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 slurpie's funtastical characters!

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PostSubject: slurpie's funtastical characters!   Wed May 16, 2012 10:00 pm


Name: 'Robyn Elizabeth Hinds.'
Age/Birthday: 'I'm eighteen and born on March twelfth.'
Gender: 'Female, durrrr.'
God Parent: 'Demeter, goddess of wheat, or whatever...'
Claimed:'Of course I am, dumb mule!'
Mortal Family: 'Sorry, I'll draw a blank here.'
Years in Camp: 'This will be my fifteenth year here...'
Brief History: ' Okay, here I go, the only things I know is that a young and tattered looking woman gave me to Chiron when I was really little, so that's all. I grew up here, under the care of an Aphrodite child, and then started fending for myself. That's it, really. I never really had a history, just a short story about how I got here.'
Physical Appearance: 'I have naturally dirty blonde hair, but of couse, I dyed it kinda a dirty black color. I don't know what drove me to that decision, but I like it. I have kinda hazelish brown eyes, mainly brown but they get green hints in them during the spring and summer months. My skin tone isn't that tan, and I never really tanned in the first place. I like subtle sunlight and basking in the sun, but trying to tan isn't that... pleasurable for me. I've always had pale thin lips, probably runs in the family. Oh, and you probably would never catch me without any makeup on, and dull nails. A dull face is a boring face!'
Personality: ' I guess I can be just in an annoyed mood sometimes, and other times I'm just plain normal. I'm happy when happy things happen, sad when sad things happen. I just don't really have all that much personality. Sometimes I get self conscious, other times I'm just ready to put myself out there for whatever reason. I tend to whine a lot, just to get attention. I often also overexaggerate things, such as crying often, etc. I don't mean to, just, try not to get me mad. Okay?'
Fatal Flaw: 'I often get carried away, and most of the time I annoy the living crap out of everybody. I can fight pretty well, I just dont have all that much strategy.'
Pets: 'I don't like animals...'
Talents: 'Ummm, I guess swordfighting is a good talent of mine, I'm also like a fertilizer for some plants. I can just touch them and they would come back to life if wilted, or grow 20 times the usual speed it would normally take to grow. Nothing much, I'm one of those weaker Demigods.'
Weapons: 'I use a diamond ring that was given to me as a present from Demeter herself as a sword, I just hit it against a hard object and it turns into a medium sized celestial bronze sword. '
Year-Round or Summer: 'Year-round.'
Other: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: slurpie's funtastical characters!   Wed May 16, 2012 10:34 pm

Great detail! Accepted! Welcome to Camp Half Blood!
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PostSubject: Re: slurpie's funtastical characters!   Sat May 19, 2012 9:22 pm


Name: Corona-Lynn McWilliamson

Age/Birthday: 17, January 8th


God Parent: Khione


Mortal Family: Rose Hooley (sister), Gerald McWilliamson (father), and Emily McWilliamson (mother)

Years in Camp: This is her 7th year at camp.
Brief History: Growing up on Prince Edward Island, Corona was pretty much a normal 10 year old. She attended a public elementary school, and she had friends and crushes and everything was all dandy. No monsters attacked her during her life, but the fates rather disliked her. Nearly getting run over by a train at age 8, having a tumor in her foot that was removed sucessfully at age 5, and breaking her collarbone at age 3, Corona was a lucky girl.
The summer of her 4th grade year, Corona's parents decided it was time for her to go to Camp. Thinking it was just an ordinary summer camp, she gladly agreed to it, hoping she would see some of her friends. Corona never thought about the fact that her parents would never, ever send her to just any summer camp. They knew about Camp Half-Blood, and the were going to send her there because they knew she would be safe. Once her parents took a relatively long (and boring) boat ride with her to Long Island, They safely dropped her off at Camp with 3 duffel bags full of clothing and personal items. It was only 8 days later that she got claimed as a child of Khione.

Physical Appearance: ' '


Fatal Flaw:




Year-Round or Summer:

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PostSubject: Re: slurpie's funtastical characters!   

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slurpie's funtastical characters!
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