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Welcome to CHB!
Camp Half Blood is the sister site of Camp Jupiter.

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 Troy Eftchis

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Troy Eftchis


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PostSubject: Troy Eftchis   Sat Apr 28, 2012 12:11 am

Name Troy Eftchis
Age 12
Gender Male
God Parent: Not Sure
Claimed No
Mortal Family Helena Eftchis
Years in Camp 1
History When Troy was younger he went to several schools and was smart . He had a brother named Luke Eftchis who is 14 and not claimed. Troy has a sword called Aris a Celctsail Bronze Blade and black steel handle. He had a hard life he never knew his dad was.
Apperance:Blonde short hair like Luke's and blue eyes with a sparkle in it he has light skin.He has a scar on his face. He wears normal boy clothes and high tops and converse.He is 4:9 and is very muscluler .

Personatly: He loves time and loves to swim. He plays sports like swimming aand football. He likes Rome and Greace. He never thought he was a half blood.
Fatal Flaw Donsent have one
Pet has none
Talents Can read time and is a leader
Weapons Aris Celcstail Bronze and black handle
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PostSubject: Re: Troy Eftchis   Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:51 am

Hello, Troy! Welcome to CHB!

I just want to give you some tips to further enhance your character form; to help flesh him out. :)

First of all, you have to know who his god parent is. That way, you can shape out his talents/powers more. So please decide on a god parent, you can just leave him unclaimed for now if you want to keep it a mystery when you RP. Also, please add more flaws to his personality. If you need help with this, please view this topic.

It's impossible for a demigod not to have a Fatal Flaw! Troy Eftchis needs one. Is he too protective, or, perhaps, not protective at all? And how can this lead to his downfall? You get the gist.

What do you mean by 'can read time'? Please explain your talents section and try not to make him too powerful because it's only his first year in camp. To add to that, you also need more details in the weapons section.

Other than that, Troy Eftchis seems alright.
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Troy Eftchis
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