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PostSubject: RantRantRantRant   Wed May 23, 2012 9:45 pm

This is my rant, so read it if you want to, I suppose. Here it goes :

    Rant One - Boys - Grrrrrrrr;
  • Boys confuse the heck out of me. Firstly, there is this one guy, I've ranted about him before. I'll call him uh... David. Sure. David has been driving my insane for the longest time (since January, long enough). First, he asked me to dance, and then began to like my best friend. By like, I mean, stalk. He used to stalk me, kind of, not in a creepy way. David shows he likes a girl by stalking her (like memorizing phone #/address). I almost missed how he stalked me. Now, he stalks my friend, who loves making fun of him for it. I don't think she will ever like him, not the way I used to. My friends tell me to get over him, that he's not worth it. Something about (let's call my best friend... Jenny) Jenny and David flirting. I just can't stand it! Hearing them talk reminds me of the way we used to talk, back when he liked me! I guess I'll just force myself to forget him over the summer... Next boy!

  • Let's call this next guy, Ken. Ken is David's best friend, and I think he likes me. I don't really know, but he talks to me, which makes me feel better since David seems to think I'm an alien these days. That's what he looks at me like. Anyway, Ken. Ken talks to me a lot, and smiles at me. I can find him staring/gazing at me sometimes during classes. I secretly hope he likes me, then I can get over David, and Ken is super nice. Then again, Ken might like... (let's call her Amy, my other friend) Amy. Amy's moving this summer, but those two talk in Algebra as well. I dunno... next guy!

  • Let's call the next guy... uh.... Chase. Sure, Chase works. Chase was my crush coming into my current grade, and I liked him over the summer. He doesn't talk a lot, if at all, just to his friends. This last month, I had to do a project with him. I found out he's really nice too, if he talks. Chase might also be a crush option... I dunno. The only problem is, he might like (Let's call her...Kelly) Kelly. Kelly is a popular, nice, sweet girl. I like her as a friend, but she and Chase get along too. From my perspective, Kelly talks to Chase like she stands over him, and he's her puppet. I don't know, I might like him.

Thanks for reading my rant, feel free to post any comments about it.
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