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 .behind stones of silver.

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PostSubject: .behind stones of silver.   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:41 pm

Name: Ashlyn “Ash” Mei Kharta

Age/Birthday: 17 years old ;; Born on August 10, 1994

Gender: Female

God Parent: Aeolus ;; Greek god of the winds

Claimed: Yes.

Mortal Family: Chelsea (mother) and Daniel Kharta (supposedly true "father")

Years in Camp: None, Ash just arrived a few weeks ago.

Brief History: During the early evening, Ashlyn Kharta was born on August 10th, 1994 in Richmond, Virginia. Unlike most children, the young baby girl was born about a month earlier than when she was due. Thus, resulting her to be taken away from her mother and into an incubation chamber almost immediately. Quite a few times, Ashlyn nearly came face to face with Charon, but to her mother's great relief, she was able to make it through after a month or so of special care. All the while she was in this state of "special care" Chelsea finally confessed to her husband, Daniel, that Ashlyn was not his child. Quickly yet thoroughly, Chelsea explained to Daniel about Aeolus. As upset as he was, he forgave his wife and loved Ashlyn all the while.

From the moment that Ashlyn was able to leave the hospital with her parents, Chelsea and Daniel made a promise that they would do whatever they could to keep Ashlyn from being so close to death ever again, including the fact that they should keep her true father's identity hidden. They would keep her in their sights and keep her away from danger at all times.

As she grew older, Ashlyn was always inside her house, never being able to go outside whatever the circumstance. Beginning in kindergarten, she has been home-schooled by Chelsea, always learning at her own pace, which was a benefit because the older she got the more words didn't seem to look right, but never being to be able to go outside and explore the world. Even as a toddler, Chelsea wouldn't let her daughter do anything that could harm her in any way. Toys were limited, bath time was dull, bedtime was always strictly kept, and, as she got even older, the tv only had the educational channel on, nothing else unless Ashlyn wanted to eat broccoli for an entire week.

However, despite the severe punishments from both of her parents, Ashlyn wanted to explore, let her imaginations run free, and even gain friends. By the time she was about eleven, every night after her parents had gone to bed, she would always sneak over to her bedroom window and open it as wide as it could possibly go. From there, and thanks to years of practice, Ashlyn would climb up to the roof and star gaze at the night sky for hours. As she saw the occasional hawk soar through the sky, she couldn't help but wish that she was as free as it.

As time passed, Ashlyn would continue her stargazing, and add on her own creative thoughts to things. She began drawing hidden pictures in her notebooks of the scenes outside of her bedroom window. She also began writing stories. Short stories filled with adventure and romance. She wrote poems as well, and soon, she wanted to turn those poems into songs. On her sixteenth birthday, Ashlyn begged her mother to get her a guitar, but Chelsea still refused saying that pressing down on the hard strings would only hurt and callous her fingers. But Ashlyn already knew that fact. She already knew that her fingers would hurt at first, but the beautiful music from the instrument would be worth it. Chelsea then threw in other excuses, but Ashlyn would have none of it. The teenager became so infuriated at her mother's lame excuses that she began to yell. This was the first time she has ever yelled at her mother about anything. The windows were open at that time and before Ashlyn was angered, small zephyrs seeped into the house; however, the moment she became upset, those small breezes became almost as strong as pre-storm winds. Adrenaline pumped through Ashlyn's veins, but when the winds began to knock over books, and her mother and father began to look terrified, she thought a simple word in her mind. 'Stop!' and the winds suddenly subsided. She was frightened, she really was, but at the same time, Ashlyn was so excited to know more about this power-like control.

But she needed to know why about this first though. She demanded an explanation from her parents, still upset at her mother. In between arguments, tears, and explaining, Chelsea and Daniel told Ashlyn about Aeolus; her true father. The girl was dumbstruck. She had no idea what to think of the situation at first, but slowly and gradually, she came to the conclusion that maybe her mother was whack; however, the scene with the winds made her think otherwise. That was when a realization hit her again. Her mother and "father" had been keeping this a secret all this time! Infuriated yet again, Ashlyn yelled at her mother for a little bit before storming off to her room, nearly calling on the winds again.

After concealing herself in her own room and hours of thinking it through, Ashlyn had decided that she has had it. Her parents with their over-protectiveness, the want to understand more about her father and this Greek mythology stuff, and especially the urge to go out into the world and have her own adventures despite whatever her mother and fake father wanted. At that decision, she packed what little possession she had into a backpack and ran off into the night, not even glancing back.

