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 Troy Grace

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Ryan McHale


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PostSubject: Troy Grace   Wed May 09, 2012 5:29 pm

Name:Troy Grace
God Parent:zeus
Mortal Family:dana grace
Years in Camp:0
Brief History:Troy was born in south carolina with his mom mary.In his life he has been chased by monsters which his mom could not protect him from They just moved from house to house.He's once been close to death when a Manticore who almost stabbed in his chest only delayed by a quick step to the right.He and his mom have a great relationship never having fights.He gets straight a's in school.He plays football and baseball and is of the best in the country.
Physical Appearance:He is blonde with lighting blue eyes.He has a little muscles.He wears a blue shirt with black pants.He has a scar on his cheek.
Personality:He has great compassion.He is very mature.He is nice and respectful.He has a strong sense of justice and honor he is a leader to.
Fatal Flaw:He cares for his people which allows him to not think straight when doing things.
Talents:Sports and learning
Weapons:A bronze sword
Year-Round or Summer:Summer

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PostSubject: Re: Troy Grace   Wed May 09, 2012 5:45 pm

Sorry, but you can't have a big three character until you reach about 500 posts. You might also want a little more detail, and correct punctuation.
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Troy Grace
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