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 Really. Just going to raNto to myself.

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PostSubject: Really. Just going to raNto to myself.    Thu May 17, 2012 9:29 pm



I'm staring at the screen like. "I want everything I need to do done and up pretty and neat. I'll be a happy joker." but you know what I"M NOT MAGICAL ENOUGH AND IT"S LIKE

No Colby you are to get way behind never catch up and die in the middle of your sucky life swirl. BECAUSE THAT"S ALL YOU ARE >

So of course i'm going to revive and it's no good because nothing got done and i know some smart butt is like.

"Well do something insteed of just crying or it."
"Well....1. I'm not crying. 2. I would if I could but I can't (say that in a snappy jazz beat) 3. This will help me get on track by venting out my clouded brain. "


Now I'm not saying my status is stressing me out. it's not. It's just like a whole crap ton of stuff loading into one giant pile out of sight and i'm like strolling down a straight mind path going. "lalalal Post smile post chat. Do this do that." and one lovely day I see all that's actually wrong and like. "WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!?!?!" SO here I am like ew and so much metophorical trash is in my way I get confused and overwhelmed and start doing my stuff like "OH there is is right there but let my make a huge spiawl walk towards it and see if you ever get anything done." Because i'm confused and stupid.

SO here is basically my train of thought.

Do I need to do something productive? (Brain > [____________________]) (that' was emptyness)
Oh something that means nothing? (Brain > [doitbecauseyoudon'treallywanttobutbecauseyoucangahgahlocacha])

So basically. As I right this I could of finshed a topic or did math homework or studyed for finals or draw a picture or matched couples or work on my socal life or played outside. But no. I won't let myself do it and I know it's my fault but I really don't feel like I can really help it so you know what. I will wright a topic. workout before I go to sleep and pray for a whacked up stress dream that makes me want to stay in it forever because those things give me incentive. So as I act like a swirl and try to you know what.

Screw This.

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Really. Just going to raNto to myself.
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