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 Life Update

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PostSubject: Life Update   Mon May 07, 2012 5:41 pm

Hey, so I figured you guys deserve to know the reasons that I haven't been on much. Basically, my life is falling apart. My dog has bone cancer and we're going to have to put her down nest week. Me and Molly, my dog, grew up together. I've had her for as long as I can remember...she's still a puppy to me. It's really got me shaken up. My grandma is also going to be passing away within the nest few days. She has been battling lymphoma for the past ten years or so. For a while she was getting better, but then it spread to her kidneys. They tried giving her a session of chemo, but she's very old (87) and she was knocked out. She was unconscious for over a day and has been in and out for the past week. The doctors can't give her treatment anymore because if they try it again it's going to kill her quicker. She's being released today and is going to spend her remaining time at my house. Whenever she comes to stay with us she stays in my room because it has its own bathroom, so my grandmother is going to be dying, and she's going to be dying in my room. Lovely. I'm sorry it sounds selfish, but death creeps me out. My neighbor, who was like a grandfather to me, passed away about a week ago. I've been helping my parents clean out his house because he didn't have any living relatives that he knew of.
On top of all of that I've been swamped with schoolwork. Usually I don't do much, but it's the end of the year and all of our arts stuff is coming to a close. We're having our final LAVA (Literary and Visual Arts) show in a week. That's always a busy time, but the last one of the year is the biggest. It spans over two days and also has framed work by only the seniors that year. I'm in charge of the festival this year and have been having to get on peoples' cases to bring in their artwork, print it out, and frame it. And at the final LAVA show we have the releasing of the book we create every year called pulp. pulp. is a literary and visual arts magazine featuring work submitting and created by our students. I'm the MAnaging Editor, basically the head, of the book. A few days ago we sent out the PDF to the printer and getting them to hurry it up is a hassle. Not to mention we have a lot of last minute preparations to do so that we can present it at LAVA, all of which I'm in charge of. And THEN I have the yearbook to finish. Earlier in the year our servers crashed and we lost our entire yearbook that we had done. This was in second semester, so finding photos of events that already happened was a big issue. We found most of them, but we've been really working to recreate what we had. And the two people, myself and a kid named Josh, that work the most have been working on pulp. to get that done. We don't have any other students to put the yearbook work on because, frankly, they're all a bunch of incompetent dumb-asses that don't know the difference between the pen tool and the brush tool.
So basically everyone I love is dying/dead and I have fifteen years of work to get done in a week. So yeah, that's why I haven't been on.
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Life Update
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