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PostSubject: GYAAAAAAH.   Sat Jun 02, 2012 11:04 pm

I don't know why I'm feeling this.

It's like those popular girls are taking over the school. Seriosly, I'll do the math.

there are 47 popular GIRLS in my school
there are 49 popular GUYS in my school
add that up, and thats 96 popular kids
out of the grade of 112 people.
that leaves 16 people not popular.

and guess what, those 16 people are the people who don't even get a glance from the popular girls.
there's about 12 populars in each class.
If my math is wrong, sorry, because I suck at math.

I was about to be a popular
but nooooope.
it just so happend that the girls who ruined my life
became my friends at that moment i was about to.

God dammit, i'm so stupid..

The girls are always together with their 'boyfriends' who hang out with their guys.
and are always posting the trips they have to
water world
jump street
and pearl street
and those 16 people are just moping out around in the background
all forever alone.

but i think i have a part with them somewhere.
i posted something on instragram
and /every/ one of those girls
reposted it

okay the point is-
the popular girls are just a bunch of stuck-up spoiled kids.

k im done.
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PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   Sun Jun 03, 2012 3:06 pm

Okay listen, you don't need to be popular to have friends. If you watch movies the populars always get backfired. I know people think when your popular you get cute guys in all. And you said they are spoiled and stuck up. Make friends with the other 15. Maybe you guys can become friends!
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PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:20 pm

wow, that is lot of popular people...

in my school out of 180 students, there is 10 poplaur girls and 12 populr boys...

including me, yaay!!
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Location : Go straight, then make a left, turn at the corner. Go right and there it is. Oh!!! Oops. Sorry that's the pizza place. Well, enjoy some pizza.

PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   Thu Jun 14, 2012 8:48 pm

Well, the point is its okay.. yOu don't need to be popular to be awesome.
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So yeah... I quit chb

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PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   Tue Jun 19, 2012 3:00 am

I haz OCD therefore I am awesome!

...But people still ignore me -.-
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PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   Tue Jun 19, 2012 7:30 pm

Okay hello.

I'm in middle school. It's worse then elementary school where nothing really matters and you get to color and that's the end of it. It's worse than high school where you have more freedom, though it does have more stress, don't get me wrong. Middle schools sucks because half the kids think they're freaking adults, all the kids are worried about looks and how popular they are and whether they get the guy. That s***. (pardon my french)

In middle school there is also a very distinct line between populars and not populars, as I'm sure you're figuring out. If more than 80% of the kids in your school are popular, there really aren't any popular kids. And defining "popular kids" is rather difficult. They're only popular because the 16 of you make them out to be that way.

At my school, I don't know. I would probably be considered a popular kid. I dance, I sing, I act, I play several sports well. Non-talented kids who just have looks can be equally as popular. The most popular people are often the guys who are attractive asses and the girls who date these guys. These girls are usually not well liked, so why are they popular, you may ask? I don't know. No one really know. They're the girls you gossip about all the time. The ones you hate. Maybe you're jealous of them, but to make yourself feel better, you tell yourself they're awful. Maybe they really are awful, but if they're athletic, or talented, or blond they've got a good shot at being popular.

Another question for you to think about. Does popular mean well known? Well liked? Extremely disliked? Dumb? Too smart? Are the people who stand out the popular ones, or the people who fit in? Also ask yourself, why would you want to fit in? People don't talk about you. You become a nameless face. Those people you hear about and go "who?" typically fit in. That's not who you want to be, is it? When you get older, all those years fitting in will come back to haunt you. Who gets the scholarships? That girl who can dance and has been her whole life, or that girl that sits around watching pll to have something to discuss at school? That boy who can play the guitar and sing or the boy who tried to force himself to be good at football because football players got the chicks? Who can be sure all of their friends like them? That popular kid with 50 bajillion "friends" or the kid with 5 best friends, the ones who've gone through everything together.

Let's use a metaphor for why you shouldn't want to be popular. You're playing . . . Soccer. There is a large group of people on the field, and you are in it. The ball is kicked out of the group to one of the only open people playing. They are able to score. That should have been you. It was such an easy shot! But you weren't looking ahead, into the rest of the game. You felt the need to just dive into the group. After all, of all of the people were there, you should be, too, correct? No, no, no.

And to address the picture thing: they post pictures like that because they want a jealous reaction out of you. Trust me. It makes them look so cool, and you wish you were them, right? You know how much fun they really had? I bet you there at fights and drama and distractions everywhere they go. Secrets and hate and dislike.

Are you going into 8th grade, too? We're both 13, so we should be dealing with the same kinds of people.

That's just my 2 cents. No hate.
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PostSubject: Re: GYAAAAAAH.   

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