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 It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter

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Ryan McHale


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PostSubject: It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter   Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:23 pm

cameron hunter,

the basics,

Full Name: Cameron James Hunter
Nicknames: Cam
Age: 15
Birthday: 23/03/1996
Claimed: Yes
Camp Stays: Year-round
Camp Experience: 4 years.

the family,

Mortal Parent: Gladys Hunter, mother, 33
Immortal Parent: Zeus
Siblings: none.
History: Cameron had a quiet childhood because his father hadn't claimed him nor did he had the smell of a demi-god yet. He grew up on the Upper East Side of New York City with his mother. His mother had met Zeus on top of the Chrysler Building looking out at the Statue of Liberty. She recognised him quickly, she had the ability to see through the Mist with ease. Zeus took a liking in her, she was a beautiful woman at the tender age of 18. He was so old he wouldn't know that she was barely legal but it didn't matter to her, all she wanted was the child of a god. They got together often and she fell in love with him.

They had Cameron and Zeus covered him up sprinkling some magic around him so he'd be hidden until his 11th birthday. The day he would be claimed. Just before his birthday his mother brought him to Camp Half-Blood. He was dropped off, handed to Chiron and claimed in front of everyone at the Evening Feast in the Mess Hall and took a seat with the Zeus Cabin which was under Roxanne's leadership at the time. He grew up and Roxanne disappeared but her son replaced her, he didn't have a problem with the change, he liked both of them but he was one of those Zeus kids who didn't do whatever, he was polite and less out there with his powers which differed from most Zeus kids.

the psyche,

Personality: When it comes to Cameron, there is always a strong affinity to do what is right that is pushed over everything else in his life. He will always do the right thing even if by doing so he would screw himself over because he likes to think himself as someone that people can depend on. He does consider himself to be a somewhat considerate person and will most often take into account someone’s feelings before he says anything. He is someone who will always put other people before himself and he likes to think that this is what makes him such a good person. It really is hard to get him down about something because he will always attempt to put a goofy smile on his face and shrug the whole thing off like nothing ever happened which makes him thick skinned. He is able to take a lot before he actually does reach his boiling point and then when he does he doesn’t really do anything except raise his voice slightly which even then isn’t a lot.

Cameron is a very ambitious member of society, always wanting to prove himself and go the distance in order to become a greater person. He knows what he wants from life and will do anything he can in order to try and obtain his goals and to prove himself as a person. He will try his best to overcome the challenge ahead of him and if needed to he will utilize every resource he has in order to help. He is able to motivate himself to do anything that he sets his mind too but he is also capable of motivating others should he feel the need to try and big them up a bit. Leadership is one of the things he does not take lightly and more often than not he will attempt to put himself at the head of a group just so he can rally all the troops together to see where his resources lie. As well as being a natural born leader and putting all of himself into each and every task he does, Cameron is a very cooperative person who likes to take other people’s ideas on board and is willing to let someone else have their fair say. He will always remain as helpful as he can and will not hesitate to give someone a second chance if the conditions are right

When it comes to his ideologies, Cameron doesn’t really care that much to be honest; he is always open to taking on new ideas that might be helpful and isn’t afraid to try new things or see things from someone else’s perspective. He is willing to let people do as they wish, just as long as they don’t land themselves into trouble and perhaps that is one of the biggest reasons he makes so many mistakes. Cameron has always been a survive and adapt kind of person in that if it doesn’t kill him then he will adapt to it and learn from his own mistakes despite not really liking the fact that he is prone to mistakes in the first place. He does have a very strong hero complex in that he will always want to be that person who rushes into action and saves people. The way he sees it as “The strength to do what’s right regardless of what’s going on, that desire to charge into the opponent to try and help.” Besides this major fault in his system, he does seem like a relatively grounded guy who prefers to keep both his feet where he can see them

Honesty and Modesty are two of his biggest traits that he likes to see in other people and he often carries them within himself. He can be blunt to the point that it is hard to hear the truth, but he will never try and bullshit you on anything. If you really want an honest opinion about something then he is the guy who will probably have the most unbiased opinion. With that comes his modest side, the fact that he knows he isn’t perfect and he will never admit to where his strengths actually lie because he believes that he does fill the lines of imperfection. While this can usually be a bad thing it often means that he doesn’t care how he comes off to people, he is who he is and who he is, is what he was born to be. He will always remain humble and never even think of arrogant behaviour because it just isn’t him.
• Irritable
• Perfectionist
• Blunt
• “Hero” Complex
• Hidden

• Leadership
• Generosity
• Open-Minded
• Morality
• Ambitious

the physical body,

looks: Cameron is an amazing looking boy, well, he would be if he actually cared. He’s reasonably thin, although he misses meals here and there because he fails to remember to eat. His friends normally reminds him of this, though, so he doesn’t miss as many as he would normally. He has prominent facial bones, and if he paid attention to his facial features and the way he comes off to people, he would realize that he is a little scary and standoffish. He is tanned, because he likes to lay out near the lake during breaks and sit under trees out in the courtyard and people watch.
dressing style: Cameron wears either white or black, if he has a choice. He never really liked colors, he thinks they’re a bit too ostentatious and unnecessary. He most often wears white or black button up shirts, with the top two buttons open so he can breathe. He dresses for comfort, not for anyone or anything else. He had two pairs of canvas shoes, one in white, and one in black. He also has a black pair of dress shoes, but he’s not all that sure where they are right now.
• swords fighting
• agile
• strong

the camp information,

weapons: Cameron owns multiple swords, both are thin but very sharp and one-handed swords. He has them in two sheaths across his back to form an X.
pets: none.
talents: Cameron is able to generate electricity. For those who have seen Heroes he's a bit like Elle from The Company if you will. He can use lightning and other electricity sources and channel it through his body out of his hands. He is working on how to get a current running across his skin after a former girlfriend from camp joked about it when she'd finished the Twilight books. The electricity he channels is always visible when using offensively. Its a brilliant blue but when used for defensive it disappears so no-one can see what's going to hit them if they come close.
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PostSubject: Re: It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter   Mon Jun 25, 2012 5:05 pm

~Hey Ryan. If you could post all of your characters in one topic that would be great. It's a lot easier to find all of your characters that way. I'm glad you adopted a character, but you don't have 500 posts yet so you can't use him. And to answer your question, you can change your username, just go to the top of the page, and under the logo there should be a icon that says profile. click on that and you should see a page with a space for you to change your username. go down to the bottom of the page and click save to change your username.

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PostSubject: Re: It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter   Mon Jun 25, 2012 6:29 pm

Everything was pretty much summed up, yep. And you've talked to the person you're adopting him from and you've already agreed on the adoption, yes?
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PostSubject: Re: It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter   

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It is a adopted character and any can you change my usernemae to cameron hunter
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