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 LRicasio's Character/s

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PostSubject: LRicasio's Character/s   Mon May 14, 2012 7:23 am

"Come on, let's go!"

Natasha Miche
15, October 23, 1997
A red-tailed hawk with talons of celestial bronze
A leather whip with the tip of celestial bronze
Years in camp:
Year-round or Summer:
Fatal Flaw:
Trusting people quickly

Father (mortal):
Charles Miche, a geologist traveling the world
Mother (God Parent):
Adriane, goddess of Mazes and the immortal wife of Dionysus

Natasha is born on a ship in the middle of the sea. Charles is on a sea voyage to various reefs when he met Adriane and bore him a child. It is also on the same voyage did Natasha came to her senses.There she is socially awkward, if not for her father.
Natasha is home schooled. Her father taught her what she needed to know, and opened her eyes into his world: maps and compass.
General life:
Due to the fact that Natasha is a half-blood, their voyages often is being attacked. They'd almost sunk once, and that is when Charles stopped traveling the seas. He tugged Natasha along as he fulfilled his work and roamed the continents.
Camp Half-Blood:
When Natasha turned officially twelve, monster attacks came more often at them. Expeditions became more dangerous as ever. They got some few close calls with mythological creatures, and barely survived. After a cursed hell hound almost took Natasha's life, Charles finally deployed Natasha into Camp Half-Blood the very start of July, as said by Adriane. Natasha must learn to survive, even though Charles did a pretty fine job onto it. Before officially leaving for camp, Charles gave Natasha the red-tailed hawk, her whip, and a compass blessed by Adriane herself. The whip and the compass can fit into a magical sling bag.

Natasha had bright and intimidating black eyes, which darted restlessly from side to side. It didn't seem to fit in her face.
Natasha's cheekbones are wide. Wider than the girl she'd seen. It even got wider when she smiled. Her dimples seemed to squeeze themselves there.
Natasha's hair is glossy black extending to her waist, and she wore it in a ponytail often when traveling.
Natasha is medium-build, with nice curves. It turned out this way because... well, in training and various travels into mountains and cliffs. With long arms and legs, Natasha would've fit into a gown or dress, and not into a traveler's clothes, sling bag and binoculars in her neck. When she wasn't doing anything, she allows herself to wear shorts and normal T-shirts.

Natasha is bubbly at all costs. Mainly because talking makes your blood circulate in the icy mountains of Russia.
Natasha can easily get hurt, get sad, get mad. But she recovered as easily, too. However, she never forget those little things, and it often affected the way she is.
Being the daughter of the goddess of mazes, Natasha had a natural sense of direction. She's very eager, and would follow any order to her, however dangerous. She got this sparkling eye effect whenever given and order.
Natasha can rarely follow a conversation she wasn't really interested to. This made the speaker get angry with Natasha, because the girl only is interest in problems, and maps and compass. It also made her socially awkward.

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PostSubject: Re: LRicasio's Character/s   Mon May 14, 2012 7:28 am

--Reserved for character 2--
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PostSubject: Re: LRicasio's Character/s   Mon May 14, 2012 7:28 am

--reserved for character 3--
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PostSubject: Re: LRicasio's Character/s   

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LRicasio's Character/s
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