She had about a hundred dollars to help her travel father and farther up north. She didn't know why she wanted to go that way, but she had a strong feeling in her gut to go towards New York. Thankfully, the money she had from sneakily taking twenty dollars from her parents every year on her birthday lasted just until she got to New York to get a burger and fries from McDonalds. However, while she was there, Ashlyn was having the feeling that she was being watched, but whenever she glanced over her shoulder, she only saw two teenagers just like herself who were whispering to each other intently. Well, one of them had crutches so they weren't "much" like herself.

The moment Ashlyn had gone out of McDonalds, she realized that she was being followed by those same two. Quickly, she evaded them and went into an alley. However, they were going there too. After confronting them, Ashlyn found out that one of them was another demigod and the other was a satyr. She was surprised that she found another one who was like her, but what was more surprising was that there was a camp full of them! Willingly and eagerly, she went with them to the place called Camp Half-Blood. One week from then, she was claimed by Aeolus on a windy day during dinner. Since then Ashlyn has gone by Ash because quite a few people in the Hermes cabin called her that while she was still unclaimed. Once her father claimed her, only one thought zipped through her head, "Goodbye boring life in Virginia; hello to the world of life and death as a demigod."

Physical Appearance: Ash isn't the biggest person around, in all truth. Practically living in her house for her entire life, she's never had much exercise until she got to Camp Half-Blood, but she is in good shape. She stands just a little bit over five and a half feet and has a slim body, weighing her at only a little bit over one hundred pounds. She has long slender arms and legs, making her light and agile on her feet. She also has a fair complexion with very few- if none- scars. With over-protective parents, it's only right that she'd never really have any sort of major injury. Her hair is long in length and is a light brown color with strands of darker brown here and there. Often, Ash ties it in a long braid to keep it away from her face. She has an oval-shaped face with high cheekbones and thin eyebrows. Ash also has cerulean blue eyes that mirrors the blue Pacific Ocean on a bright day. Her lips are thin and are a good shade of pink in color. Not being particularly girly nor being a tomboy, her clothing varies. One day it's skirts, the next it's jeans, but one piece of clothing she will always have on is her leather necklace with a single stone as a charm. The "stone" is actually made up of metal and has her real name is engraved on the back of it, but Ash rarely let's anyone see that side of the stone.

Personality: Overall, Ash is truly a very kind person. Having to grow up her entire life without having any kind of friends or companions, she wants to live her life to the fullest, not wanting to miss up any opportunity to befriend someone. She is also very creative and artistic. Almost in whatever she does, Ash will forever be able to find something artistic to do. She has that impulse to want to draw something or hum a random tune whenever silence or boredom takes over her. However, also because of her childhood, Ash hates it when she is cooped up. She doesn't want to go back to the life of "imprisonment" after hearing all of the fantastic stories from the older demigods and about their adventures. She is also very determined. Once her mind is set on something, it is rare that she would let anyone change it. Also, Ash wants to be free and take different adventures to wherever her feet could possibly take her. She wants to learn how to fight and kick some monster butt so that she could help protect this new home of hers. No way at all will she go back to her "parents" and back to her small room, now that she's able to "spread her wings and fly". Also, Ash normally has long patience, but once you anger her or break her trust, she can get rather touchy. She can get so upset that she might just accidentally use her powers; however, that's only if she's really, really, really infuriated. What isn't rare though is if she hold quite a long grudge. Even now, she still has a grudge on her mother and Daniel for keeping her from knowing her true father and keeping her from the world.

Fatal Flaw: Ash's most fatal flaw is her holding grudges. She will refuse to forgive that person until they really prove that they're sorry. She is stubborn so it will take some time until she will say that she forgives you.

Pets: None.

Talents: Ash is extremely atristic and creative. She writes, sings, and one day (if she were ever to find someone to teach her) play guitar. In fact, Ash wants to learn as many instruments as she possibly can. Alo, she draws rather well. She enjoys drawing scenery and people, people who are special to her most importantly. Also, she can write short stories and poems whenever something big and major pops up in her life. Like becoming (or rather realizing that she was) a demigod. Athletic-wise, the two things she is good at is running and handling a bow and arrow. Ever since she came to Camp Half-Blood, Ashlyn became extremely interested in long-distance running. Also, the moment a bow was in her hand, she became immensely interested in it. When she shot her arrow for the first time, Ashlyn didn't get a bullseye, but she hit the target. Now, she's working more and more to perfect it.

Weapons: Ashlyn's weapon is a beautifully carved ivory bow. Although it doesn't form into something handy, Ash is grateful that she at least has something to protect herself and this camp with.

Year-Round or Summer: Year-round, she refuses to even speak to her parents ever again.

Other: None.
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PostSubject: Re: .behind stones of silver.   Wed Apr 11, 2012 9:45 pm

Nice charrie! She is...

Accepted! Have a great time RPing with your first character! I'll be looking forward to more characters xD

✯ PM me with any questions ✯

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.behind stones of silver.
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