienna, even camp, much to Mr. D's chagrin.

Talents: Kiku's a quick study--but that's more due to her Eidetic memory than anything else. She's a decent artist, nothing too special, but better than most people. Kiku is also an accomplished violinist-but that's only because her dad made her take lessons at an early age.

Weapons: Kiku has a Xiphos named λήθη (Lethe in Greek), or Oblivion. She also has a Spartan-style shield called an Aspis, which Kiku dubbed 忘却 or Boukyaku, which is Japanese for Oblivion. Kiku's Aspis is named in respect to her Japanese heritage, just as her Xiphos respects her Greek side.

Year-Round or Summer: Summer for now, but that may change depending on her step-mom's work.

Other: Kiku is NOT related to Ethan Nakamura from the series.
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Anime Rosalie's Epic Role Playing Gang (Check us out, we need approval!)
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