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 Simply Sibyll's Menagerie of Charries

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PostSubject: Simply Sibyll's Menagerie of Charries   Sat May 12, 2012 9:13 am

I'm in a world so wide,
It makes me feel small sometimes,
I miss the big blue skies,
the Oklahoma kind.

-- Carrie Underwood


Dahlia Lott


16 // 13 November



God Parent:

Eunomia – Goddess of Good Order and Lawful Conduct



Mortal Family:

Franklin Lott – 51 – The chief of police for a small town in Oklahoma.

Years in Camp:


Brief History:

Dahlia grew up with her father referring to how her mother would 'always be watching over her'. But she always assumed that it was less because of her mother's status as a goddess and more along the lines that she was passed away. Eunomia's love affair with Franklin Lott was a rather long one, when you take into account the dalliances of some other gods. When they met, Franklin thought she was a Courthouse Clerk, introduced to her as Eustace...and readily spent two years with her. During that time, Dahlia was born – but not a month after her birth, they had a fight – 'Eustace' left...and Franklin later found her car abandoned on a trestle bridge. Many in the town assumed she had jumped to her death. But Franklin – seeing as their fight had been about the lesser-known fact of his lovers true profession – thought better of it.

Despite having lost her mother before she really got to know her, Dahlia grew up relatively happy – and most definitely over-protected. For a short time her aunt Lillian came to stay with them, and assumed the role of female figure in her life – and for several years Dahlia muddled her way through regular life with a smile and a mile-a-minute attitude.

She was just passing ten years old when she began to notice certain....things. She was claimed shortly after she went complaining to her father about horrible 'daydreams' where she saw monsters. This terrified her dad – but he didn't act. Eventually...things got a little more than scary. Franklin actually took off work, taking his daughter on the trek to Camp for the very first time. Other than that, they try to pass over the little fact of her mother's position – in fact Dahlia isn't a big talker to him about exactly what they do teach her at camp.

Physical Appearance:

There isn't anything particularly special-looking about Dahlia – she's about 5”4, and not too big or too small considering her size. Her arms are perhaps a little more developed, and easily visible thanks to her fondness for quarter-sleeve t-shirts. Her legs would be in a similarly toned state – thanks to her athletic practices. But her face is rounder, a bit heart-shaped – and it wouldn't be a stretch to mistake her for an eager 12 year old – particularly if she's excited about something, as she has a tendency to become very bouncy and giggly.

She's spent a lot of days in the sun, which has left her with more than a few freckles. She still burns rather easily, and usually liberally coats herself with lotion to keep from going red as a beet. She has brown hair like her dad and aunt – wavy, but not totally unruly, that hangs just about below her should when it's not pulled up or back in a ponytail. Her eyes are brown – also like her dad's. She has no idea what she could have possibly inherited looks-wise from her goddess mother – but her father claims she has her eyebrows and her chin – and the very, very few meetings she's had with her she's never thought to make an actual comparison.


Dahlia's what some gentler people would call a 'good ol' girl' – and the slightly less sophisticated would probably call a hick. During the school session, she attends a high school where the total population just breaks 100 members, all of whom are kids she's grown up with since toddler age. Before camp, she hadn't even left state – and despite her years of attendance topping 4 years, she still tends to get excited about the silliest things – like attending a camp outside of Oklahoma where they mainly train you to kill or be killed is as exciting as a trip to Disneyland. She tends to talk very fast, and with an accent as thick as if she'd just stepped out of a Margaret Mitchell novel.

Which is no surprise – seeing as she's rather fancied herself a modern day Scarlett O'Hara – the perfect southern belle (who, you know, could probably take a couple of your fingers off with a hunting knife before you could blink). It's hard to ever catch her without a gentile smile, flouncing in jeans and t-shirts which – while well worn – are better brands than some kids would get. She is her daddy's little princess – but a couple years away at camp have given her an bit more of an edge. While you couldn't categorize her as a tom girl at any stretch – she is a prideful athlete – track and cheer squad-ding being a main staple of her 'School-year' regime, and keeping up a healthy level of hand-to-hand or short-range practice while away at camp, of course.

Just...don't expert her to go for hits below the belt. This is a girl who follows the rules to a 'T' – to the point that she's probably never so much as thought about heading out on after-dark shenanigans, or even try swimming until an hour after she's eaten. Her daddy is a total dictator at home – and one could argue her immortal mother is worse – but Dahlia doesn't seem to mind it – in fact, she seems destined to take on that role herself; constantly harping on anyone she sees sticking so much as a toe out of line.

Fatal Flaw:

-- Everything – absolutely everything – needs to be done by the books. There is no room for thinking outside the box if there is even the remotest chance that anything that's done could be considered rule breaking. Even the suggestion would get you a hefty lecture – and trying to force the idea will turn her into a complete, emotional wreck. And if there are no guidelines for an activity – she will run herself into the ground trying to find them.
-- Like other campers, she also has ADHD – a real problem for her in school. She struggles to keep her grades up to the barest minimum so she can compete – and many of her 'Favourite' novels she has actually devoured through use of books on tape. It frustrates her, because her auntie has a tendency to harp on her because of her poor grades – and she doesn't know the alternative reason as to WHY she struggles so much – so she blames it on 'too many extracurricular'.
-- Has a slight problem remembering when to shut up. Will talk all day if you let her, and go off on tangents. Not the best person to bring along, say, on a stealth tracking mission.
-- Absolutely hates feeling like she's holding out on telling her father anything. She knows he worries about her, and well...she sees kids who are way worse off than her, with no family at all, or always fighting. But at the same time...she knows he'd probably flip a lid if he knew what dangers they were preparing for. If she gets in a particular mood, she can spent hours harping on this 'should I or shouldn't I' tell him faze.


She has a cat at home; a 3-year old Persian named – no surprise – Scarlett.


None, unless you consider 'talking for more than a minute and a half without taking in air' a serious talent. Most don't.


Her daddy promises to buy her a buck hunting knife when she's seventeen and he teaches her – but she hasn't exactly told him that she's learned full well how to use one in a number of...creative...ways since attending camp. Then again, he also does not know that she knows how to use his handgun if worse came to worse.

Year-Round or Summer:



Faceclaim: Georgie Henley

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PostSubject: Re: Simply Sibyll's Menagerie of Charries   Sat May 12, 2012 9:34 am

Great first charrie! You just need to claim Georgie Henley in the Play-By claim in the Rules and usually demigods only have one fatal flaw, but other than that, she is Accepted
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Simply Sibyll's Menagerie of Charries
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