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 Pinkgirl77's Little People

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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Tue Nov 06, 2012 9:34 pm

Good, good.

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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Mon Dec 24, 2012 6:32 pm

Natalia Breanna Riley
is finished and needs acceptance.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:05 pm

Alaska Samantha Meyers

has replaced Layla Mills and needs acceptance.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Fri Jun 28, 2013 12:18 pm

Happy roleplaying!
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Mon Jul 22, 2013 8:00 pm

Name: Cassidy Adelaide Ashton

Nicknames: Cass, Case, Cassey

Age/Birthday: 16, February 29th

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aceso, goddess of the healing of wounds and the curing of illnesses

Claimed: Yes

Mortal Family:
Danny- Danny who's original name is Daniel had a special relationship with Cassidy. He loved her very much and took good care of her. He made sure all attention was on both of his daughters and gave them whatever they wanted. He would spend time with them and let them mostly do whatever they wanted, but had a couple of rules. Danny has shaggy, blonde hair and light blue eyes. Hhis skin tone is a very light like Cassidy's.

"My dad? Well he was okay. Actually Gods, he was the best father you could ever ask for. He paid attention to us and gave me whatever I wanted. He let us be adventurous."

Chantelle- Chantelle sometimes called Chan is a Chinese 8 year old girl that was adopted at the age of 7. Since, Danny was still in love with Aceso and didn't want to meet someone else and also wanted more kids, he decided to adopt Chantelle. Chantelle was abandoned at age 6 and was found on the street in China. She was taken to orphanage in a local town. Since the orphanage closed, she was taken to an orphange in Brooklyn. She stayed there for a year and then was put into the Ashton family. Her original name was Lan which means 'orchid' in Chinese. Thinking that the kids would think she was weird, gave her the name Chantelle.

"Chantelle was so cute! She's the best little sister ever. I always used to do her hair in the morning and help her with her homework. I just wish we could've found her sooner."

Years in Camp: 3

Brief History: Danny met Aceso in Europe because he was a famous brain surgeon. Soon he had a job transfer to New York City. Then they had Cassidy in Brooklyn. Aceso left after the 3 days in the hospital. Danny was heartbroken, but loved his new daughter. At age 8 when she went to school a hellhound had attacked the school. Cassidy was unhurt, but was sent to another school. The next year the same thing happened, but an Empousa attacked. This time she had a scratch on her arm. Again, she was sent to another school. For a couple of years there wasn't any attacks. On Cassidy's 9th birthday Lan (Chantelle) was adopted. She had loved her new home and Cassidy loved her. They had bonded and were as close as close can be. The next year on her 10th birthday a hellhound attacked. The house was sent on fire because of the birthday cake with the candles still burning was knocked over. They had all made it out safely, but Cassidy had a couple of burn marks on her back. Later that year, Danny had got a new house. At 13 again another hellhound attacked. Finally, Danny had driven Cassidy to Camp Half Blood.

Physical Appearance: Cassidy has blonde wavy hair that end right around her shoulders. She has bangs that are usually tucked behind her ear. She usually keeps her hair down. She only puts it up when she goes to work out which is almost every morning. She has thin eyebrows that are color brown. Her eyes are a light blue color that have specks of grey in them. Her eyelashes are very short. She sometimes wears mascara because she hates her short eyelashes and sometimes wears eyeshadow on special occasions. Her lips are light pink that are almost always covered with lipgloss or lipstick. She has the nicest smile you can ever imagine and has white straight teeth. She has rosy cheeks with light skin. On her back she has a couple of scars from the fire and a little scar from the Empousa. She weighs about 107 pounds and is 5’3. Cassidy thinks that she’s too short and that everyone else is taller then her. She has 2 earring holes on each ear and only uses the second one once in awhile. She likes to wear clothes that are in style. Her style is petite. She likes to wear girly things.

Personality: Cassidy is nice once you get to meet her. She's very enthusiastic and is very talkative. She can talk about anything and everything. But her fatal flaw is her stubbornness. Once you get her mad, she gets very stubborn and will get revenge. Other then that, she can be a really fun person. She's trustworthy and is a good friend. She'll probably be the one who comes up to you and talks to you. But she'll only be your friend if you're nice to her back. Cassidy mostly spends her time in the infirmary or the arts and crafts part of Camp. She likes to help people with their wounds and she likes to paint and draw. She has her notebook that she draws in. She'll allow you to look in her book if she really likes you as a friend and trusts you. She also loves to shop for shoes and clothes. Cassidy also has dyslexia and ADHD. She doesn't mind talking about it, but she doesn't like you bragging about you be able to read and write. Cassidy also loves listening to music. She can sing, but she likes to sing in her cabin or in shower and that's about it for her. When Cassidy talks, she has a Brooklyn accent and uses slang words. Cassidy is also trying to learn Italian and French. Cassidy also likes to spend time with her dad and her sister. Although, she doesn't really like to talk about her past. She also likes to run and play tennis.

Fatal Flaw: Cassidy's fatal flaw is her stubbornness.

Cassidy has a Siberian Husky puppy. She got him just a couple of weeks ago from her father as a birthday gift. His name is Shadow. She has not been separated from him since.

• Fighting: Cassidy is an okay fighter. She's good at fighting, but doesn't believe in that violence is the answer. Although, when she gets mad, to get her anger out she goes to the arena and trains or runs a mile.

• Dancing/Singing: Cassidy isn't very good at these things, she has stage fright. She also thinks that she's not a very good singer or dancer.

• Writing/Reading: Cassidy can't write because whenever she can't think of an idea she gets frustrated and she can't sit still because of her ADHD. Same thing with reading, but she also has dyslexia so she can't read. She tries her hardest and read, but she can't.

• Drawing/Painting: This is main talent that she enjoys and doesn't have to do with her godly parent. She likes and can draw everything. Although, she does happen to like painting more then drawing and likes all artistic things.

• Healing/Curing: Cassidy can heal little thing like a scraped knee or a back pain. She can't heal big thing like an arm that fell off. She can help, but can't reattach the arm. She can also cure illnesses like the flu or a stomach virus.

When Cassidy came here she was given a sais. They're little swords, the only weapon she can fight with. They're each about 3 feet long and made of metal. On the handles, there is a black rubber handle and metal going around it for a better grip.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-Round

Other: Cassidy's color is #cc3366.
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:06 pm

cassidy is accepted~
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PostSubject: Re: Pinkgirl77's Little People   

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Pinkgirl77's Little People
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