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 Pyro's maniacs {needs accepting}

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PostSubject: Pyro's maniacs {needs accepting}   Fri May 04, 2012 11:15 pm

Natalie Valentine

Name: Natalie Valentine
Birthday: December 3rd ~ 13 years of age
Gender: Female
God Parent: Hermes
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Cora Valentine (Mother ~ Deceased)
Years in Camp: First year

Brief History:
Natalie’s mother died when she was about six years old. She was moved around to different orphanages never feeling like she belonged. She’d always stole things easily and all the other children either picked on her, because she was small, or they avoided her. She was cute, but something about the girl just made mortals not want to adopt her. Finally a faun seemed to scout her out, when she was about 10 years old, and brought her to Camp-Half blood. Soon after she got there, her father claimed her and she ended up joining the Hermes Cabin. She was glad to have siblings, a family, but she doubted herself and was sure she wasn’t cut out to be a demigod, fighting monsters. She was too little. Still her siblings help her out and she tries to put a cheerful front on for them, though deep down she’s scared of losing anyone of her new family.

Physical Appearance: ß link
Natalie is a very small girl, the height of 4’8” and the weight of 98 pounds. She has long straight blonde hair that reaches about mid-back. She usually keeps it in some sort of braid, sometimes with a headband. Her eyes are a dark, yet beautiful moss green and her skin is a pale white. She has a small scar under her lip from when she was young. She usually wears casual comfortable clothes with her mothers silver bracelet always on her left wrist.

Natalie is a small quite girl who, at first glance, looks very innocent. She is in fact is a little timid around strangers, but once she opens up, she can be very friendly. She has a habit of stealing people’s things, even when she doesn’t notice herself doing it. She doesn’t think she’s cut out to be a demigod because the only good thing she’s good at is running away and stealing things. Natalie really has no self-confidence in herself especially when it comes to fighting monsters. Sometimes she will play little tricks on people, but she doesn’t do it often. She can’t stand being by herself and is afraid of being alone.

Fatal Flaw: Her timid nature and weak will, makes it easy for her to be pressured into doing things.

Pets: A raven named Age given to her by her father so she wouldn’t be lonely. He can talk to her through her mind and vice-versa. link

Talents: Fast runner, can easily steal things without being noticed, and because she is so small she can easily sneak around without being notice.

Weapons: Prefers small weapons like daggers and throwing knives.

Year-Round/Summer: Year-Round

Other: N/A

Travis Blackspeak

Name: Travis Blackspeak
Birthday: April 12th ~ 15 years of age
Gender: Male
God Parent: Apollo
Claimed: Yes
Mortal Family: Jane Blackspeak (Mother ~ Deceased); Kane Blackspeak (Older Stepbrother)
Years in Camp: Second year

Brief History: Travis never really knew his mother because she died soon after giving birth to Travis. His older stepbrother was old enough to take care of a kid, so he ended up raising Travis. He lived a relatively normal life, well as normal as any demigod would in the mortal world. He got kicked out of many schools for fighting and other bad behavior. About his twelfth birthday, a monster attacked him at school. Luckily there was a satyr at the school who protected and led Travis to Camp Half-Blood. His brother told him it’d be best for him just to live there and come visit on holidays and stuff so as to be safe.

Physical Appearance: ß link
Travis is a small guy, with height of 5’3”. He has dark skin like his mother and jet-black hair, which is usually done in cornrows. He wears braces and has chocolate brown eyes. He isn’t very muscular, but his small body makes him nimble and easy to dodge around enemies. He still looks a little like a child, but in time his body will mature more.

Travis is pretty arrogant. He likes to show off and doesn’t think things through which makes he mess up on things a lot. He is a great shooter, especially in basketball, but horrible at writing poems and prophecy things like that. His dyslexia is really bad, so he rather not read things in English. He’s much better with reading Greek instead. He’s hot headed and can get into fights easily, which makes him sometimes look like an Ares kid, but usually people don’t take him seriously because of his size. He still is nice though, and loves to hang out with friends.

Fatal Flaw: He doesn’t think things through and is hot-headed (gets in fights easily)

Pets: N/A

Talents: Great at shooting things (Arrows, Basketballs, ect) and reads Greek much more fluently than English.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow, sometimes throwing knives.

Year-Round/Summer: Year-Round (Visits brother on holidays)

Other: His Play-by is actor Jaden Smith

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Pyro's maniacs {needs accepting}
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